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Fixing the Root Cause of the Problem of Teenage Car Accidents
In a world that is constantly changing, new laws can rarely be avoided. Recently, several new laws involving motorized vehicles have been passed. Many of these laws involve the wellbeing of other drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, and other people who use the road. Roads are becoming unsafe, due to distractions, or, in some ca...
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What are the Distractions That Lead to Fatal Car Accidents?
10% of drivers of all ages under the age of 20 involved in fatal crashes were reported as distracted at the time of the crash. This age group has the largest ratio of drivers who were distracted. Imagine a world where everyone happens to be a perfect driver, where each person can discern the dangerous consequences that are...
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The Significance of Pain in Man's Survival
An estimated 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Pain is
one of the most common symptoms doctors hear from patients. Pain can come
in the form of something minor like a small bruise or major pain from a
serious trauma like a broken bone. To many of us, pain is an unnecessary
evil that if possible, many of us wou...
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The Health Hazards Posed by Drinking Soda
Problem With Pop The principal of Venice High School in California stated "economics
should never take precedence over the health of the students" (Soda Ban).
The same goes for the health of the country. Soft drinks are a common
household product normally accepted as safe, but lately there has been a
great deal of di...
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The Main Causes of Childhood Obesity
Introduction Childhood obesity is a condition characterized by presence of excess fat in the body of a child aged above two years (Birch, et al, 2011). There is no definite and direct way of determining if one has excess fat in their body, conversely, the Body Mass Index (BMI), is used to determine whether one is obese or...
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The Effect of Airbrushed Images on Public Health
The Effect on Public Health of Airbrushed Images The issue of body image has always been prevalent in women, even as far back as the 19th century when women would wear corsets, which caused a variety of health problems. This issue was not foreign to people. However, with technological advances, the images that people see i...
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The Next Step to Healthcare Reform Under the Administration of Newly Elected President, Donald Trump
The newly elected president of the United States, Donald Trump, has already proposed many ideas of how to better our country. One of them, which includes a new and improved health care system, has caused a lot of controversy among our country. Donald Trump’s health care plan includes repealing Obama care, breaking down st...
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A Test to Determine the Effects of Regular Exercise on the Resting Values of Breathing and Pulse of Women Who Regularly Exercise and Those Who Don't
Scientific Method For our first lab we were testing the third available hypothesis: “Women who exercise regularly take less time to go back to their resting values of breathing and pulse than women who do not exercise regularly.” However, as a class we were unable to reach a final answer because of our mistakes during th...
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The Different Negative Effects of Alcohol Consumption
In “Alcohol Myopia,” Claude Steele and Robert Josephs note two troubling consequences of alcohol: (1) the variety of effects of alcohol on such a wide range of social behaviors, and (2) the irregularity of such effects. Prior research points to the fact that alcohol has haphazard effects (pg. 921). Intoxication leads people...
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The Causes and Effects on the Body of Long-Term Exposure to Stress
What are the causes and the long-term effects of prolonged stress on the body? What is Stress? In order to understand the long effects of stress, discover how to prevent it and what causes it; stress as an idea must first be defined and explained. According to one of Medical News Today’s writers, Christian Nordqvist, Stre...
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The Benefits of Circumcision and the Impact on the Microbial Ecosystem of the Penis
Many men across the world over the last 200 years have been circumcised, that is either for family tradition, or for much easier personal hygiene, or religion, predominantly in Jewish or Islamic cultures. Although it is common, not all families choose to have their son’s circumcised. For some parents it seems like an unnec...
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The Dangers of Texting and Driving to the Driver and Everyone Else on the Road
The Moment It All Changed: Why I Stopped Texting and Driving When someone makes the decision to text and drive, they are not only risking their own safety, but everyone else on the road that day. They could hurt or kill other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. If that were to happen, imagine how guilty the person on the...
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The Link Between Car Accidents and Cell Phone Distraction
Abstract Car accidents have been linked to distractions that occur while driving. Car distractions can occur in different ways, but the major distraction is using cell phone while driving. Changing radio station, eating, lost in thought, talking to passengers are all various ways that a driver can get distracted. Cell phon...
