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The Negative Influences of Industry and Technology on the Health of Pygmies in Central Africa
With the cultural advances in first-world countries, the simple life of hunting a gathering has been left in the past but this isn’t the case in untamed areas of certain continents such as, the Congo in Africa. Multiple parts of Africa have advanced culturally through the introduction of more technologies and higher-mainten...
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The Approaches of Sign Language Studies and the American Journal of Audiology toward Explaining the Cochlear Implant
Deaf Journal Review In a world with a mixture of cultures and communities, perspectives are predetermined to be extremely contrasting. Specifically, the division of the hearing and the deaf world create varying opinions and attitudes on scientific possibilities. A fairly recent scientific development, the Cochlear Implant,...
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The Use of Pivotal Response Therapy in the Management of Autism
Assignment 4: Journal Article Autism is gradually becoming one of the most prevalent disabilities in special education. Applied Behavior Analysis is a proven and widely used therapeutic treatment to suppress behaviors deemed socially unacceptable and potentially harmful to themselves or others as well as increase communi...
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The Practical Uses of LSD in the Medicinal World
The “trippy vibes” are all around; in social media, in the perspectives of the youth, staying “trippy” is most certainly a positive aspect in the modern day. Although the social media praises the ideas and colors of “tripping,” it is actually becoming an increasingly popular trend in the medicinal world to study the behavio...
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A Description of the Red Dwarf Syndrome
Red Dwarf Syndrome Analysis . Well as described within the Red Dwarf series there is a DNA modifying machine that will allow the person to manipulate his or her DNA and make any certain type of changes they believe can help in their life. Though in my point of view I believe that there is an ability that can truly help the...
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An Examination of Go-Pills and Its Background, Chemistry, and Application
I. Thesis a. Go-Pills are a critical instrument utilized by the United States Air Force to improve human efficiency in completing a mission, carefully managed by chemical principles. b. This is only a working thesis and may be altered during or after the writing of this paper. II. Background a. Dextroamphetamine, also...
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HeLa (Henrietta's Cells): A History. Characteristics and Use in Medicine
HeLa Essay Rough Draft HeLa (pronounced hee-la) cells have been fueling modern medical innovations for years. These cells were the first immortal cell line, or group of tissue samples that could not only survive in a lab, but do so reproducing indefinitely (“Origin”). This characteristic makes the HeLa cells ideal for rese...
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The Revolution of Medical Technology During the Past Decade
INTRODUCTION Medical technology has been revolutionized over the past decade. Mechanical devices have been created to interact with body muscles, nervous system and the skeleton to help or increase someone’s motor responses. It is wonderful how technology can allow someone who lost the ability to walk to walk again, or som...
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The History, Symptoms and Treatment of Epilepsy
Epilepsy History of Epilepsy The history of Epilepsy goes as far as the ancient Babylonian civilization, where such disease was considered to be the cause of the presence of demons. Many had believed that the type of seizure was specifically given or caused by a particular distinct demon, thus causing the severi...
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AI Robots and the Evolution of Laparoscopic Surgeries
Surgery is one of the most difficult and precise professions in the medical industry. It’s a very specialized field that few are qualified for, for obvious reasons. Since the 1980s, some surgeons have been using surgical robots to perform more precise, smaller incisions during laparoscopic surgeries. Laparoscopic surgeries...
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