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A Discussion on the Issues Related to Genital Surgeries for Intersex Patients
The following paper will be discussing intersex individuals: those with ambiguous genitalia, abnormal genetics in regards to their sex characteristics, etc. In particular, the implications of surgery will be discussed in detail and put into question. Studies, surveys, and interviews have shown that genital surgeries for int...
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Statistics, Pathology and the Application of Knowledge about HIV in Nursing
Abstract HIV is a fairly new disease, having first appeared at the end of the 1970’s. Because of this, humans have had a very short time to learn how to cope with and prevent the spread of the virus. Because of this, treatment was initially scarce, causing over half of all people with HIV to die within two years of this di...
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Medications for the ADHD Disorder Are Beneficial Despite the Possibility of Causing the "Zombie Phenomenon"
In the USA, some parents believe that children are often overmedicated and that educators only want to quiet their children and make them into ‘zombies’ (Yost, 2013). This trend is shown to have started somewhere in the early 1990’s (Connor, 2011). ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This disorder can...
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A Research on Chron's Disease, a Form of Inlfammatory Bowel Disease
Issue Paper Have you ever had a friend who goes to the bathroom frequently, sometimes for extended periods of time, or they cannot eat pizza or spicy foods? Does he or she ever seem hurt or in pain and you do not know why? Maybe the friend misses out on a lot of activities, events or goes to the hospital or doctor somewhat...
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A Study of the Concentration of Malaria Cases in Mozambique
Introduction Malaria was eliminated from the United States in 1952 after a 5 year eradication program (CDC, 2015). Since then, 4 malaria-endemic countries have also eradicated it, namely United Arab Emirates (2007), Morocco (2010), Turkmenistan (2010) and Armenia (2011) (WHO, 2015). 9 countries are approaching eradication....
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An Analysis of Steven Johnson's Critique of Urban Cities and Their Issues with the Spread of Diseases in The Ghost Map
In Steven Johnson’s The Ghost Map, we learn cholera outbreak that hit London (a ten mile emerging modern city with 2 million people packed into it) in 1854. We follow Dr. John Snow and young Henry Whitehead to find the source of the illness. Many people had their own theories on the causes of the illness which mostly involv...
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The Characteristics of Human Parainfluenza Viruses
Introduction Human parainfluenza viruses (HPIVs) belong to the Paramyxoviridae
family and cause infections in the upper and lower respiratory tracts.
There are four types of HPIVs (1-4), each responsible for different
symptoms and diseases. This research paper will thoroughly explore HPIVs.
Firstly, it will analyze th...
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A Report on the Bacteria MRSA: Signs and Symptoms, abd Precautionary Methods and Treatments
As a patient care technician, we provide humanistic care to ill and injured individuals under the guidance and supervision of doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners and other medical professionals. We perform various skills such as the taking of patients vital signs, assisting patients with ambulating, eating, personal groomi...
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A Response to Tick and Chimp/Human Article
The article discusses the infection of ticks of both Chimpanzees and Humans in Kibale National Forest in Uganda, and that the ticks found on the humans being of a potentially undocumented or unknown species. First, it is interesting to note that the rRNA did not match any previously documented tick species in GenBank; this...
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The Different Ways of Preventing the Transmission of STI's among College Students
There are numerous ways to stop the transmission of STI’s especially among college aged adults. For example, I believe everyone should practice abstinence, which is to wait to have sex until marriage. By doing so, it prevents people from having sex with multiple partners. Of course some people will find the idea ridiculous,...
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