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A Study of the Use of Adderall by College Students
INTRODUCTION Desperation for Increased Studying Capacities University students worldwidehave taken desperate measures to increase their studying capacities when it comes to academics. When midterms and finals approach, students need that extra pushand motivation to study and ace their exams as competitiveness arises e...
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An Overview of the Pharmacy Practice Model Initiative (PPMI) and Its Main Components
The Pharmacy Practice Model Initiative (PPMI) focuses the concentrated criterion within hospital pharmacies towards areas of practice that will result in the greatest beneficial outcome for inpatient care and overall hospital pharmacy efficiency. Although ASHP's PPMI contains 147 recommendations for improvement in hospital...
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The Importance of Expiration Dates in Medicines
Peopleseem to have the idea that expiration dates on the medications are meaningless, but the truth is that expiration dates are as important as the expiration date in milk cartons. According to Robert Shmerling, publisher for the Harvard Medical School Commentaries on Health, since 1979, the Food and Drug Administration (F...
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A Study on Opium Poppy and Its Purposes
Opium Poppy The opium poppy is a species of plant where opium and poppy seeds are
derived (Johnson, 2009). The classification is as follows: kingdom is
Plantae, phylum is Angiosperms, Eudicots is the class, Raninculales is the
order, family is Papaveracaeae, and finally the species is Papaver
somniferum. Papaver som...
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Adderall and Twitter in the Article Tweaking and Tweeting: Exploring Twitter for Nonmedical Use of Psychostimulant Drug Among College Students
The article that I found very interesting was one called: “Tweaking and Tweeting: Exploring Twitter for Nonmedical Use of a Psychostimulant Drug (Adderall) Among College Students.” Adderall is commonly prescribed as a treatment for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) that is used to help focus such people. Due t...
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The History and Use of Penicillin
Penicillin Have you ever been sick with strep throat, an ear or mouth infection, tuberculosis, or syphilis? If so, you had a bacterial infection and probably visited your doctor. He prescribed to you an antibiotic called penicillin. Penicillin is a life-saving drug and was the start of antibiotics. Penicillin is a type...
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Prescription Drugs Should Be Taken with Caution and Properly Monitored
Imagine opening an orange bottle, grabbing a single pill, then swallowing it. Now imagine doing this everyday for years because your body is completely dependent on this little pill to function properly. There is a plethora of prescription drugs that can do a multitude of things to the body. Some of these drugs have been pr...
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An Analysis of How Global and Local Market Structures and Corporate Practices Lead to Chemical Arbitrage in Nigeria
"Chemical Arbitrage: A Social Life of Bioequivalence" was written by
Kristin Peterson as part of "Speculative Markets: Drug Circuits and
Derivative Life in Nigeria", published in 2014. Judging from the content it
can be reasonably assumed the work is intended for peers in the field of
anthropology as well as people interest...
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The Effects, Action and Management of Fluoxetine
Depression is one of the most common medical condition in United States and around the world. At some point in their lives one in six, approximately eighteen million, Americans will experience some episode of depression. “Some patients may report a feeling of low mood, or partners or families may observe it and raise their...
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An Analysis of the Use of Opioid Analgesics, Prednisone Therapy, and the Role of CYP450 in Drug Metabolism According to 10 Peer-Reviewed Articles
While it is undoubtedly a blessing to be armed with such a wealth of
information in regards to healthcare, such a staggering volume of
literature may have one wondering how to start learning more about a
particular treatment. The following pages explore ten different peer-
reviewed articles focusing on the use of opioid an...
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