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Topics in American Government and Politics

Comparing the Differences Between the Ideas of Abraham Lincoln and James Hammond on the Issue of Slavery
Lincoln and Hammond: Perspective When placed side by side, Abraham Lincoln and James Hammond both seem to give off contrary vibes to their political affiliations. Hammond, a southern slave owner and democrat utilizes a shocking amount of religion to support his support for American slavery, while Lincoln, the republican le...
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A History and Effects of the California's Ballot Initiative Process
California is one half the states in the U.S. that has some sort of initiative process on its ballot. An initiative system is one that allows for citizens to bring proposals for legislation to their respective state governments, without the intervention or support of the governor or the legislative body. In addition, it fos...
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Robert Putnam's Views on American Politics Being Less Civic Oriented
Robert Putnam asserts in his book, Bowling for Soup, that American politics has become less and less civic oriented and participatory to being more individualistic and that this shift has come at the cost of social capital. Putnam describes this through the guise of a metaphor, likening bowling leagues of yesteryear to bowl...
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The Bizarre 2016 Election in the United States Between Clinton and Trump
2016 has been a whirlwind of a year for many aspects of American life, but especially American Politics. Never before has there been an election like the one between Clinton and Trump; a true upset. This election is not one that will pass without discussion, rather, people will be sick of hearing about it long before the di...
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The Ideology of America's Exceptionalism in Life and Politics
American exceptionalism is an ideology that attempts to explain the unique nature of America in its essence. Key concepts, such as liberty, egalitarianism, individualism, republicanism, freedom, and democracy are fundamental in the ideology. American exceptionalism also encompasses the thought that America is unique it is m...
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An American Vision for the Land of Unlimited Possibilities, America
My Vision for America Vision is the ability to see people and situations clearly, not only for what they are but for what they can become. Vision offers a clear image of a possible future, one worth striving for. As Americans, we must remember that America is the land of unlimited possibilities, and with our expectations...
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The Roles of Civic Duty and Cultural Awareness in My Vision for America
My Vision for America 1796. This was the year that America’s first president, George Washington, gave his farewell speech to the people of the USA after serving two terms in office. In this speech, Washington warned the country to abstain from forming political parties because they would “agitate the community with ill-f...
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Andrew Jackson: The Driving force of the Foundation of America
The Driving Force Andrew Jackson may be viewed as a dictator, but in his power was really the driving force in establishing the foundation of America. Rising to power over many, applying for presidency as “the common man”, Jackson was loved by the people for his heroics as a general. He used their love to his advantage a...
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The Life of Abraham Lincoln and the Effects of His Presidency
In 1860, Abraham Lincoln became president in the North. In response, it caused the Civil war, and abolishment of emancipation. Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 on a farm. He was born in a one-room log cabin. The floor was soil, packed down hard. The bed was made from poles and cornhusk. Light came through...
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A Discussion on the Credibility of the United States Electoral Process
The United state elections has been extremely intriguing in the light of the most two controversial candidates throughout the history of the U.S electoral process; however, senators as well as mayors render the election year even more interesting. I have been watching both campaigns of The republican nominee, Donald Trump a...
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The Pros and Cons on the Reagan Doctrine and Its Effects on Communism and the Cold War
Ronald Wilson Reagan was inaugurated as the 40th United States president in 1981. He served two terms. During the Reagan administration, the United States was involved in a state of political and military tension with Russia, known then as the Soviet Union. The USA and the USSR were the world’s strongest nations at the time...
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The Life, Presidency, and Political Views of William Henry Harrison
William Henry Harrison: Agree or Disagree William Henry Harrison was the 9th president of the United States of America. He was not like other presidents; he was not from the backwoods or some middle-class family. Harrison was born to a wealthy, aristocratic family living in Virginia in 1773. He had received a very good edu...
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The History of the Rights of States in America
After Shay’s Rebellion, the nation’s leaders realized that the Articles of Confederation, the nation’s first constitution, needed improvement. They felt that the federal government had been made too weak to deal with the country’s problems. So, in 1787, each state sent representatives to the Constitutional Convention in Phi...
