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A Speech on the Importance for Mothers to Continue Breastfeeding Their Infants
Being a mother and going back to work after your baby is born is one of the hardest things to do, especially if you’ve decided that you are going to breastfeed.I believe it should be the law that all women should be able to pump breastmilk while at work, in a discreet and clean environment. I’ve gathered information from 3...
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An Examination of Assisted Living Facilities for the Older Adults in the United States in the Article Admissions to Skilled Nursing Facilities from Assisted Living Facilities by Aud and Rantz
This article, “Admissions to Skilled Nursing Facilities From Assisted Living Facilities”, was written by two different authors based on a theory tested. “Of the 35 million older adults in the United States,' approximately one million reside in assisted living facilities” (16). Aud and Rantz kicked off the method behind this...
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The Different Process in Becoming a Neonatal Nurse
There is a little girl who has had this dream to become the best nurse that the world has ever had, and she knew that nursing was going to be her future when she was in elementary. The type of nurse that she wants to still become till this day is a neonatal nurse. A neonatal nurse is a nurse “who specializes in the care of...
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An Analysis of Two Research Papers on the Effects of Alcohol Intake during Pregnancy
Abstract The aim of this study is to identify the methods and findings on the
research field of alcohol exposure in parents that links to some adverse
effects. It examines two research papers to list the similarities and
differences of aims and strategies. It further provides a detail of the
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An Annotated Bibliography on the Pros and Cons of Infant Bed Sharing
For many years there has been the controversial issue of bed sharing with a newborn child. Many parents find that this approach is helpful in the sense that their child is right there when they wake up crying, others find that this is putting the child in danger. In my annotated bibliography I will be covering the side most...
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The Ups and Downs of My Nursing Career
As I walk through the doors of Floyd Medical Center, I look back at all I have accomplished. I have come so far from that shy girl in high school to an outgoing and friendly registered nurse. As a college student at Shorter University, I felt like the days would last forever but here I am. My goals have now been achieved. A...
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A Research on Understanding the Major Aspects of Attachment Styles and Temperament of Infants and Babies as a Parent or Caregiver
By the time you finish reading this paper, it is safe to say that, whether a parent, caregiver, or neither, you’ll have a better understanding of major aspects of attachment styles and temperament of infants and babies. First, we’ll define the types of different types of infant attachment, both secure and non-secure. Follow...
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A Response of the Three Environmental Influences to Promote a Healthy Prenatal Development
In response to which three environmental influences I’d publicize to promote healthy prenatal development I chose lower if not eliminating teratogens, eating a wide variety of food, and non-vigorous exercise. In the next paragraphs I will explain why I chose these five influences. First, I chose to promote teratogens, whi...
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How the Nursing Homes Have Forced the Elderly Into the Positions of Low Self Worth, Abuse and Neglect
Growing old is an inescapable part of life that has been interpreted and anticipated differently by everyone through the ages. Nursing homes in this day and age are a prominent part of the aging process, and are accepted and embraced as a perfect way of dealing with elderly loved one. However, attitudes toward the aging po...
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The Role and Responsibilities of a Nurse
Trauma ICU Nursing (ICU) Walking in the room to a young boy who decided to take his life, the nurse looked to the parents to tell them it was time to take him off of life support. Nursing has always been known to be trusted and respected among the people yet very difficult. Working in the ICU can be very difficult becau...
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