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The Importance of Mental Health in Mothers
According to a study done by the University of Rochester Medical Center, more than 50% of new mothers and pregnant women in low-income environments are at risk of postpartum depression. The rates of mental illness has gotten so severe, three New York City mothers have tossed their babies out their windows and to their death...
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The Factors That Determine the Positive Health Behaviors of a Community
Among the factors that determine the health of a community is culture and traditional beliefs of the respective community. For every community, there exists a system of explanation to each and every illness, its causes, possible cure and the individuals to be involved in the treatment process, for instance, certain African...
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The Circadian Rhythm: The Internal Clock of the Human Body
The human body has its own internal clock called the circadian rhythm.
This internal clock gives the us the ability to know what part of the day
it is, even if you were locked in a dark room with no clocks. While
experiments have shown in the absence of light and other environmental
cues, humans can keep some sense of time...
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Online Websites and Information on the Career of Dentistry and the American Dental Association
American Dental Association. American Dental Association. Web. 01 Feb. 2016. . The American Dental Association is the largest and oldest national dental association in the world. It’s also the leading advocate for oral health. On their website there is wide variety of information on new research an...
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An Overview of the Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prognosis of the Silent Disease, Osteoporosis
Osteoporosis is a disease in which the body loses too much bone, too little bone, or even both.This medical condition makes the bones brittle and fragile, making it easy for the bones to become more weak and potentially break off inside the body. The brittleness of the bones makes it extremely easy for one to get a fracture...
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The Controversial New Policy of Kootenai Medical Center That Requires Employees to Get Flu Shot or Get Fired
Recently, Kootenai Medical Center has made a new policy that
employees must get the flu shot or get fired. This was an unexpected change
and no employee was told of this change before. Also, no employee signed a
contract before agreeing to this. According to the CEO of KMC, Jon Ness,
seven people have been fired over this p...
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The Role of Health Information Management Professionals in Maintenance of Electronic Health Records
Technology has revolutionized the various aspects of human life.
Health records and information has also undergone a tremendous change for
the past few decades. Advanced computerized systems have replaced paper-
based records. Consequently, the concept of Electronic Health Records
(EHRs) have risen leading to widespread use...
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The Opposing Viewpoints of and Reactions to the Consumer Health IT Applications
Consumer Health IT Applications In this paper, information regarding Consumer Health IT Applications
(HIT) accessed from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Agency
for Healthcare Research and Quality website will be explored. Opposing
viewpoints of and reactions on Consumer Health IT Applications will...
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