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The Depiction of Real Life Wartime in the Guns or Butter Simulation Game
Can a Simulation Really Relate to the Real world? A simulation is something that is made to look, feel, or behave like something else especially so that it can be studied or used to train people. The Guns or Butter simulation game was used to depict nations in the midst of World War I and Arab-Israeli conflicts.The Five na...
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An Overview of Amnesia:the Dark Descent, a Video Game by Frictional Games
With lantern in hand, you explore the depths of the terrifyingly dark corridors of castle Brennenburg. Fearful and nervous as you turn corner after corner, not knowing what kind of gruesome monstrosity you might run into. For when you do, you must have your wits about you and a means of escape or such an encounter could mea...
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An Overview of Video Games and Its Pros and Cons
Video Games-Pros and Cons Video game is one of the most surprising creations of modern computer science. Now-a-days, due to rapid improvement of computers, video game has reached its highest peak of excellence and has become a great source of entertainment. It is not only a source of entertainment but also a good way to...
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The Influence of Video Games on the Development of the Technology in America
Where would we be without technology? How does it affect our day to day life? As years pass, video games have become a more relevant part of the American society as a whole. Video games have had a positive impact on the development of technology in America in three waves; 1958-1990, 1990-1998 and 2000-current. In...
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An Analysis of the Characteristics and Player Statistics of Bungie's Video Game Destiny
After developer Bungie released Halo CE in 2001 the company was shot into stardom by all of the gaming community. Even I was amazed by their first major video game. So much so that I would sit in front of the television screen for hours at a time just repeating the game over and over again. Bungie went on to make Halo games...
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The Evolution of Video Game Violence
Since video games entered homes in the 1970s, video game popularity has exponentially increased and the different varieties of gaming have become widely diverse ranging from apps on a mobile device to massive scale worlds displayed on 4k televisions (Entertainment Software Association). The rapid increase of technological a...
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The Moral Responsibility of Video Game Developers
The Moral Responsibility of Video Game Developers Video games, like all entertainment media, are designed to draw customers in. However, unlike say, a movie, or a book, there are video games that are designed to never have a true end, most notably a genre of video games called MMORPGs – Massively Multiplayer Online Role Pl...
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Application of the Three Modes of Listening to Amnesia: The Dark Descent
In my first paper I did a close reading of the opening moments and
light/darkness mechanics of Amnesia: The Dark Descent; and analyzed the
game integrates player and character, and how the player's interaction with
vision alone did little to aid the player in success and advancement. As
the player discovers that their sense...
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Close Reading of Amnesia: The Dark Descent's Opening Moments and Mechanics
The topic I've chosen for my close reading is the game Amnesia: The
Dark Descent, a Survival-Horror game developed by Frictional Games and
released in 2010. As a foreward, the game is several hours long (5 depending on the player), and thus impossible to fully analyze in a mere
1000 words, so I'll be focusing primarily on...
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The Portrayal of Women in Video Games
I do not care for how hyper sensitive the world has gotten as of late, and normally I do bother chiming in on the matter. In a world where everyone has the right to feel good about themselves, now those people who feel the need to voice their discomfort, have their eyes squarely set on video games. Now I have no problem wi...
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