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The Causes of the Rise of the Number of Patients With ADHD and the Effects of Drugs Prescribed for Its Treatment
ADHD America "Worst possible thing you can possibly imagine," he said. "I mean here was this great kid who had everything going for him. Everything. Smart, good-looking kid, and the Adderall just destroyed him." These are the words of Ricky Fee, the father of an aspiring medical student who committed suicide after quitti...
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A Comparison of the Positive and Negative Aspects of Tobacco Use
Abstract Tobacco use has become a popular pastime in our country. While there are many justified uses for which people elect to smoke or chew it, the health risks outweigh all benefits that people may experience. This research assignment is going to discuss both sides of this issue in a non-biased manner. Tobacco use ha...
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The Link Between Cancer and the Consumption of Meat
The connection between meat consumption and cancer has been argued for a long time. In 1987, researchers from japan found cancerous compound in lab animals that consumed meat. Overcooked meat contain chemicals that cause cancer (Ruddon 227). Scholarly reviews shows that people have linked meat and cancer. Red meat and charr...
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The Benefits of Yoga in Daily Life
The world today is exponentially moving forward with the norms of the 21st century where each moment is precious; every second determines the future and results rely upon our actions. Amidst this startling progress ,life is increasing becoming more and more hectic where people have limited time even to spare on fitness and...
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The Benefits of Meditation to the Brain, How It Helps Humans in Overcoming Stress and Depression, and How to Be a Positive Thinker
Persuasive Essay Control the Outside World with Your Mind Buddha said, “The mind is everything. What you think you become.” But how can we create positive images in our heads if we are going through so much stress and problems each and every single day in our lives? How is that possible to eliminate negative thoughts and...
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The Importance of Solving the Problem of Childhood Obesity
Childhood obesity is not a matter to take lightly. In fact, it has proven to be a very serious health problem not just within our state, but within the United States as a nation. Just as the size of our residents have, the issue of obesity has become much larger than it has before. It is debatable as to what can be fully at...
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The Lack of Financial Incentive to Develop New Antibiotic Drugs
The Dearth of New Antibiotic Drug Development 23,000 people die each year due to antibiotic resistant infections. It
is estimated that health care costs to treat antibiotic resistant
infections cost $20 billion a year in the United States. The British
government estimates that by 2050, up to 10 million people will di...
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The Importance and Ways of a Healthy Diet
Choosing the Right Way As the ball dropped in Time Square signifying a new year to 2013, people were more thrilled than ever to reinventing themselves. Losing weight or getting in-shape has successfully made its way to this year’s top common resolutions once again. Half of the year has come and gone and while some have d...
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The Definition and Treatment of Raynaud's Condition
Raynaud’s is a rare condition that affects the blood circulation to certain parts of the body. Treatment options are available for those with this condition, which include medical and lifestyle treatments. There is a dispute over the name of this condition; some doctors call it a phenomenon, while some coin it as a disease...
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The Ownership and Abuse of Our Physical Bodies
This week we read about two individuals that experienced a deterioration of their physical health but both of which also left a legacy after their death. Arguably, both Mike Webster and Henrietta Lacks and their families paid a significant price for or because of that legacy. How much of our physical bodies do we actually o...
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A Discussion on the Local and Nationwide Causes and Effects of Obesity in Our Modern Society
Abstract: In this essay I will discuss the local and nation wide causes and effects of Obesity today. I will also discuss the affects obesity has on our society as a whole and on an individual person. This essay also teaches how to stop obesity and treatments of this disease. Dan McMillan states that, “obesity is chara...
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An Overview of Eating Disorder Among Professional Athletes
The human body, food, and exercise are deeply linked in Western civilization, with daily reminders via popular culture that beauty and the ultimate ideal is a thin, fit form. Thus, body management practices often involve disordered eating. This is especially prevalent for athletes, whose performance is often times based o...
