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Legislation and the U.S. Health Care Delivery System: Financing, Delivery, Insurance and Quality
Introduction Health care is a very influential part of every American’s life. It has been the center of argumentation in the House of Representatives and the Senate. For some, it is the leading factor of which president a person would vote into office next. Our health is an important part of our life for obvious reasons....
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Policy Issues Related to Health Care from the Perspective of a Hospital Administrator, Physician, Patient, Politician and Others
Introduction Policy issues related to access to care, cost of care, and quality of care within an organized hospital system varies in the perspective of different persons, such as a hospital administrator, a physician, a patient, a politician, and others. All these personnel are affected on different levels, and at times,...
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An Argument in Favor of Banning Contact Sports Due to the Medical, Societal, Moral, and Economical Ramifications
Contact sports have been under the radar the past couple of years as research illustrates the grave effects these sports have on the brain, not to mention its societal, moral, and economical ramifications. These sports have been linked to latent brain damage, sudden death, paralysis, and suicide among the players involved....
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An Examination of the Issue Surrounding the Medical System Defaults of an Adolescent's Medical Choices to Their Parents or Guardians in the United States
In the status quo, the medical system defaults the medical choices of an adolescent to their parents or guardians, meaning that these adolescents effectively do not have any autonomy when it comes to choosing a certain medical procedure. While this definitely comes from good intentions, the problem is that it seems quite ar...
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The Corruption of the American Healthcare System
From Michael Moore’s perspective the health care system in America is corrupt. He made many points that made sense that people would agree with. People try hard not to get sick because they aren’t insured. Health care companies are picky, kind of discriminative to people who need aid. They “suck, flat suck.” Even people wit...
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The Difficulty of Making Decisions Concerning Critically Ill or Injured Patients
Making the decision on whether or nor not to let an incompetent and critically ill or injured patient continue to receive extensive treatment in order to survive can be a difficult dilemma. Factors that play into making this call can range from the circumstances that debilitated the patient to begin with as well as the effe...
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The Factors Affecting a Patient's Understanding of the Doctor's Discharge Instructions
Many factors affect a patient’s recall and understanding of the doctor’s discharge instructions. These factors include age, literacy levels, amount of information, stress, anxiety, mode or form of information (verbal, non-verbal or written), and perceived importance of the information relayed. Failure to follow doctor’s ins...
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Ideas of Augmented Services for a Family Practice Clinic
Augmented Services To open a new family practice clinic that differentiates from the
rest, I would concentrate on the value of both the younger patients
(children) and the adults equally. Many doctors put certificates on the
walls to create a tangible aspect of there service, giving people that
tangible sense they se...
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The Controversies Surrounding the Supply and Demand of Human Blood in the United States
The buying and selling of human body parts has been a hotly debated topic throughout history. Specifically, the market for human blood receives a lot of attention in the public eye. This is not without reason: someone in the US needs a blood transfusion approximately every two seconds. However, it is illegal to buy or sell...
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An Overview of Maternal Health and the Solutions to Reducing Maternal Mortality Ratio
“Maternal Health’s” Inception 1975 marked International Women’s Year, and with it the United Nations Decade for Women. The UN emphasized gender inequalities, empowering global women’s rights groups and of course development (Tinker 1987). However, until the und of the UN decade for Women until an influential paper was publ...
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