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Topics in Medical Ethics

A Study on Mental Health in the Black Community
EXPLORING MENTAL HEALTH IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY Mental health is an important part of self-care and greatly determines one’s quality of life. Psychological distress can result in serious physiological health problems. Conventional forms of mental illness such as neurotic reactions, drug addiction, suicidal behavior, and dev...
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The Procedure of Following of Ethical Standards Upon Treating Patients or Doing Medical Studies
In my line of work, I am required to oversee that the vital signs and wellbeing of the patient are taken into utmost consideration. As a medical professional, this should always be the ultimate goal, regardless of the procedure or trial being run. As an instructional designer, I diligently check over the electronic health r...
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The Importance of Establishing Trust With the Patient
As a therapist, self-disclosure may be one of the most effective means of establishing trust with a client. Since self-disclosure is inevitable with most people, it makes sense to use it as an opportunity to make a good impression. While doctor-patient confidentiality is one of the most fundamental rule in psychology, a the...
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The Evolution of the Physician-Patient Relationship Throughout the Years
The physician-patient relationship is a crucial interaction for both parties involved because it builds the trust that is necessary in order for the patient to feel comfortable about their treatment and for the doctor to easily do their job. This report begins by examining the evolution of the physician-patient relationshi...
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The Different Health Issues of Using Cloned Animals as a Food Source
Our DNA is almost the same as many other humans. "Our DNA is 99.9%
identical to all other members of the human race" ("Facts about Cloning").
What difference will cloning really make if we add back that last tenth of
a percent? Despite the Common belief that cloned animals are unsafe to use
in food production it is perfect...
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Eugenics and Its Negative Impact on the Unfit Individuals
Eugenicists and the “Unfit” Carrie Buck was a young woman, but in her few years she had already experienced multiple unspeakable atrocities. In 1924, she was committed to the Virginia Colony for the Epileptic and Feebleminded by her foster parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Dobbs, at the age of eighteen. Buck had been raped by...
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Aiding the Terminally Ill Patient to End a Life of Suffering
Book editor Karen F. Balkin quotes in her book Assisted Suicide that “People express far more fear of suffering at the end of life then they do about dying with reason” (30). With that in mind, many countries and U.S. states have passed laws allowing assisted suicide, physician-assisted suicide, or euthanasia as it is popul...
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The Complications Related to the Cochlear Implant
The cochlear implant has caused a stir in the deaf community. This medical procedure has the potential to damage the deaf community, because more and more people are picking the ability to hear over embracing the fact. The procedure itself though does come with risk and requirements. This creates the haze around the potenti...
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Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation as a Brutal Work to Save the Dying Person
All too often as a paramedic, I have been called to play a part in a person’s final moments. Sometimes, these things are sudden, at other times; however, they are a long time coming. In these final moments, panic can take over. When confronted with the impending loss of a loved on, family can forget that they are 98 year...
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An Analyisis of The Euthanasia Debate by NM Harris
As expressed in the scholarly article “The Euthanasia Debate,” written by NM Harris, both the stances of active and passive euthanizing procedures in American hospitals are analyzed in great detail. In the United States, the act of euthanasia in itself is declared as illegal, yet passive forms of it are happening quite freq...
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A Bioethics Study of the Cancer Causing Factors of X-Rays, Plastics From Water Bottles, and Cell Phones
Bioethics is the study of ethical problems arising from biological research.. Many people have commented on such subject of how X-rays, plastic from water bottles, and cell phones can cause cancers. This is a very recent project that scientists are working on at the moment. They have many theories on these three subjects....
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The Key Arguments to the Ethical Issues Surrounding the Idea of Euthanasia
The topic of euthanasia is a highly controversial, there are many ethical concerns surrounding this idea. There are multiple types of euthanasia including assisted suicide and active voluntary euthanasia. The concept of dying with dignity has become a global issue. Death with Dignity is a non-profit organization lead by a g...
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The Significance of the Hippocratic Oath in the Field of Medicine
The Hippocratic oath is one of the oldest binding documents in history, still held sacred by physicians today. However, what does it say about medicine when one of the most well known guiding principles for physicians contradicts what is stated in the oath? Many doctors abide by the saying, “First, do no harm.” Yet, how cou...
