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Stroke Identification, Prevention and Rehabilitation
What I am about to discuss with you is not the most exotic topic, but it is one that effects a significant part of the population. Strokes, even if you do not know someone personally who has one you still probably have a vague idea what they are. Strokes occur every 40 seconds in the united states and are the fifth leadin...
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The Use and Benefits of Dance Movement Therapy, a Form of Psychotherapy
Everyone who has ever lived, no matter where they live, has a universal language: movement. Body language or nonverbal communication is everyone’s native language. Nonverbal communication is how everyone (even babies, those that speak another language, people who cannot speak) can express their needs, feelings, and emotions...
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The Invention That Changed the Field of Diagnostics
The Invention that Changed Diagnostics Things in the medical field are ever-changing. There are always new practices and ideas coming about, along with new cures, vaccines and inventions. Today, almost all hospitals are 100% electronic, and if they are not they are very close (Westveer). In 1977, Dr. Raymond Damadian perfo...
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An Overview of Hansen's Disease or Leprosy: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments
Hansen's disease, which is also known as leprosy, is a chronic
infectious disease caused by the bacteria mycobacterium leprae. Before the
germ was discovered, the bible discussed leprosy and it was believed to be
a condition brought to those who were sinful. The leprosy discussed in the
bible is a completely different condi...
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Realizing My Purpose in Life in Helping Others through My One True Calling, Medicine
A lot of people have different ideas and opinions on the purpose of life. One thing is for sure is that we can’t live without a purpose. However, discovering something that sounds so ridiculously simple is actually quite complex in reality. Some people believe that the purpose is to follow their Religious beliefs and that s...
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A Debate on Modern Medicine as an Answer to Queerness
The miracle of modern medicine is often lauded in our western progress narrative. While it has greatly expanded the western life expectancy and virtually eradicated many diseases, the medical system can be an unwelcoming, and even unsafe place for queer, trans, and gender nonconforming individuals. Our society intentionall...
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A Study of the Use of Adderall by College Students
INTRODUCTION Desperation for Increased Studying Capacities University students worldwidehave taken desperate measures to increase their studying capacities when it comes to academics. When midterms and finals approach, students need that extra pushand motivation to study and ace their exams as competitiveness arises e...
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The Applications of Nanotechnology in Fetal Imaging and Prenatal Testing
“Of the approximately 4 million babies born in the United States each year, about 120,000 (3 percent) have a complex birth defect. Maternal-fetal specialists have long known that some birth defects could be successfully treated after birth. But as technology, fetal imaging and prenatal testing have improved in the past few...
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A Report on the Relation between Ultraviolet Radiation and Skin Cancer, the UV Index, and Sunscreen Protection
Ultraviolet Radiation and Skin Cancer Skin cancer is caused by exposure to the sun. Skin cancer can develop during long term exposure or during short periods of more intense sun exposure. Ultraviolet light in sunlight damages the DNA in our skin cells. Damage can happen years before cancer can develop so you may not even r...
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An Essay Studying the Wear and Tear Theory
Research on the Wear and Tear Theory I chose to look up a paper about the wear and tear aging process theory. Basically this theory is saying that if you use a muscle or body part too much over time that part will stop functioning and become unusable. This is not the best theory on aging. Look at someone like a volleyball...
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