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Topics in Social Welfare

The Government Should Not Control the Diets of Its Citizens
The government should not control our diets because it’s childish of the government, it would act as a gateway, plus government intervention would not really solve our obesity problems. I say this because it’s true because it is would be like being their puppets if they were controlling our diets. The first reason why the...
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The Civic Duty of the Modern American
America today is far different from what our forefathers pictured as the American Dream. Instead of an area where people can prosper and live in harmony, we show an alarming tendency towards hatred, violence, and too many other horrid actions and ideas. America was expected to grow and continue to be a place of great comfor...
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Working, But Needing Public Assistance Anyway by Patricia Cohen: Working and Welfare
In Working, but Needing Public Assistance Anyway by Patricia Cohen, another view on government welfare programs is portrayed. It is a known fact that many people who require food stamps, Medicaid, and other programs to meet basic life requirements are cashiers and other wage earning employees, but a new study by Berkley Cen...
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The US Government Should Properly Evaluate Citizens on Welfare Programs
There are three types of people in the United States. The employed, the unemployed, (due to being laid off) and the lazy. Certain people are on government assistance programs because they absolutely need it. Others will take advantage of the system just because they do not want to get off their couches and find a job. The m...
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A Comparison between the Welfare Reforms in America, France and Great Britain
Racial incorporation is the gradual process of removing racial bias that was laid in the framework of institutions when a country was founded. The United State’s along with France and Great Britain have faced the challenge of incorporating many immigrants and changing their policies to adjust to their changing multi racial...
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The US Government Should Provide In-Depth Analysis of How to Eradicate Homelessness in America
Homelessness is on the rise, and has been for years. People have been suffering through times of extreme weather and little to no income for too long. With a temporary shelter like tents or cars, a roof over their head with family or government-created homeless shelters, or no roof at all, most of the homeless community hav...
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The US Government Has a Moral Obligation to Provide Universal Healthcare to Its Citizens
In the article, “Universal Health Care: A Moral Obligation,” author Ronald Pies discusses the why universal healthcare should be implemented in America. While discussing the morality of giving healthcare to all, Pies goes on to point out how politicians have failed to bring into focus the religious perspective on the debate...
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The Key Factors Contributing to Unemployment in America
Unemployment in the United States has been a consistent topic since the beginning of ‘the great recession. Many factors have contributed to this high unemployment rate in the United States. Some of these factors are globalization and the effects that outsourcing has had on the American economy, the problems that students fa...
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The Different Organizations Aimed to Protect the Welfare of Children and the Family
Social Welfare and Custodial Rehabilitative Institutions: Instruments of Familial, Socio-Economic Stabilization Since the beginning of civilization, the Family arguably has been the principal yet most basic social economy institution for the survival of humankind and the socialization of children. As a unit of socializatio...
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A Study on Federal Amendment for Equal Healthcare in the United States
The government providing Social welfare has been a growing trend amongst more developed nations. Currently providing public access to Health Care is at the forefront of much discussion. Our European Counterparts have largely been providing free public healthcare to their citizens, whereas we in the United States have only r...
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