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Comparing the Differences Between a Desktop and a Laptop Before Deciding Which One to Buy
My grandma is always telling my how dramatically things have changed since she was a little girl, and when you truly put your mind to it, it’s not hard to understand why. The Internet was more or less non-existent before 1990, and now, nearly each individual walking down the street has it at his or her fingertips. Well, my...
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The Recent Developments in the Realm of 3D Printing
Do you like to shop online? I do! It is super convenient. I can shop any time I want, and the stores don’t have to be open. What I don’t like, however, is waiting for my purchase to show up. What if I told you there is an emerging technology that may, in the near future, be able to immediately fulfill your order? Just...
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The Dangers of Trojan Viruses to the Software
Trojans are everywhere. Everybody with a computer has heard of one, seen one, or even experienced one. Despite this, many classify this as your run of the mill virus and fail to see its true capabilities and limitations. First things first: A Trojan is not a virus. Viruses have a single purpose: to infect, propagate, spread...
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The Basic Functions of Computers - Memory Storage, Types of Memory, and the Differences Between Common Computer Program Terms
Introduction: We are very fortunate to be born in a generation where technology has made its huge debut and has not yet seemed to slow down at its growth one bit. The improvements of everyday technology and new inventions that are introduced to us on frequent basis, make our lives easier and more manageable than ever. Howe...
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The Advantages and Importance of the Hubble Space Telescope
The Hubble Space Telescope After WWII, serious talk and conceptualization about some sort of space telescope began. It was argued whether or not such a thing was necessary. One professor, Lyman Spitzer; from Yale University, argued that a space telescope had advantages over a telescope from ground on Earth. He in fact, w...
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The the Rise of Music Streaming Today
Trend Analysis: Streaming Contrary to popular belief, the music industry is not dying….objectively speaking. Looking at the numbers, the music industry is thriving as people spend about 15% of their time weekly listening to music in their cars, homes, at the supermarket.(Nielsen Entertainment 2014) However, the music indus...
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The Advantage of Using Visual Studio by Microsoft
Summary This memo serves to introduce Microsoft Visual Studio as a valuable development environment for anyone in the field of Computer Science. It enumerates its advantages over other apps that attempt to accomplish the same purpose. Introduction Microsoft Visual Studio is a development environment created and maintai...
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A History, Use and Advantages of the Blu-ray Disc
Introduction The Blu-ray Disc format is necessary for today's generation because the advancement in technology has resulted in demand for a new generation of storage devices. This generation call for improved optical storage and the Blu-ray is the best option compared to the current discs. The storage that demands MPEG2...
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The Three Components of a Central Tendency
In statistics, a central tendency is a central value or a typical value for a probability distribution. The three measures of central tendency is the mean, median, and mode. The three measures of central tendency are the mean, the median, and the mode. The mean, also called the center of the distribution, is the arithmetic...
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The Popularity of Life Hacks on the Internet
Over the course of the last few years, life hacks have become extremely popular on the Internet and social media. Essentially, life hacks are little tricks and tips to make your daily life activities more efficient and productive. They are kind of like cheat codes to life. Life hacks vary from how to be successful in life t...
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