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A Study on the Professional Competence of Mental Health Professionals Working with Veterans and Military Families
Leppma, M., Taylor, J. M., Spero, R. A., Leonard, J. M., Foster, M. N., & Daniels, J. A. (2016). Working with veterans and military families: An assessment of professional competencies. Professional Psychology: Research And Practice, 47(1), 84-92. doi:10.1037/pro0000059 Mental health professionals are being studied to see...
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The Stigma of Mental Illness in the African American Community in America
Mental illness is a condition that impacts the way a person thinks or feels, as well as their disposition.  It affects the ability to interact with others and function daily. No two people are the same, even when given the same diagnosis.  As a result, the methods of treatment vary from one person to another.   According t...
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The Factors Affecting the Build up of Stress
Mental health, like general health, is defined as not only the absence of detraction but also the presence of positive aspects. It could be summarized as a person’s ability to perceive internal and external factors effectively and to make rational decisions in response. Mentally healthy people face and overcome adversity an...
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The Different Factors That Influence the Body's Response on Stress
The alarm phase of the GAS occurs when a stressor is perceived. Then the body would go into fight-or-flight response. Then the mental part of the body stimulates the brain for emotions and then this emotional stimulation would start the physical reactions. The resistance phase of the GAS is similar to the alarm phase. Durin...
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An Evaluation of Stress in the Police Force
Stressed Spelled Backwards Spells Desserts Stress is something we all face at one point or another. It could be that you have four essays due by Friday when it’s eleven o'clock on a Thursday or you have a conference call at six tomorrow when you haven’t prepared what to say. Unfortunately, stress takes everyone prisoner an...
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A Personal Essay on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
The topic I picked for my reflective essay is ADHD. I found this topic interesting to write my paper on because I suffer from this and thought it would be a good for me to learn more about this disorder. I also found this topic relevant because a lot of people suffer with this disease. ADHD is short for attention-deficit/...
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Definition, Symptoms and Treatment of Depression
Introduction Depression which is also known as melancholia is a debilitating mental illness which has been prevalent for over 2,000 years. There is still not a salient universal explanation for the paradoxical and enigmatic features of Depression. There are many unanswered questions and issues in relation to its etiology (...
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The Role of Oxytocin in The Effective Management of Stress
How to Make Stress Your Friend This TED Talk presented by health psychologist Kelly McGonigal aims to flip most people’s perception of stress. Stress is the negative effect resulting from a person believing they cannot handle a situation that is especially strenuous in either, or both, a mental or physical way (Hockenbu...
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The Four Main Ways Stress Affect an Individual's Health
Stress can affect a person’s health in four main ways: in a negative physical manner, in a positive physical manner, in a negative mental manner, and a positive mental manner. According to Richard Restak, M.D.stress can be defined as, “any action or situation that places special physical or psychological demands on us (166)...
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A Case Analysis of the Depression of Elizabeth Wurtzel
Reaction Paper/Case Analysis #1: Depression Upon reading Wurtzel’s description of depression, I could relate. I have never been diagnosed clinically depressed, but I do remember feeling several of the symptoms during my high school years, like the feeling of “nothingness”. However, I never felt like committing suicide. I t...
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