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A Review of the Foursquare App
Foursquare app is a search and discovery mobile application service that helps its users discovers new places. It does this by taking into account the recent places visited, the information the users have fed into it and the advice from other users it trusts. Created in 2008 by Naveen Selvadurai and Dennis Crowley, it curr...
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The Underwood Stereoscope and the Concept of Virtual Reality
Stereoscope as Virtual Reality In order to interact with the vast infinitude of virtual reality (VR) one needs physical, real hardware. Virtual reality offers us an increased bandwidth of our innate visual sensory information (Wark vii). The virtual frame is voluminous; it is not merely a part of our focal vision but it...
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An Analysis of the Two Reviews of the iPhone 5
Assignment 1 The product being reviewed is a white iPhone 5 through Sprint phone Company with 16 GB. There many reviews for this product but only two are being analyzed. The first review being discussed is as follows “Will buy again if I need it: Fast delivery great product awesome price met all my expectations and will...
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A Research Proposal on the Effectiveness of Body-Worn Cameras in Everyday Police Work and Their Impact on Police-Community Relations
“The police are the public and the public are the police; the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence.” ~ Robert Peel Introduction Recent years in the United States have seen a r...
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The Ways in Which Tourists Use Smartphones
Mobile technology has developed quickly over the past two decades.
With adoption rates growing exponentially and the smartphone as an integral
part of day to day life, academic researchers have taken a keen interest in
how this transformation affects daily life, from communication behaviors to
cultural habits. This research...
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A Comparison and a Discussion on Which One is Better - Sony PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One
With every new technology coming out there has always been a company that has stood out most to me: Sony PlayStation. With the PlayStation 4’s recent release in 2013 there has been massive debates in my household with which system is better, the PlayStation 4 or the XBOX One. I decided to do my research on PlayStation to se...
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A Discussion on the Catastrophic Malfunctioning of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7
The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone was supposed to be 2016’s technologically leading phone for the world. Unfortunately, the exact opposite has occurred for over 1 million device owners across the globe. The batteries inside of the phones have begun malfunctioning, leading to the devices smoking, catching fire, and exploding....
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iBetter, a Mobile Device App That Alleviates Tendonitis and Other Pain Issues
The iBetter was our group product. Essentially, the iBetter is an app for various mobile devices that alleviates tendonitis and a wide variety of other pain issues. We came up with the iBetter app because we were playing on the idea that most products are always too good to be true. Our group watched some sample ads to dete...
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What is a Globeye?
Globeye consists of developing an innovative smartphone application and smart-eye glasses, which thanks to a new advanced technology (already tested and used for medical purposes); it allows people to use their smartphones without necessarily touching it. The smartphone can be managed through the eye-motion and more specifi...
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A Personal Opinion on the Negative Effects of Cell Phones on Teenagers
Cell Phones: Good or Bad? If you’re a teenager, you probably have a phone. If you have a phone, then you’re probably attached to it. Teenagers don’t care how electronic devices are affecting them because they have not fully developed a sense of practicality. Unlike most teens, adults continue to believe that cellular dev...
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The Working Parts of a Lighter
The normal, everyday hand lighter is designed quite poorly. I tried to use a lighter for the first time last week and could not start the flame. I was also frustrated that I could not operate such a simple device. The lighter has a long, smooth, and easily grippableshaft.These aspects of the shaft act as a signifier (a p...
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A Review of the PlayStation 4 as the Best Game Console in Today's Society
Game consoles are a popular trend in today’s society; however, many gamers have a difficult time choosing the best one. Although there are many fun game systems, the PlayStation 4 game console is the best option because it comes with many interesting features. The PlayStation 4 includes more positive features than negative,...
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How Does Turning Up a Speaker Disrupt Sound Quality?
How Does Turning Up a Speaker Disrupt Sound Quality? Introduction: In today’s technological age, most people are doing something with electricity. People listen to radio, use the internet, watch TV, speak through a microphone, and listen to stereos. All of these include the passing of information using electricity and r...
