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An Examination of Go-Pills and Its Background, Chemistry, and Application
I. Thesis a. Go-Pills are a critical instrument utilized by the United States Air Force to improve human efficiency in completing a mission, carefully managed by chemical principles. b. This is only a working thesis and may be altered during or after the writing of this paper. II. Background a. Dextroamphetamine, also...
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HeLa (Henrietta's Cells): A History. Characteristics and Use in Medicine
HeLa Essay Rough Draft HeLa (pronounced hee-la) cells have been fueling modern medical innovations for years. These cells were the first immortal cell line, or group of tissue samples that could not only survive in a lab, but do so reproducing indefinitely (“Origin”). This characteristic makes the HeLa cells ideal for rese...
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The Revolution of Medical Technology During the Past Decade
INTRODUCTION Medical technology has been revolutionized over the past decade. Mechanical devices have been created to interact with body muscles, nervous system and the skeleton to help or increase someone’s motor responses. It is wonderful how technology can allow someone who lost the ability to walk to walk again, or som...
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The History, Symptoms and Treatment of Epilepsy
Epilepsy History of Epilepsy The history of Epilepsy goes as far as the ancient Babylonian civilization, where such disease was considered to be the cause of the presence of demons. Many had believed that the type of seizure was specifically given or caused by a particular distinct demon, thus causing the severi...
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AI Robots and the Evolution of Laparoscopic Surgeries
Surgery is one of the most difficult and precise professions in the medical industry. It’s a very specialized field that few are qualified for, for obvious reasons. Since the 1980s, some surgeons have been using surgical robots to perform more precise, smaller incisions during laparoscopic surgeries. Laparoscopic surgeries...
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A Comparison of the Childbirth Techniques Between Countries
Abstract For many years, women have endured the hardships and pain of childbirth. Though a woman’s body is built for childbirth, there are several medications offered in the delivery room to help with pain. Around the world, there are many different views as well as birthing techniques used to ensure that a woman is comfor...
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The Use of Logic in Awakening by Joshua Lang and Imagining the Post-Antibiotics Future by Maryn McKenna
In modern day medicine, logic is the number one factor that influences all outcomes of a situation. Logic is found in any situation in order to progress or move forward. While there are many ways of seeking logic, some are far more credible than others. Joshua Lang attempts appeal by telling the stories of patients in his e...
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The Causes and Symptoms of Crohn's Disease
Crohn’s Disease Everybody wants to lead a normal life and be able to eat the foods that they enjoy. Being struck with an illness that affects your intestines and digestive system can be disappointing and make you feel like you are an outcast because your entire life is impacted by this disease and you have to make many dec...
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A Study on the Differences in the General Public's Perception of Culpability and Right to Treatment of Homosexual and Heterosexual Males with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
In this study, three hundred college students will be introduced to one of two scenarios regarding an HIV-positive male, one with a homosexual male and the other with a heterosexual male. After reading one of these scenarios, each participant will be asked to complete measures that evaluate the culpability of the person wit...
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Hypothyroidism, a Term Used to Describe the Condition When the Thyroid Gland Suffers to Produce an Accurate Amount of Thyroid Hormones
Hypothyroidism Hypothyroidism is a term when the thyroid gland suffers to produce an accurate amount of thyroid hormones. The thyroid gland is a butterfly shaped gland located in the neck. It, along with all other glands, is controlled by the pituitary gland located in the brain. The pituitary gland is in turn controlled b...
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