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A Discussion on the Kantian Democratic Peace Theory
A Kantian View of Peace The benefits and the reasons the Democratic Peace Theory is accurate
for the past, present, and future. The reasons given are insurmountable and
overwhelming at best when read through the first time. In general, by the
definition of the Democratic Peace Theory, democracy is seen as an approach...
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The Conflicting Opinions of David Nichols and Terri Bimes on Modern Presidency
Assignment Two David Nichols and Terri Bimes have conflicting opinions on the modern presidency. Nichols thinks that the modern presidency is a good evolution from the original presidency, but Bimes would more readily label the modern presidency as a sick mutation from what the founding fathers intended into a monster. Nic...
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A Discussion on the Importance of a Christian to Be Involved in Politics
In R. Albert Mohler’s three articles, Engaging the City of Man, Transforming Culture, and Christian Morality and Public Law- Five Theses, the author discusses the importance of the Christian to be actively involved with politics. Mohler’s strongest argument is that Christians need to be involved with politics to exercise th...
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The Literary Elements of Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address
In a speech given by Abraham Lincoln known as the Gettysburg Address, he uses logos, the effect on the audience by means of facts and logic, ethos, the establishment of a sense of authority, and pathos, the emotional effect on the audience, to make this speech one of the most famous speeches in the history of America. Linco...
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A Reaction Paper to the Political Compass
My Reaction Paper to the Political Compass. The political compass is a very interesting tool. I liked the fact that it shows you where you stand in a general definition of politics. My results were more towards the upper left side of the 3rd quadrant. Meaning my ideology would be social liberalism; “seeks to find a balan...
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An Analysis of Rhetorical Devices in the Declaration of Independence
Rhetorical Devices in the Declaration of Independence The Declaration of Independence is a work composed in part by Thomas Jefferson. The composition provides supporting details to lead to the conclusion that the United States of America is declaring their independence from Great Britain. Written in 1776, it is one of th...
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A Comparison between the Political Stance of Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn
The presidential race can bring out true colors in citizens all over the United States, as well as in the presidential candidates themselves. Due to the current presidential race being constantly broadcasted, we as U.S. citizens may forget about political figures in other places, such as the UK. Throughout this essay, I wil...
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The Life and Works of the Absolute Monarch, Augustus
The Absolute Monarchy Monarch is not a strong enough title for this power-hungry push over,
he was truly an absolute monarch. Although he created a remarkable
stability that lasted for the next two hundred years, he had to do a lot to
get there and not all of it was good. Theoretically speaking he was given
his right...
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A Personal Essay on Different Political Issues
Political Party Preference Since I was little, I was told that it was up to me to change the way our country grows. Back then, I was not so sure that I could make that much of a difference, but now I know that by voting, I could make a world of change. It is not easy choosing which party to vote for, but if anyone take...
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The Foundation of Communism through the Theory of Karl Marx
Oppression, inequality, and corruption are the words used to describe communism in the West. It is seen as a stifling system which attacks innovation and any freedoms deserved by humanity. In contrast, democracy and capitalism is viewed as the moral and just way things should be run. These systems provide the freedoms and r...
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