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The Use of Animals as Human Body Parts Donor
Animals as Donors This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy became a donor… The number of people that require an organ transplant in the USA is 123,000, and less than 30,000 are lucky enough to get one (Warmflash). Moreover, the Department of Health and Human Services states that 22...
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The Ethical Question of Replacing the Patient's Medicine with Placebo without Their Knowledge
Medical Ethics Essay Assignment #1- Dr. Simmons
Part 1:
1. Tell Mrs. Abbot about his deceit and admit the reasons why he thought this was the right reason.
2. Put Mrs. Abbot back on the normal prescription prescribed.
3. Do not admit anything to Mrs. Abbot at all and stop giving her the prescriptio...
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The Immorality behind Medical Experiments on Prisoners
The Immorality Behind Medical Experiments On Prisoners Medical Research has progressed immensely over the past hundred years. In fact, many of the research that has been conducted has improved medicine and advanced the medical field greatly. It has provided treatment for diseases and even broadened the knowledge of medical...
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A Realization of Factors Affecting Medicine and Healthcare Prices
Concept A A major concept that I learned was that there are many different factors that go into the prices that pharmacy benefit managers charge. Sometimes pricing can seem like a straightforward thing. However, there are often many different behind-the-scene factors that go into a particular pricing strategy. PBMs use thi...
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An Argument against Animal Experimentation as It Unnecessarily and Insignificantly Improve Human Life or Health
Research and experimental testing has been practiced on live animals since at least 400 BC. The modern rise of animal testing has been prevalent for approximately 150 years. In 2014, one million animals were used in for experimental research (excluding rats, birds, amphibians, mice, reptiles, and agricultural animals) combi...
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The Torture of Negligence in Relation to Medical Malpractice
One of the most well known torts is negligence, specifically how it relates to medical malpractice. Medical malpractice is one area where tort reform is argued most heavily. Often time those in favor of tort reform argue that the fear of a malpractice suit prevents those in the medical field from performing their job at a h...
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The Controversial Issue of (Un)Ethical Animal Testing in the Cosmetic and Beauty Industry
 In recent years, the advancement in science and technology has brought a new awareness to consumers of the beauty industry. Scientists have opened the eyes of consumers, allowing them to see what goes into their cosmetics, how the cosmetics are made, and how the cosmetics could possibly be harmful. Most recently, with the...
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Animal Experimentation, a Cruel, Painful and Inhumane Process, Is Now Obsolete
The use of animals for experimentation is a cruel and painful process
that should no longer be around. Hours on hours of torture being inflicted
onto animals, is a process unnecessary for the future of the human
civilization. Although many would argue that without animal subjects to
perform test on humanity would not be abl...
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The Ethical Implications of Experimenting on Animals
Animal Rights: Experimenting for Science There are debates among humans whether animals have a certain amount of rights or not. Should they, or should they not? There is actually an act called the Animal Welfare Act; which protects animals from mistreatment. However, not all animals are included. Excluded are birds, rats...
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Why Is the Sale of Organs Illegal if It Can Save Lives?
Definition Essay Why is the sale of organs illegal when it could be saving lives? Well, that is the big question in our world today. Every country besides Iran has made the selling or organs illegal in any manner. In the article “Why Legalizing Organ Sales Would Help to Save Lives, End Violence”, it states that about five...
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Understanding Both Sides of the Arguments About Euthanasia
I think that euthanasia is another interesting topic that we covered in this class. I personally don’t think that I stand on either side of the argument. I can see, and understand both sides of the argument. I can understand that some people believe that we shouldn’t be able to decide when our lives should end, and when our...
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There is No Moral Difference Between Active and Passive Euthanasia
Summary 10 In “Active and Passive Euthanasia,” James Rachels argues that there is no moral difference between actively terminating an individual’s life and terminating it by “allowing” him to die as a result of a disease or other circumstance in all cases. His focus is on cases of euthanasia in which the goal is to end a...
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