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The Importance of Providing Patients With Enough Sleep as Part of Their Treatment
Introduction In any medical setting, it is only natural that patients undergoing dramatic treatment would want the rest that they need to make a full recovery. While sleep is much-needed to speed up the recovery process, it is something which critically ill patients are typically deprived of. (McAndrew, et. al, 2016) In th...
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A Study on the Desire for Medical Solutions to Maintain the Foundation of Youth
The desire for medical solutions to maintain the foundation of youth is an idea that has been under research for several decades. And while the past studies did not deliver perfect solutions, scientists currently seem to be on the verge of delivering impeccable elucidations to this desire. By carefully studying the natural...
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The Privatization of the American Health Care System and the Consequences of a Commercial and High Cost Health Care
What can be done to promote better health for the American population? The American health care system is the most unique compared to any other developed country. Due to lack of a uniform healthcare system or a uniform single or multiple covered health system, the United States health care can easily be described as privat...
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A Study on Health Insurance Plan and the Cost and Coverage of Health Insurance Policies
An ideal health insurance plan will cover the basic health needs of the insured. However, it is important for the insured to consider whether they are able to afford this plan, as quality health insurance policies can be rather costly. In order for someone to be enrolled in the most optimal policy available, they must consi...
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The Violation of Human Dignity of the Poor and the Vulnerable in Health Care
Henrietta Lacks was a woman whose cells were taken advantage of for the advancement of science. She was misinformed and used as a science experiment because the doctors believed she wasn’t fully human. Many times, the poor and underprivileged are not considered human and are treated unfairly, inhumanely even. Within Christi...
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An Overview of Evidence Based Practices (EBP) and How It Works in the Realm of Corrections
For this week one assignment, we are asked to write a four page paper about evidence based practices in corrections, as well as providing our own opinion about EBP. So let’s take the opening of this assignment paper and discuss per definition, what exactly the text defines EBP as exactly. According to the PowerPoint slide...
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An Analysis of Proper Patient Care in To Err is Human, a Report by the Institute of Medicine
In November 1999, the Institute of Medicine published a report titled “To Err is Human” that emphasized patient safety through the reduction of incidents at the hands of a health care provider. This report stressed that it is the role of every health care provider to be beneficent, to cause no harm. Assuming the role as a n...
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The Negative Aspects of The Patient Protect and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare): The Impact on Small Businesses, Ethics, and Quality Care
Is Obamacare Really the Best Option? The Patient Protect and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), popularly referred to as Obamacare, has been a very controversial topic since its introduction in 2009. Some people support this act that mandates citizens to purchase health insurance; their justification is that it is beneficial for...
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An Argument in Favor of Implementing Extrinsic Motivation Health Programs on University Campuses
My college, along with many others, has made significant improvement in promoting a healthy lifestyle on campus. With weight rooms in dorms, posted calorie and nutrient breakdown of cafeteria food, healthy living classes, and numerous group exercise classes occurring on campus, it should be easy to live a healthy style at c...
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Universal Healthcare Should Be Available to All United States Citizens and Not Required to Purchase
Universal Health Care? Out of 34 countries, Mexico and The United States are the only members of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) who do not provide their citizens with Universal Healthcare. Proponents of the right to health care say that no one in the richest nation on earth should go wi...
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A Plan to Cut the Shortage of Doctors in America
The Problem With Doctors The purpose is to decrease the projected shortage of physicians in the United States. This comes from the academic discipline of medicine because this is what physicians practice. After I graduate from college I would like to go to medical school and become an oncologist. Recently I learned that b...
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A Discussion on the Principle of the Use of Physical Restraints to Promote Client Safety
The principle that the use of physical restraints to promote client safety, by preventing them to move freely, has been accepted for over 100 years. This principle has contributed, in particular, to the rise in restraint use for the elderly in nursing homes ( Client safety is a primary role of the nurs...