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An Analysis of Three Negative Effects of Cell Phones: Health Problems, Car Accidents, and Costs
90% of American adults own a cell phone. Cell phone is the most wonderful invention to human beings and no one can imagine that someday he/she can live without cell phone. Cell phones help people communicate with each other efficiently and easily. You can talk, text and even see the face of the person who is away from you a...
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The Use of the Dual-Layered Protective iPhone Case
Dual-Layered Protective iPhone Case A mutual problem that is commonly found amongst all small electronic users is the fear and action of dropping your device and potentially breaking it. This issue is present amongst devices such as laptops, cellphones, tablets, portable music players as well as many others. Our team came...
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The Kitchen Revolution Brought on by the Microwave
Object Description: A box-like stainless-steel enclosure. One face of the box has a door indicated by the handle and semi-translucent glass window. Next to this door is an operating console, which is indicated by an array of buttons. The numbers 0-9 are included, as well as “start,” “stop,” and a variety of other functions...
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A Comparison of Archos 605 and iPod Touch
Ethical Inquiry on the IPod Ipod's are one of the most popular electronic devices today, everyone
seems to have one, and people and media constantly tells you that it's the
best device out there, but is it really? I think that the Archos 605 is a
much better choice for a multi-media device. It basically does everythi...
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Canon 5D Mark III: The Camera That Can Do It All
Canon 5D Mark III: The camera that can do it all. There are many kinds of cameras in the photography industry. Some photographers use film cameras, some use point and shoot cameras, but if you’re someone like me who uses their camera for any type of photography and prefer DSLR’s, then Canon EOS 5D Mark III will do the job...
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The Challenges and Opportunities of the Use of Smartphones in Healthcare
Introduction Smartphone refers to a mobile phone with functions similar to those
of personal computers. Smartphones provide email, text messaging, still and
video cameras, web browsing, video playback and calling, and Mp3 players.
Social media are an internet based interface and software that enables
people to intera...
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Microsoft Xbox: Xbox One and Xbox 360
The Microsoft Xbox is one of the most successful brands worldwide, selling millions of units worldwide and bringing entertainment to billions around the world. With the original Xbox console selling 24 million units, and the successor to the original Xbox, the Xbox 360, sold over 78 million units. With this knowledge, it w...
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A Comparison of Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's Playstation
Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s Playstation are both the top selling video game consoles in the industry. With the Xbox One selling 16 million units and the PS4 selling nearly 30 million units worldwide as of November of 2015, it can be a difficult choice as to which console will best suite the needs and desires of each indivi...
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The Characteristics and Correct Set up of a Simple Sound System
The simple sound system is the focal point of sound reinforcement. It is the vehicle that provides the audience with quality audio to enjoy the talent, and provides the artist with the confidence to showcase their very best work. The ultimate goal is to get the best possible sound from the microphones to the speakers in the...
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An Experiment to Set up and Explore the Use of the Raspberry Pi Microcontroller
Description: The purpose of this lab is to setup the Raspberry Pi microcontroller for use and explore the many applications of the miniature computer and demonstrate one of them. Problem Definition: Part 1: This part involves setting up the Raspberry Pi and connecting the mouse, keyboard, power, and video cable from t...
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A Lab Test: Input and Output Functions of the Adrino Microcontroller on the Given Circuits in the SIK Experiment Guide
Description: The purpose of this lab is to test the input and output functions of the Arduino microcontroller on the given circuits in the SIK Experiment Guide. This lab tested our circuit building and troubleshooting skills. Problem Definition: Circuit 1: This circuit is a simple LED circuit programmed to blink on...
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The Evolution of Mobile Phones and Its Impact on How We Communicate
Once I store your number safely, I know I would easily reach you. It is easy to carry my friend along as I go about my daily business. However, when my friend becomes hungry, he loses strength to communicate to me. Although he knows that I dislike lazy people, he has no control on when to lose strength. I cannot disown my f...
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