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The Pros and Cons of Weapons and Technological Advances
Weapons and Technological Advances As time passes, technology becomes more and more advanced and affects
our every day lives. It has allowed man to walk on the moon and for three-
dimensional movies to be played at the theaters. We depend on technology
daily to contact our nearby friends or our family across the globe...
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The Mission and Use of the CV-22, an Air Craft Used by the United States Air Force
The CV-22 is an air craft that is used not only by the Air Force but by other branches of the Military. The air craft just like any other serves a purpose in the Air Force. The CV-22 has a certain mission and has carried its mission many times. It has been with the Air Force for quite some time. It is operated by a talented...
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A Comparison of the Use of Insecticides and Chemical Weapons and the Weapons of Mass Destruction
Edmund Russell’s article “Speaking of Annihilation” poses the argument that there are definitive similarities and differences between the use of insecticides and chemical weapons and or weapons of mass destruction. Russell also argues that human beings can be compared to insects in some sense, especially in the context of t...
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The Abuse of the United States in Using Drones to Kill People in Pakistan
Drone Home: What Happens When Drones Return to America When will drones stop killing innocent people in Pakistan, Yemen and other countries. In this article, “Drone Home: What Happens When Drones Return to America” author, “Lev Grossman” discusses about drones what usually known as killing machine. Today only U....
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A Review of the Article Drones and the Dilemma of the Modern Warfare by Issacharoff and Pildes
The review involves the article’ “Drones and the Dilemma of the Modern Warfare” by Issacharoff and Pildes (2015). Since there has been a significant increase in cases of terrorism and warfare in various parts of the globe,the articles covers the development of technologies aimed at enhancing the ability of various nations t...
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An Analysis of the Technology Used in Law Enforcement Today
Technology Used in Law Enforcement Today Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to law enforcement. Some people love law enforcement while others envy the control that law enforcement officials are given. Some law enforcement officials abuse their power, which causes chaos in society. Certain technologies have improv...
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Impacts of Drones in Military and Civilian Use
Impacts of the Drones As years go by and technology develops more, new drones are being used for military and also civilian purposes. The United States of America intend to lower the number of soldiers in Afghanistan by the end of the year by increasing the number of drones, not just for Afghanistan but for innumerous oth...
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A History of Area 51, a Top-Secret Military Installation During the Cold War
Introduction Area 51 was born in secrecy as a top-secret military installation during the Cold War in the southwestern portion of Nevada. Also known as Groom Lake, it wasoriginally intended as an off-the-grid research facility in the Nevada desert until Bob Lazar, an engineer, blew the lid off the facility during a televis...
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How the Union Navy's Iron-Hulled Warships Changed the Face of Naval Warfare
Industry: How the Union Navy’s Iron-Hulled Warships Changed the Face of Naval Warfare Studying the Battle of Hampton Roads, one of the largest naval battles of the Civil War, it is apparent that a strong industrial infrastructure was the Union Navy’s key advantage, resulting in their ultimate strategic victory. By applying...
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The Controversy of Full Body Scanners in 2007 and 2008 Due to Some of Them Making Nude Images of the Travellers
Full Body Scanners Full body scanners are machines that use electromagnetic imaging to warn security agencies of potential threats or contraband on a subject’s person without any manner of physical contact. The machines create an image that is analyzed by security officers and used to determine whether that person is a th...
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