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A Comparison Between England and Germany Based on Lijphart's Models of Majoritarian and Consensus Democracies
While democracy is present in much of the modern world, it is difficult to define exactly what democracy is due to the varying ways of governing present in the world. In this paper, I will compare England and Germany according to Lijphart’s models of majoritarian and consensus democracies. In Lijphart’s model, there are two...
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The Justification of the Case against Clement Vallandigham and an Examination of the Possibility of Its Political Background
WBG Essay Chapter 10: The Case of Clement Vallandigham As the United States continued to grow at an ever increasing pace, tensions between the Northern states and the Southern states came to an all-time high over the issue of slavery. To the South, slavery was such an intrinsic institution in their day to day lives that th...
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A Study of the Elite Theory in Political Science and Sociology
Elite theory states that an elite, ruling class controls the power in society through their accumulation of wealth and knowledge. (Dryzek and Dunleavy 2009:58) This is used to control the masses who are easily duped with a desire to be ruled. (Mosca 1939:492) I am going to argue that in Liberal Democracies elitism describes...
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An Exploration of the British Constitution
This essay seeks to explain why the British Constitution, unlike those of other countries such as the USA, Germany and many other countries, is so difficult to define. To define the constitution is taken to mean knowing the supreme rules that regulate the actions of various governing bodies and their relations with the nati...
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A Critical Evaluation of the Argument That There Was a Post-War Consensus in British Politics Since 1945
Abstract “Consensus is the belief in abandoning all values, principles and policies.”- Margaret Thatcher There is a plethora of literature prevailing in the Political studies describing the phenomena that is ‘the Post-War consensus,’ this essay will look at various arguments surrounding this idea, both for and against, an...
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The Presidency as the Most Influential and Powerful Position in the World
Does the Presidency Matter? There is a commonly held belief that it doesn't matter who the
president of the United States is because they hold very little actual
power. It is a general sentiment about not only the President, but
politicians in general. Many hold the belief that all politicians are
beholden to special...
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The Use of Religion as a Political Tool in Plutarch's Marcellus
In many different ancient cultures, religion held a significant importance. The gods were given sacrifices, great temples, and fantastic mythological stories were told in the Middle East, China, and all along the Mediterranean. In Rome too, religion held a particular importance for both the plebeians and the patricians, who...
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The Usefulness of Press in Society Today
As diverse men as the Founding Fathers were, it is no surprise that their views on the press were just as varied. While some considered the media to have a negative impact on the new nation, most were in agreement that the press was useful and beneficial to the republic. In the early days of the Republic, one might say m...
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The Origin of the Tension between America and Saudi Arabia
In 1744, Abn Al Wahhab fled Medina from a group of fellow Nejd scholar, finding shelter in Diriyah. Wahhab was a religious scholar who wanted the Arabian peninsula to follow a stricter form of Islam. To him it is the true form, all other versions of Islam, he publicly denounced and insulted. In Diriyah, he befriended their...
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An Annotated Bibliography on Ahmad Sukarno, the First President of Indonesia and Emmeline Pankhurst, the British Leader of the Suffragette Movement
Ahmad Sukarno. "Modern History Sourcebook: President Sukarno of Indonesia: Speech at the Opening of the Bandung Conference, April 18 1955." Fordham University. Publication date July 1998. Sukarno is presenting a speech at the opening of the Bandung Conference. H...
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The Similarity and Difference of Africa and Middle East
The regions of Africa and the Middle East are similar because of their geographical features, and that their countries were under imperialist rule by European countries. They were also different in who controlled them, and what the rulers did with the countries. Africa’s countries were ruled by the British, mainly for thei...
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Distributing More Power Can Upset the Balance in Society
Our Power Power is strong, and who has never thought about having all the power they could possibly have. Maybe it is something us humans crave, but have to have a top leadership position in our government to obtain this power. However, today the real question is “Should individual states have more or less power compared...
