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A Discussion on the Problem of Antenas in the Apple Devices
I've been following Apple's stocks closely for awhile now. Because I work on a lot of Apple devices for my side business, I'm pretty familiar with the defects and issues they seem to have, particularly the ones that make it to national headlines. These issues are typically launch defects with a new product or firmware roll...
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An Overview of the Technology of Electric Cars
Electric cars are inevitably in our future but is the technology advanced enough to achieve the same standards that have been set by gasoline cars? For years new electric vehicles have come out of the obscure shadows of which they are built, only to never gain traction in the market. The auto world is split on the topic of...
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The Improvement in Efficiency of the Automotive Industry in the Last Century
Automotive Efficiency To an engineer the glass is never half empty or half full, it is twice as big as it needs to be. To be efficient one must make the most of all the resources available. In todays world the word efficient is defined by as “performing or functioning in the best possible manner with the le...
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The Life and Contribution of Jack S. Kilby
Abstract This paper uses two works to outline the work, history, and contribution to the world of technology by Jack S. Kilby. The integrated circuit is one of the most important pieces of technology in every pieces of technology that uses them. The integrated circuit is so important because it allowed for higher speeds...
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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Cars
With global temperatures rising and fuel prices threatening to increase as oil becomes a scarcer resource it seems that we have to press the reset button on the automotive world if we want the Earth complete with low lying islands, cities and polar icecaps to be recognisable in the next century. Electric cars like the tesla...
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Steam Engines, Railways and the Victorian Tube in the Victorian Era
The Victorian era was a real turning point in human kind’s history and one that paved the way to our modern society and way of living. It was a period in a history where we actually deserved the “Great” in Great Britain (That and the World Wars) and actually did stuff productive. There was no Elf’ and Safety holding us back...
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The Importance of Electric Fencing
Electric fencing, while once considered only a fairy-tale, is now an integral part of our everyday life.  They are important for pet owners, farmers, and for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. However even if people don’t own electric fences they should share a very basic understanding of how they work, just in case...
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The Risk Assessment of General Electric
General Electric is a large multinational supplier of electric appliances incorporated in New York, United States of America. Currently, the company operates in the following segments. Appliances, oil and gas, healthcare, energy management, and transportation. With investments in many business sectors, General Electric need...
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A History of the Printing Technology
Although modernization is slowly depleting paper usage, the technology of printing has played an enormous role in the history of our world. Printing technology dates back to 2nd century ad. Today there are multiple different types of printers such as: computer printer, ink-jet printer, and the optical printer. Have you e...
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A Look at the Failures of Concorde Supersonic Transport Aircraft
Big projects such as the Concorde supersonic transport aircraft project, fail at a surprising rate. Whether new growth strategies, post-merger integration or key technology installations, these exertions consume a lot of resources over time. However, as reported in successive studies, these projects often deliver disappoin...
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