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The Impact of Safe-Havens Bill in the American Government
Essay #2, Prompt #1 At the time in which Representative Hart and her congressional office began working on the safe-havens bill, thirty states had already implemented similar statutes into their constitutions, and other states were already looking at related proposals (Black p. 56). It was still, however, part of Rep. H...
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A Review of the Focuses of the Congressional Committees
Congressional Committees House Committees Agriculture The issues that the committee focuses on are shedding light on the events leading up to the bankruptcy and ensuring customers are made whole of MF Global, issues of farmers and ranchers through the Farm Bill, keeps an eye on regulations that affect producers, Dodd-F...
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The Flaws and Problems of the Articles of Confederation
If I were a Citizen in 1788 Problems in the Articles of Confederation The articles of confederation contained an inherent flaw, which stood out above all others, which was the unveiling of the powers to rule the land to the states, in a bid to maintain sovereignty. This was resultant from the contempt which the colonies h...
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A Review of Dalton's Views on the Status of American Political Participation in His Book The Good Citizen: How a Younger Generation Is Reshaping American Politics
On the Status of American Political Participation Despite the cautionary nature of the “Farewell Address” that George Washington gave when he left office, political parties are and have always been a major part of American politics. As with any situation with opposing sides, the system is set up so that there is always a...
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The Differing Views of Crenson, Lewis, Dalton, and Putnam on the American Political Engagement of the Citizens
Community Engagement Final Paper The United States was founded out of people having differing opinions on how a country should govern and involve its citizens. The democracy founded in America is an acknowledgement of not only that people have differing opinions but the fact that everyone’s opinion is worth hearing. This i...
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Should Members of Congress See Themselves as Delegates or Trustees?
When the Constitution was first established, it made clear that representatives sent to congress were to be just that – representatives. However, now each member of congress is faced with the daunting task of representing over 600,000 constituents, and it’s increasingly difficult to please everyone, virtually impossible. Th...
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An Overview of the System of the Congress of the United States
Governmental Organization When the United States broke from England more than two centuries ago, the Founding Fathers knew they needed a different type of government that would represent the views of the people. There was much debate between states and even individuals, but ultimately they settled on a system of federal...
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The History of Alcatraz and Al Capone's Confinement in the Best Security Prison in America
History of Alcatraz What do you do with extremely dangerous prisoners? The answer is Alcatraz: “The Rock”, a small island off of San Francisco, California. Alcatraz kept some of the most ruthless killers and big name criminals locked up, safely away from society from 1943 to 1963. Today, Alcatraz no longer functions as a...
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Comparing the Opposing and Similar Views of Hilary Clinton and Jeb Bush
Hillary Clinton versus Jeb Bush I am usually not into politics because the government likes to make us think we have a say when voting for the candidates, but we don’t have the last vote which really determines who our president will be. If I had to choose, it would be Hillary Clinton (Democratic Party) because she has the...
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Comparing the Similarities and Differences Between Bill Clinton and George W. Bush
Bill Clinton and George Bush Essay Bill Clinton and George W. Bush are the 42nd and 43rd presidents of
the United States of America. Both Clinton and Bush have changed USA in
many ways as well as some other countries. If Clinton and Bush were to be
compared, their family, education, and the actions they have taken wh...
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The Benefits of Compulsory Voting
Pros of Compulsory Voting By definition, citizens of democratic countries are given the right to vote and elect leaders they feel can best represent the people’s political ideologies; but what if portions of the electorate do not vote, resulting in an unbalanced government with unequal representation? This disastrous scena...
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The Overlapping Authority Model and the Arguments of Derthick on the Need for Individual Governance
Derthick describes the states as “being on the rise” while simultaneously being subjected to increasing federal power. In nature, it is very true that individual states (the citizens of these states in particular) have become increasingly aware of the inconsistency of our nation’s legislature, specifically on a state-by-sta...
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