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The Alternative Approach to Medication Using Natural Resources
“Are you taking your medication?” is the question many health-troubled individuals are being asked on a day-to-day basis, not only by their doctors, but also their families. In my opinion, that question should be replaced by “Are eating a plant based, nutritious diet?”, yet unfortunately, this is not the case. The first lin...
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The First Year of Learning and Understanding Art Therapy
The process of learning the practice of art therapy was intriguing. I enjoyed this class and the way we divided the time between lecture and art. Being hands on with the art really gave a deeper understanding of the practice and how beneficial it is. The reading was very easy to comprehend which left me with no difficulty f...
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The Positive Results of Art Therapy to People with Autism
Autism affects millions of children around the world. It is a very unusual condition that leaves people unable to communicate their thoughts the way a normal person would. This leaves the families- especially parents- left confused, scared, and worried for their child. It is hard enough raising a child that is healthy in...
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A Study on the Use of Creatine and Its Positive and Negative Effects
Creatine Case Study FDA regulation ensures that the drugs and food the population intakes are healthy and made in a manner that is beneficial to us. Yet, the regulations the FDA offers in regards to vitamin intake are low and are often complemented by supplements taken by individuals. Supplements provide consumers with n...
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Assisted Suicide as a Right to Die According to the Death with Dignity Act
Today many people have heard of suicide, where one will take their own life when things get to hard to handle and they feel like there is no other way to cope. Not many people today have heard of assisted suicide. Assisted suicide is when a physician will help assist a patient with suicide by prescribing lethal doses of dru...
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The History of Music Therapy
History and Definition Music Therapy is defined as “the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship.” In other words, music therapy is an established health profession in which music is used within a therapeutic relationship to address physical...
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The Use of Acupuncture to Treat Many Types of Illnesses
Acupuncture is a treatment utilized by many doctors all over the world. This treatment serves many different purposes from nausea to muscular pain. As we have learned in class, our peripheral nervous system is made of two sections, the motor and the sensory divisions. This system includes nerves that stem from the spinal n...
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The Use of Alternative Medicine by Doctors
In the past, alternative medicine has been viewed as home remedies or old wives’ tales. Sara Altshul, who has been covering alternative medicine for almost 20 years, said that when she first started, she “could count on one hand the number of MDs who practiced with herbs and supplements” (Altshul 98). Now, in recent years,...
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The Medicinal and Health Benefits of Aloe Vera
One species of plant that I found interesting and have really known about for a while is Aloe Vera. This plant falls into the family of Liliaceae and came to mind because it is something that people might use mainly every day. Aloe Vera fits into the focus group of medicinal or a pharmaceutical plant. Inside the plant are t...
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An Analysis of Animal Assisted Therapy as a Solution to Addiction
You’ve been addicted to marijuana since you were fourteen years old. Now you are twenty-one, looking for a solution to end your addiction. Recently, a growing recreational remedy has been animal assisted therapy; unfortunately, it is not as widely used as it should be. As a society, we view animals as our companions, enemi...
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