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An Examination of the Therapeutic Potential of Radiation
External Radiation Therapy Upon the discovery of x-rays by Wilhelm Röntgen in 1895, experimenters began to realize the therapeutic potential of radiation. Experiments had shown that exposure to radiation would produce cutaneous burns which could be used to treat growths and lesions caused diseases such as rodent ulcer an...
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The Effects of Binge Drinking on the Fetus and Premature Birth
Abstract Scientific evidence shows that ingesting alcohol during pregnancy can disrupt the development of a fetus in many different ways. Drinking alcohol while pregnant can lead to physical abnormalities in the fetus including midfacial hypoplasia, microcephaly, and growth retardation. Effects of binge drinking on a fetu...
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A Report on a Health Prevention Assignment
I was able to meet the Provider of Care program learning outcome with
this assignment because my levels of prevention paper allowed me to explore
the primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention strategies which could be
employed in working with an alcoholic. Additionally, I was able to
consider how these prevention techniq...
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Understanding the Benefits of Cold Shower to the Human Body
Most first-world citizens follow a similar bathing ritual: they disrobe, enter the shower, and then blast the hot water to their heart’s content. The warm, steamy water feels fantastic on their skin. Five minutes turns to fifteen minutes as the immense comfort delays the moment when they must turn off the water and return t...
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The Different Steps in Preventing the Spread of HIV/AIDS in Australia
Introduction Different stakeholders are engaged in ending HIV/AIDS pandemic in
Australia. These stakeholders include the local communities, non-
governmental organizations (NGOs) and the Australian government. As a
result, successful HIV transmission prevention programs such as needles and
syringes program, distribut...
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Autism and Gene Patent Reflection
Autism and Gene Patent Reflection The MMR vaccine case-study was familiar territory, but remained interesting nonetheless. For my Science in Depth course, I took the section concerning diseases. Sometime midway the course of the semester, the professor handed out a similar case-study and had us discuss its implications in...
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Ebola Virus and Government Quarantine Procedures to Prevent Outbreaks
Ebola is a commonly fatal disease that causes internal bleeding and fever. Recent outbreaks have encouraged further research into this rare disease due to the massive epidemic. Ebola has five known strains with four affecting humans and one affecting nonhuman primates. Since the beginning of the outbreak is unknown, scienti...
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The Issue Regarding the Lack of Resource in the Hospital Practice Day
Suddenly, the nurse looked up and quickly said, "Do not close! Do not close!"On one cold winter Hospital Practice Day (hereafter referred to as HPD) a group of students were ushered into a consultation office of a clinic and were greeted by a nurse who was busy writing up a patient's detail into the tuberculosis (TB) regist...
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The History of the Smallpox Disease and the Development of a Vaccine
“The Smallpox! The Smallpox! What shall we do with it?” These were the words of John Adams as he contemplated the failure of the Northern American Army’s campaign in Canada in June 1776. Adams however was not the only one to experience the feeling of helplessness in the wake of the scourge that was smallpox; the rest of the...
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Vaccines Should Be Mandatory to Eliminate Epidemic Diseases
Vaccines are lifesaving miracles of medicine. They help individuals stay healthy when they come in contact with certain diseases that have the potential to permanently disable or result in the death of those infected. However, an outspoken portion of the population of the US believes children should not get vaccinated. Vacc...
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