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An Analysis of the Two Reviews of the iPhone 5
Assignment 1 The product being reviewed is a white iPhone 5 through Sprint phone Company with 16 GB. There many reviews for this product but only two are being analyzed. The first review being discussed is as follows “Will buy again if I need it: Fast delivery great product awesome price met all my expectations and will...
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A Research Proposal on the Effectiveness of Body-Worn Cameras in Everyday Police Work and Their Impact on Police-Community Relations
“The police are the public and the public are the police; the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence.” ~ Robert Peel Introduction Recent years in the United States have seen a r...
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The Ways in Which Tourists Use Smartphones
Mobile technology has developed quickly over the past two decades.
With adoption rates growing exponentially and the smartphone as an integral
part of day to day life, academic researchers have taken a keen interest in
how this transformation affects daily life, from communication behaviors to
cultural habits. This research...
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A Comparison and a Discussion on Which One is Better - Sony PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One
With every new technology coming out there has always been a company that has stood out most to me: Sony PlayStation. With the PlayStation 4’s recent release in 2013 there has been massive debates in my household with which system is better, the PlayStation 4 or the XBOX One. I decided to do my research on PlayStation to se...
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A Discussion on the Catastrophic Malfunctioning of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7
The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone was supposed to be 2016’s technologically leading phone for the world. Unfortunately, the exact opposite has occurred for over 1 million device owners across the globe. The batteries inside of the phones have begun malfunctioning, leading to the devices smoking, catching fire, and exploding....
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iBetter, a Mobile Device App That Alleviates Tendonitis and Other Pain Issues
The iBetter was our group product. Essentially, the iBetter is an app for various mobile devices that alleviates tendonitis and a wide variety of other pain issues. We came up with the iBetter app because we were playing on the idea that most products are always too good to be true. Our group watched some sample ads to dete...
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What is a Globeye?
Globeye consists of developing an innovative smartphone application and smart-eye glasses, which thanks to a new advanced technology (already tested and used for medical purposes); it allows people to use their smartphones without necessarily touching it. The smartphone can be managed through the eye-motion and more specifi...
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A Personal Opinion on the Negative Effects of Cell Phones on Teenagers
Cell Phones: Good or Bad? If you’re a teenager, you probably have a phone. If you have a phone, then you’re probably attached to it. Teenagers don’t care how electronic devices are affecting them because they have not fully developed a sense of practicality. Unlike most teens, adults continue to believe that cellular dev...
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The Working Parts of a Lighter
The normal, everyday hand lighter is designed quite poorly. I tried to use a lighter for the first time last week and could not start the flame. I was also frustrated that I could not operate such a simple device. The lighter has a long, smooth, and easily grippableshaft.These aspects of the shaft act as a signifier (a p...
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A Review of the PlayStation 4 as the Best Game Console in Today's Society
Game consoles are a popular trend in today’s society; however, many gamers have a difficult time choosing the best one. Although there are many fun game systems, the PlayStation 4 game console is the best option because it comes with many interesting features. The PlayStation 4 includes more positive features than negative,...
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