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A Report on the Basic Principles of Nursing and Quality Healthcare in General
According to NHS (2016), the ten C’s of reflection are as follows: commitment, contradiction, conflict, communication, challenge and support, catharsis, creation, caring, congruence and constructing personal knowledge in practice. All of these are basic principles on which nurses should ideally base their practice on. All o...
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The Complications That May Arise from Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding and Pregnancy Many if not all pregnant women have so many fears, questions and concerns about how to properly care for their child while pregnant as well as after pregnancy. A consumer magazine, Healthy Mom&Baby, surveyed over 1,000 women on which things are most concerning to them about their pregnancy. Not...
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A Case Study of a Nurse Who Was Found Guilty of Breaching the Standard Care: Ethical Issues and Risk Management
Abstract The purpose of this paper is to focus on a case which involves a nurse who was found guilty of breaching the standard of care of a plaintiff. The first portion of the paper is composed of a summary of the situation that ensued, followed by a review and analysis of the court’s final decision. This analysis will inc...
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A Study of Cultural Diversity and Spirituality Issues in the Nursing Profession
Cultural diversity and spirituality is a growing phenomenon that has riddled the health care system. “Culture is now identified as one of the twelve determinants of health, which include employment, social environment, income, genetic endowment, gender, coping skills and personal heath practices, social support networks, e...
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A Research on the Link between Corticosteroid Use and Open-Angle Glaucoma in the Elderly and Its Application in the Nursing Profession
The research article Corticosteroids and Open-Angle Glaucoma in the
Elderly was authored by Micheal Marcus, Rogier Mskens, Wishal Ramdas,
Rodger Wolfs, Paulus Jong, Johannes Vingerling, Hofman R, Bruno Albert, and
Nomdo Jansonius and was published in 2012 in Switzerland. It is the
original research article based on the Rot...
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An Overview of the Doctrine of Double Effect in the Nursing Profession
It has been identified that nurses as a profession find ethical dilemmas particularly stressful; however one of the most frequently occurring stressors surrounding ethical issues are concerned with end of life decision making (Ulrich et al, 2010). One particular study (Levi et al, 2004), observed that registered nurses, mor...
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The Importance of Encouraging Hydration for Geriatric Patients
Introduction One of the most effective forms of nursing is in geriatric care, since simple but direct interventions can often mean the difference between life and death for the elderly. This may sound dramatic at the outset, but it nevertheless reflects the importance of hydration for this population specifically. The q...
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A Deeper Look at the Scope and Application of Virginia Henderson’s Need Theory and Its Contribution to Nursing
Virginia Henderson is referred to as the "the Nightingale of modern
nursing," for her esteemed career and the creation of her need theory. She
first received her diploma in nursing from the Army School of Nursing
followed by her Bachelor's and Master's Degree from Columbia University.
Henderson's extensive career consisted...
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The Effects of Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease on Caregivers and the Care Needed for Suffering Patients
Abstract Alzheimer’s disease, one of the most tragic and common forms of dementia, is a mental depreciation disorder more commonly found in elderly people. According to (2016), one-in-nine Americans are living with this disease. This accounts for 5.3 million Americans, including one-third of seniors over the...
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The Importance of the Use of the Historical Research Process in Expanding the Understanding of Nursing
The use of the historical research process in nursing is a valuable
approach to expanding nursing's understanding of itself, and for
interpreting the field and its contributions to others. It provides a
scholarly means of connecting the field to the whole of human experience
(Fitzpatrick, 1993). The following four articles...
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