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The Issues Related to the Evolution of Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence is a topic that I spend a lot of time thinking about nowadays. However, in all honesty, I only started paying attention to it in the past few years, when more and more aspects of my life became computerized. Everything started with computers and the internet, and now we have...
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An Experiment on Familiarizing Ourselves with Excel and the Importance of Significant Figures and Errors
Introduction Motivation:The objective of this experiment was to familiarize ourselves with excel and the types of procedures that will be required in later labs. The goal was to obtain data and calculate the errors of our measurements to learn how to plot the data and have a basic understanding of the statistics involved i...
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P vs NP, One of the Unanswered Problems in Computer Science
P vs NP is considered one of the deepest unanswered problems in computer science. I’m going to show you what it is, and how it relates seemingly unrelated problems such as protein folding and making crossword puzzles and that their relationship is a lot like Sudoku. P vs NP is one of the 7 millennium problems set out by the...
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An Evaluation of the Ethical Dilemmas of the New Technology in Computers
Ethical Dilemmas of the New, Improving Computer Technology Society has become extremely dependent on the new comings of technology, and raises the ethical dilemma the future of the technology brings. Though many positive outcomes have risen from new and developing computers, social issues and environmental issues h...
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The Pros and Cons of Object Oriented Programming and Procedural Programming
Object Oriented Programming vs. Procedural Programming – the Pros and Cons There are various different methods for programming, including Object-oriented programming (OOP), and Procedural Programming. Each one has its pros and cons. You might be asking yourself, well what is object-oriented programming? Object-oriented pro...
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The Emergence of Big Data Analytics in Technology Today
In this article, Ramel discusses how students from MIT built a super computer that will “take the human guesswork out of Big Data analytics.” The computer is able to find hidden patterns in data sets that would normally take human intuition to be able to figure out. After finding the patterns, the machine goes even further...
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The Impact of John Von Neumann in the World of Computers
During the design and building of the ENIAC computer system, specifically in 1945 (Englander, 2014, p. 27), a consultant named John von Neumann had come up with a much more efficient and useful architectural design. With the ENIAC design, a series of wires, panels, and toggle switches allowed for the configuration of progra...
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A Comparison of the CMD of NGC-7243 and the CMD of M67
It is immediately apparent that the CMD of NGC-7243 both has far more data than the CMD of M67, and is also less useful. While there is a slight suggestion of a Main Sequence Branch as the data gradually moves up and towards the left, it is only a suggestion of one. The stars have too wide a range of color index, and too sm...
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The Different Factors Affecting the Increase in Computer Malware
Computer malware is “software used to disrupt computer operation, gather sensitive information, or gain access to private computer systems.” (Malware) These pieces of code are used by hackers to try and steal your personal information for their own gain. Some examples of this could be identity theft, credit card theft, or...
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The Challenges in Becoming a Software Developer
1 Since my junior year in high school, I knew computers were my passion. It was not until I took the last class available to me for an elective being computer programming. The passion that formed in this class came as unexpectedly as the class itself; never did I know I could find SOLACE in creating a program. Maybe it’s t...
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