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The Advantages of the International Classification of Diseases for Clinical Modification
The International Classification of Diseases (ninth revision) for
Clinical Modification (ICD-09-CM) is a medical classification system that
is based on World Health Organization guidelines. It serves a great
purpose, especially in the United States, by providing a list of diseases,
their codes and other medical procedures s...
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A Discussion on the Growth of Popularity of Consumer-Driven Health Care Plans
Consumer-driven health plans (CDHP) have managed to successfully
reduce costs without sacrificing quality of care. With CDHP, consumers are
forced to take a greater financial stake, which results in them being more
price-sensitive when purchasing health care products and services. The
consumers take more advantage of avai...
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A Discussion on the Importance of an Effective Revenue System and Reimbursement to a Healthcare System
In order to keep the healthcare system working smoothly there are several things that must effectively take place. A healthcare system must have an effective revenue system and must get reimbursed for services rendered in a timely manner. If a healthcare system does not stay in the “black” it is not effectively operating...
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