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An Analysis of the Switzerland's Constitution
In a sense, the government of Switzerland is the world’s closest political system to an absolute democracy. The tiny European country is able to abide by this system effectively due to its manageable population. Any major changes in the Swiss constitution or national law must be approved by a vast majority. Like many wester...
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The Distribution of Power within the System of Government in Canada
“Whether you are a business leader, a union leader, a municipal leader, someone who leads in our civil society or whether you are a plain-old just great, wonderful Albertan, let me say this to you: Our legislature belongs to you.” ~ Alberta Premier Rachel Notley What is responsible government? Give a recent example...
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The Role and Impact of the United Nations as an International Peacekeeper in the Completion of the Operations in Angola and East Timor
United Nations peacekeeping missions are formulated according to Mandates issued by the United Nations Security Council. Mandates are designed to best address threats to the global peace and security. They differ according to the situation, it all depends on the nature of the conflict and the particular struggles that are...
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An Argument in Favor of Normalizing Relationships with the Cuban Goverment in the United States
United States President Barack Obama certainly has some policies any glorified World War veteran would squint his eyes at. Since the insipience of the New Deal, American Liberalism has both challenged and adhered to our core values. In the aftermath of the Cuban Missile Crisis, it's doubtful that any American would have p...
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A Discussion on Whether Change is Driven by the Leadership or by the Masses
Is change driven by the leadership or by the masses? Change can be brought on in many ways. The capacity to cause change is affected by many different variables, including the power held by the body that is trying to cause change. In the case of the recent conflict between Russia and Ukraine, it is the masses who hold the...
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A Glimpse of the Future of Egypt
Egypt in the Year 2026 In a country where nearly 50 percent of the population lives in poverty and relies on the government for assistance, it is difficult to see any positive side to the current political situation. Unfortunately- this is the case for Egypt. Though the country is not in a perfect state today, Egypt has im...
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Slow Nationalization of the Oil Industry by the Iranian Parliament by Rejecting a Soviet Proposal for Oil Concessions Resulting to 1953 Coup in Iran for the Purpose of Western Capitalism, Mainly That of Britain
Response to "The 1953 Coup in Iran" While the actual act of the coup took place on August 15th, the causes
for it stemmed back until at least 1948, with a small oil crisis. In 1948,
the Iranian parliament began a slow nationalization of the oil industry,
starting by rejecting a soviet proposal for oil concessions....
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An Analysis of the Extent of Significant Changes Made During the Presidency of Park Geun-Hye, the First Female President of South Korea
Colonized by many countries and receiving the influence of culture and politics, South Korea faced significant changes in the people and the ideologies. Entrenched in the patriarchal society, citizens condemned women for working outside the house. However, the public recently elected the first female president. Along with t...
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A Comparison of Our Separation Powers With Modern Britain
How do we know our government is working as consistently and productively as we can manage? Has trias politica manifested further into other countries and how have they incorporated it into a checks and balances system? What happens when we discover a major gap in our organized system and how do we fix it? We’ll explore t...
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An Overview of the Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations
In 1948, the United Nations adopted a document that would change the way governments would treat their people worldwide. The Declaration of Human Rights is a list of thirty rights that we possess as humans. This document does not discriminate by any means and treats all humans as equals with uniform rights. While each of th...
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