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The Evolution of Lighting in the Surgical Room
This image of a 1913 surgical room is very ominous. The light is coming from outside the theatre instead of from the lamp directly above the body which makes one question the validity of the process, it makes the surgery seem almost like it shouldn’t be taking place. Although it was the year that the American College of Su...
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The Benefits of a Cheaper Medical Care
Benefits of Cheaper Medical Care Today, prices of goods and services are rising incredibly fast, and it is making it harder and harder for even the wealthy to afford things. There is a lot of controversy over whether or not the price of medical care should be lowered, but this would negatively impact the doctors by lowerin...
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An Overview of the Program for the Disabled Adult Patients in the Pediatric Home care
The program aims at identifying the specific factors that will help in making the disabled adult patients’ stay in the pediatric home caremore productive in the long-term. In fact, families often value the safety of their patients, and they will prioritize the efficiency of the pediatric home care as well. Hence, various fa...
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The Negative Effects of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) on the Environment, Society, and Economy of the United States
In 1953, scientists James Watson and Francis Crick revealed the structure of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA): the double helix. Through this groundbreaking revelation, many scientists are now able to edit and alter genes in foods such as tomatoes, milk, and corn. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) should be banned in the Uni...
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The Negative Effects of the Affordable Care Act in America
The authors of the articles are engaging in the controversial issue of universal health care and do not believe the reform, known as Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act, is best for the American people. Governor Mitt Romney proposed another health care reform, which improves the economy and ends tax discrimination, to r...
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A Research on Sensory Branding in Health Communication
In America, 40 million adults (18% of the U.S. population), suffer
from anxiety disorders, the most common mental illness (ADAA, 2014). As it
is the most common, a vast amount of research has been done to make it one
of the most treatable illnesses, yet only one-third of those suffering get
the treatment they need (ADAA, 20...
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A Critique of a Proposal by Julijonas Urbonas to Use Roller Coasters to Assist in Euthanasia
For those who are seeking a way out of existence suicide could come to mind. Though wanting to end their own life sometimes they wish not to do it alone. They want to be assisted in ending their life. A male engineer named Julijonas Urbonas feels as if he can help these people and has come up with a “pleasurable” way for hu...
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Legislation and the U.S. Health Care Delivery System: Financing, Delivery, Insurance and Quality
Introduction Health care is a very influential part of every American’s life. It has been the center of argumentation in the House of Representatives and the Senate. For some, it is the leading factor of which president a person would vote into office next. Our health is an important part of our life for obvious reasons....
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Policy Issues Related to Health Care from the Perspective of a Hospital Administrator, Physician, Patient, Politician and Others
Introduction Policy issues related to access to care, cost of care, and quality of care within an organized hospital system varies in the perspective of different persons, such as a hospital administrator, a physician, a patient, a politician, and others. All these personnel are affected on different levels, and at times,...
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An Argument in Favor of Banning Contact Sports Due to the Medical, Societal, Moral, and Economical Ramifications
Contact sports have been under the radar the past couple of years as research illustrates the grave effects these sports have on the brain, not to mention its societal, moral, and economical ramifications. These sports have been linked to latent brain damage, sudden death, paralysis, and suicide among the players involved....
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