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The Direct Relationship of Eating Disorders and Social Media According to Marcela Rojas
The author Marcela Rojas from The Journal News (Westchester County, N.Y.), shared thoughts on the topic of eating disorders and direct correlation they have with social media. Eating disorders such has anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa have unfortunately become more common in the American culture. Over the years, eatin...
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Americans Would Benefit from Cutting Soda from Their Diet
We all have heard at some point or another that sugar is bad for you. Whether it be hearing it from our doctor to eat in moderation or from a parent or friend scolding us to put the junk food down. So weather you have a giant sweet tooth or are a diet fanatic, we all consume sugar in one form or another. But really, what...
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A Study of the Relation Between Nutrition and Intellectual Capacity
This study aims to understand the ambiguous relationship between nutrition and intelligence and how varying diets with diverse nutritional intakes for can have an effect on overall intelligence. The independent variable of this experiment was nutrition which was comprised of two distinct variables; low nutritional value foo...
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The Controversies Surrounding the Program, Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act (HHKA)
It is common knowledge that change is not something that is usually well received. This fact especially holds true when it comes to public health initiatives. Whether it is seatbelt laws, smoking laws, vaccination, or any number of other things, there is commonly public outcry in opposition. There is also typically a large...
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A Review of Early Sprouts: Establishing Healthy Food Choices for Young Children, an Article by Kalich, Bauer, and McPartlin
Summary Kalich, Bauer, and McPartlin begin their article by presenting us with rather surprising facts: by the age of five, most children have lost the ability to eat in response to hunger and have learned to choose foods high in fat and sugars over healthier alternatives. Children in America only eat a portion of the reco...
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The Difficulties Encountered on the Path of Losing Weight
Introduction In modern times, obesity rates of the general population have been the subject of much concern and debate. While many people who are overweight may wish to lose excess weight, only a few actually do so permanently. However, many do not. A significant percentage of the population today is overweight, a situatio...
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A Discussion on the Phenomenon of Narcolepsy, Its Models, and Manifestation
“I’ve heard that sometimes a version of you must die before another more enlightened version can be born. I think that’s true after watching the corpse of myself walk around.” ~ Julie Flygare Introduction With over seven billion humans in the world, it is clear that human experience is a relatively independent and...
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The Development and Progression of My Anorexia Nervosa
The 12th month of the year is perhaps moreso laced with happiness and goodwill than the other 11, regardless of what one takes into consideration. December, packed full of holiday cheer, spinning dreidels, piping hot cookies and caroling out in the snow, takes pride in bringing more smiles and joy than any other month of th...
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Eating a Healthy Breakfast Improves the Ability to Concentrate and Achieve Better Grades
Audience: College Students Purpose: To express why it is important for college students to eat a healthy breakfast before starting their day. It is important for college students to realize that eating a healthy breakfast before starting their day is beneficial to them as well as to their body and mind. Many college stud...
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Are the People of the United States Too Poor to Fight Obesity?
Too Poor to Fight Obesity There is no doubt that a large portion of the U.S. population is not only overweight, but unhealthy as well. With unemployment being a huge issue, it is forgotten that it is also the working citizens who are struggling with health problems. Healthy foods are available, but they clearly aren’t ava...
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Motivation as a Major Component in Achieving Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance Through a Healthy Lifestyle
Motivation is Key: Motivation as a Major Component in Achieving Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance Through a Healthy Lifestyle The cold, inhospitable atmosphere of the hospital left goose bumps running down my arms. I could smell the unpleasant combination of disinfectant and disease seeping through the halls. My mother an...
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The Positive and Negative Effects of Physical Exercise
The effects of exercising can be both positive and negative. Exercising can help people stay healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally. If you don’t exercise you can become overweight, depressed, and it can make you mentally dysfunctional. When you don’t exercise you can have all kinds of health problems mentally, physi...
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A Study on the Obesity Epidemic in the United States
Obesity, defined as overweight refers to an individual’s body weight and body fat composition. Ideal weight standards define a target weight for men, women, and children in accordance with mandates set to regulate body mass index according to height, weight, and age. Therefore, obesity occurs when an individual exceeds his...
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