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The Need for a Reform of the American Health Care Policy
Health Care Policy Paper Many leaders of our great nation have tried to establish a plan that
could take care of Americans, especially when it comes to the rising prices
of health care and insurance premiums. "Almost one of every six Americans
have no health insurance, health care spending is escalating rapidly,
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The Changes in Healthcare Brought by the Affordable Care Act
Introduction As the affordable care act is set into motion, changes are happening within the healthcare setting at an alarming rate. The affordable care act is shifting the focus of healthcare from getting the sick better to keeping the healthy from ever getting sick and helping people with chronic disease better manage t...
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Cigarette Smoking Should Be Permanently Banned
Smoking cigarettes does not only affect the consumer, it affects
everyone around them. Do people disregard the warning on the box?
Cigarettes are taking the lives of people every day, they are death
sentences priced at five dollars a pack. I think cigarettes deserve to be
banned, not to punish those who smoke, but to benefi...
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A Research on the Future of Health in Fukushima, Japan
What happens in 2020? Niwayama Yuki, like so many other mothers, always puts her children’s welfare first. When she discovered her son was slowly going blind from the toxic fumes of Fukushima, she scooped him up and fled--but left her husband behind. Millions of Fukushima wives are demanding divorce to protect their chil...
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A Study of the Addictive Factors of Smoking
Anatomy of Addiction: Why It's So Hard to Quit Smoking Addiction is hard to fight, and cigarettes are one of the most addictive drugs on the planet. The reason it is so addictive is because of the nicotine that is in the cigarettes. Nicotine is a molecule that attached itself to receptor sites in the brain which causes the...
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The Problem of the Dangers That "Blind Drivers" Represent
Have you ever been irritated or annoyed when you see someone driving poorly because they are on their cell phones? Well you are not the only one; many people get frustrated about this problem and blame everything on the texting drivers. One-way to look at these people that drive and text at the same time can be referred to...
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The Issues of Unequal Healthcare Opportunities in America
Our current presidential election is one of mockery and hatefulness. The issues that need to be discussed are only voiced by one candidate, and the results of these issues are apparent in the CTSIP Tables. The health care inequality has been an issue in America for a while, however by analyzing these graphs the issue become...
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The Negative Effects of Overprotecting People's Emotions on Collegiate Environment and Mental Health in General
There is currently a growing trend of overprotecting people’s emotions. In the article “The Coddling of the American Mind”, authors Greg Lukianoff and Jonathon Haidt argue that this trend is actually hurting the collegiate environment as well as mental health in general. The term “vindictive protectiveness” is used to descr...
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An Outline of a Speech on How Helmets Can Reduce the Risks of Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents
Introduction Attention Getter:Each year more than 2200 people are killed and 55000 are injured in motorcycle accidents occurring without helmets. When surveyed only 47% of the class knew that there was no helmet law in Illinois. Demonstrate Relevance:Jesus…Jesus…Jesus… Now imagine being asleep and hearing your father whis...
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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Co-Sleeping
Co sleeping is something that has been practiced around the world for many years. Co-sleeping is defined as “the practice of sleeping in the same bed with one's infant or young child.” Co-sleeping is very common in many cultures. Many parents use this, especially during the nursing stages of the infants’ life. Co-sleeping b...
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Contraceptives Should Be Included in the Health Care Plans of America
In most health care plans, contraceptives come at low cost, or better yet, no cost at all. There are multiple health care plans in the United States, as well as companies that do not wish to supply contraceptives in their health care plans for free, for low costs, or even at all. Should all health care plans in the United...
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An Analysis of the Article on the Studies on Alcoholism in Adults and the Sufferings Because of Early Drinking Spree
The US National Library of Medicine has an article summarizing the findings of several studies that were offset by an original study of 43,000 US adults. The study showed that adults that had suffered from alcoholism had begun drinking earlier on in life. Of all the individuals in the study that had been alcoholics at some...
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