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The Causes, Signs and Symptoms, and Treatments of Neurofibromatosis, a Genetic Disorder
Neurofibromatosis is a genetic disorder that ceases cell growth in
the nervous system and it can cause tumors to grow on the nervous tissue.
These tumors can occur anywhere in the nervous system, this includes the
brain, nerves, the spinal cord, skin, and many more of the body's systems.
These tumors tend to be benign or in...
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The Various Types of Birth Control and Their Side Effects
The large variety of contraceptive options available today have indisputably enabled women to positively take control of their reproductive health by serving as one of the greatest sources of reproductive agency for those who do not wish to have a child. Not only can these methods prevent pregnancy; some can also enable wom...
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The Measles Vaccine, Autism, and Inflammatory Bowel Disease
The Measles Vaccine, Autism, and Inflammatory Bowel Disease Recently there has been a controversy if the measles vaccine is linked to autism and inflammatory bowel disease. You will be informed on both sides as to if the measles vaccine is linked to inflammatory bowel disease or it is not linked. Research to this point fai...
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The Importance of the Evaluation of a Family's History of Disease to Provide Interventions to Better the Family's Wellbeing
Introduction In a normal day, it may never occur to us what great agony people
undergo only masking it with beautiful smiles and laughter. Financial
constraints and emotional disturbances are among the commonly experienced
problems but none compares with illness. Health cannot be compromised and
without it none can en...
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The Moral Boundaries of Stem Cell Research
Stem Cell Research: Ethical Or Unethical? Stem cells are a large focus of study in today’s biomedical world. They are cells that exist in different stages, and transform into different tissue types depending on what the cells surrounding them are (Hogan).The different types of stem cells have the ability to repair many var...
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A Discussion on the Factors That Have a Negative Impact on the Fetus
Teratogens A prenatal environment is constituted as a mother’s womb, however, every level of physical, social, and cultural contexts outside of the womb also constitute as the prenatal environment. There are several environmental substances or agents known as teratogens that could harm a developing fetus while in the...
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The Health Risk and Financial Responsibility in Getting In vitro Fertilization
Since the first baby using this procedure was born in 1978, in vitro fertilization has rapidly become the new way to for couples that cannot conceive children to actually conceive. Since then, more than 5 million babies have been born through in vitro fertilization. Through this process the sperm and the egg are actually f...
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The Female Reproductive System and Its Response to Stress
The regulatory axis of the reproductive system is the hypothalamus-pituitary-gonadal hormone cascade (Sanders, 2009). It is the extended limb of stress system together with the sympatheticardreno-medullar efferent and parasympathetic systems. It is involved in the transfer of signals between the central nervous system and t...
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The Medical Aspects of Female Genital Mutilation
Instead of being horrified and outraged at female “circumcision,” Westerners ought to relegate the scrutinized practice to a clinical bookshelf in the library of anthropology as a “medical subspecialty.” Coming from the Greek words anthropos, meaning “human,” and logos, meaning “word” or “study of”; the discipline of anthro...
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