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An Examination of the International Community's Role in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Role of the International Community in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict The extinction of empires and the creation of states created a community of governments that work together to ensure that order and peace are respected and maintained. This cooperation between states has created a mutual dependency in the internation...
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A Study on Colonialism and Ethnicity in Uganda
Colonialism and Ethnicity in Uganda Colonialism is defined as the act of exerting control over a group of people politically, economically and socially. Before colonialism takes place in an area or region, there exists a culture that is foreign to the outside world and its people. The people who practice this culture have...
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The Goals and Effects of Affirmative Action
Affirmative Action As early as 1619, discrimination has been a major problem in the United States. From slavery, to segregation, to prejudice, African American’s have been handed the short hand of the stick in our supposed “land of the free”. The sins that our country has committed is unthinkable and the debt that our coun...
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Country's Demise as a Result of Structural Adjustment Programs
A Country’s Demise: A Direct Result of Structural Adjustment Programs Governments all over the world are slowly failing due to a lack of natural resources to support their economy. Core countries feel it is their need to step up and implement a program to help boost the peripheral countries economy. However, are the core...
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Were National Communist Parties Moscow Controlled and Highly Centralized, or Was There Independent Local Diversity?
‘Red Chicago’, ‘From Friend to Comrade’, ‘Kommunisten’, ‘The Origins of Chinese Communism’ and ‘American Communism’ and Soviet Russia.’ All these works fundamentally analyse the structure of Communism in the interwar period, and all attempt to answer the question - Were national Communist parties Moscow controlled and highl...
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A Discussion on the Issues of the Kurds Fighting Against the Turkish Government
The 2016 Election: Turkey The current issues in Turkey present a problem for not only the Turkish government, but all of Europe. The country is already under threat of terrorist attacks and invasion, and the domestic threats offer no relief. With the violence from the Kurds threatening to consume the country, many European...
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The Relationship of Action and Response between the Activists and Government During the Civil Rights Movement
The Civil Rights Movement is well known for its activists, such as Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks. Simply saying ‘Civil Rights Movement’ brings to mind images of protesters on the street, people boycotting and refusing to follow racist laws. However, the federal government had a hand in this movement as well. The actions...
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The Use of Fiscal Policies by the Government
Fiscal Policy Fiscal policy is the use of government spending and revenue collection
to influence the economy. The government uses fiscal policies are used to
achieve economic growth, full employment, and price stability. Fiscal
policy decisions, which include how much to spend and how much to tax, are
some of the mos...
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The Importance of Learning From Past Mistakes: The United States' Nuclear Program in Iran Is a Mistake
There is a famous experiment where five monkeys are put in an enclosed area, and in the middle is a ladder with bananas on the top. Whenever a monkey went up the ladder, the other monkeys would be sprayed with cold water. After some time, every time a monkey attempted to climb up the ladder, the rest would pull him down and...
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The Consequences of the Alien and Sedition Acts in the United States
John Adams, the 2nd president of the United States of America, once said “Fear is the foundation of most governments; but it is so sordid and brutal a passion, and renders men in whose breasts it predominates so stupid and miserable, that Americans will not be likely to approve of any political institution which is founded...
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An Essay Analyzing the Disagreements between the Federalists and Anti-Federalists
“Truth and Compromise (or was it Consequences?)” Many people naively believe that political polarization is a recent phenomenon. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Going back the founding of the American republic, American politics have been contentious, and even vitriolic. Although the issues have changed, the gener...
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A Comparison between the European Union and the North American Free Trade Agreement
“Report – EU vs. NAFTA” The major political theme that is being played out across elections is of nativism and distrusted of foreign trade agreements. In Europe, this led the British to make a surprise exit from the European Union (EU) after a ballot referendum, and in the U.S. anti-free trade rhetoric has given rise to ca...
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The Difference between Political Theory and Political Ideology
What is the difference between political theory and political ideology? Political theory is recognizing political conflict exists in different aspects and trying to figure out the best solution that will benefit society as a whole. Political ideology is a group of ideas that are used to win power within the state or to main...
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