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The Factors Affecting Healthcare and Its Impact in the United Health Group
The amount of money being spent on healthcare has changed drastically over the past few years. Americans currently spend much more on health-related costs than they did in the past. Some of those costs are paid directly by taxpayers, but a large percentage of the increase in healthcare spending has been done by large corpor...
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Informed Patients Should Be Granted Approval to Go Forward with the Experimental Research Because of Their Right to Self-Govern
Essay #2 - Dr. Beringer The questions and arguments for and against human research are
compelling and extensive. The problem with human research is the fact that
many patients of medical research experiments often do not fully understand
the risks. On the other hand, performing human research has proven
triumphant in...
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The Benefits of Using Universal Healthcare in America
Free health care in America? In America, there has always been a lot of controversies dealing with health care in our country. Since the early 20th century, America and some of it’s people have been ready for a change. Before Obamacare was a thing, a lot of people in America was being denied for health care because of pr...
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An Analysis of Daniel White's Article Americans Are Getting More Stressed Out, Study Finds
Basically, the article is about how Americans are generally much more
stressed out, as the stress levels rose from 4.9 to 5.1 out of 10 in a
year. The research referred to in the article also stated that money and
work are consistently the top two sources of stress for Americans. This is
very important both to the health of...
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The Pros and Cons of Out-of-Hospital Do Not Resuscitate Orders
Out of Hospital DNR (OOH-DNR) People all over the country have been issued DNRs or do not resuscitate orders, in certain cases people are given out of hospital DNRs. “An Out of Hospital Do Not Resuscitate is an order from a patient's physician that is intended to insure that paramedics or other emergency personnel do not r...
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A Study of Unethical Practices of Pharmaceutical Companies in Product Marketing
Introduction Ethical concerns exist for companies that market their product or service in any industry. A conflict of interests can sometimes exist between a company’s desire to turn a profit, and their obligation to keep the best interests of the consumer in mind. The situation is even more important in the healthcare ind...
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A Comparison of Health, Healthcare, and Treatment Between the 1900's and the 2000's
Health yesterday vs today Health is the state from being ill and/ or injured to not feeling pain from an injury inside your body. Health from the 20th century is extremely different from what health is today. The 21st century health is dealing with more treatment, diseases or technology than what the health was in the 19...
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The Evolution of Lighting in the Surgical Room
This image of a 1913 surgical room is very ominous. The light is coming from outside the theatre instead of from the lamp directly above the body which makes one question the validity of the process, it makes the surgery seem almost like it shouldn’t be taking place. Although it was the year that the American College of Su...
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The Historical Importance of Hospitals
Hospitals in this day and age are one of the most important places needed not only in this country, but also across the world. The earliest hospital was founded in the 9th century in Baghdad by an Islamic ruler named Harun Al-Rashid, and ever since then; hospitals rapidly increased and expanded into different parts of the w...
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The Benefits of a Cheaper Medical Care
Benefits of Cheaper Medical Care Today, prices of goods and services are rising incredibly fast, and it is making it harder and harder for even the wealthy to afford things. There is a lot of controversy over whether or not the price of medical care should be lowered, but this would negatively impact the doctors by lowerin...
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The Negative Effects of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) on the Environment, Society, and Economy of the United States
In 1953, scientists James Watson and Francis Crick revealed the structure of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA): the double helix. Through this groundbreaking revelation, many scientists are now able to edit and alter genes in foods such as tomatoes, milk, and corn. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) should be banned in the Uni...
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The Negative Effects of the Affordable Care Act in America
The authors of the articles are engaging in the controversial issue of universal health care and do not believe the reform, known as Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act, is best for the American people. Governor Mitt Romney proposed another health care reform, which improves the economy and ends tax discrimination, to r...
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A Research on Sensory Branding in Health Communication
In America, 40 million adults (18% of the U.S. population), suffer
from anxiety disorders, the most common mental illness (ADAA, 2014). As it
is the most common, a vast amount of research has been done to make it one
of the most treatable illnesses, yet only one-third of those suffering get
the treatment they need (ADAA, 20...
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