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What is a Globeye?
Globeye consists of developing an innovative smartphone application and smart-eye glasses, which thanks to a new advanced technology (already tested and used for medical purposes); it allows people to use their smartphones without necessarily touching it. The smartphone can be managed through the eye-motion and more specifi...
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A Personal Opinion on the Negative Effects of Cell Phones on Teenagers
Cell Phones: Good or Bad? If you’re a teenager, you probably have a phone. If you have a phone, then you’re probably attached to it. Teenagers don’t care how electronic devices are affecting them because they have not fully developed a sense of practicality. Unlike most teens, adults continue to believe that cellular dev...
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The Working Parts of a Lighter
The normal, everyday hand lighter is designed quite poorly. I tried to use a lighter for the first time last week and could not start the flame. I was also frustrated that I could not operate such a simple device. The lighter has a long, smooth, and easily grippableshaft.These aspects of the shaft act as a signifier (a p...
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A Review of the PlayStation 4 as the Best Game Console in Today's Society
Game consoles are a popular trend in today’s society; however, many gamers have a difficult time choosing the best one. Although there are many fun game systems, the PlayStation 4 game console is the best option because it comes with many interesting features. The PlayStation 4 includes more positive features than negative,...
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How Does Turning Up a Speaker Disrupt Sound Quality?
How Does Turning Up a Speaker Disrupt Sound Quality? Introduction: In today’s technological age, most people are doing something with electricity. People listen to radio, use the internet, watch TV, speak through a microphone, and listen to stereos. All of these include the passing of information using electricity and r...
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An Analysis of Three Negative Effects of Cell Phones: Health Problems, Car Accidents, and Costs
90% of American adults own a cell phone. Cell phone is the most wonderful invention to human beings and no one can imagine that someday he/she can live without cell phone. Cell phones help people communicate with each other efficiently and easily. You can talk, text and even see the face of the person who is away from you a...
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The Use of the Dual-Layered Protective iPhone Case
Dual-Layered Protective iPhone Case A mutual problem that is commonly found amongst all small electronic users is the fear and action of dropping your device and potentially breaking it. This issue is present amongst devices such as laptops, cellphones, tablets, portable music players as well as many others. Our team came...
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A Comparison of Archos 605 and iPod Touch
Ethical Inquiry on the IPod Ipod's are one of the most popular electronic devices today, everyone
seems to have one, and people and media constantly tells you that it's the
best device out there, but is it really? I think that the Archos 605 is a
much better choice for a multi-media device. It basically does everythi...
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Canon 5D Mark III: The Camera That Can Do It All
Canon 5D Mark III: The camera that can do it all. There are many kinds of cameras in the photography industry. Some photographers use film cameras, some use point and shoot cameras, but if you’re someone like me who uses their camera for any type of photography and prefer DSLR’s, then Canon EOS 5D Mark III will do the job...
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The Challenges and Opportunities of the Use of Smartphones in Healthcare
Introduction Smartphone refers to a mobile phone with functions similar to those
of personal computers. Smartphones provide email, text messaging, still and
video cameras, web browsing, video playback and calling, and Mp3 players.
Social media are an internet based interface and software that enables
people to intera...
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