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The Impact of Technology on Real World Values in Sherry Turkle's Alone Together and Malcolm Gladwell's Why the Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted
The world of technology has grown to consume our lives and distort our views on the values of authenticity in the biological and social world. As we become more and more dependent on technology, we also become emotionally and socially drained, detaching ourselves from reality. Sherry Turkle, author of “Alone Together” and M...
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An Analysis of the Effects of Mobile Datting Apps on Relationships
“I’m looking for something new to believe in that isn’t the way people yearn at night in the city.” ~ Constance Renfrow Introduction It is not overly dramatic to say that the last decade has ushered in a new era for society. Some technologies have directly benefited the advancement of science and discovery, while othe...
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The Technological Barriers for Elderly Users
The expansion of technology within our lives happens on practically a daily basis. There are always new apps to download, new devices to purchase, and new ideas to further the ease of our lifestyles in the works. There are many people who view this as a good thing. The more efficiently and quickly we are able to communicate...
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A Discussion on the Revolution Cell Phones Brought to Society
Revolution of Cell Phones on Society The telephone first thought of in 1831, soon becoming a reality in 1876, eventually evolved into an extremely powerful handheld mobile device also known as the cell phone. This new way of communication allowed people a much more simple way of delivering a message from point A to po...
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The Effects of Yelp Reviews Turning Political
What happens when Yelp reviews turn political? Following last weeks tragedies of the Manhattan and New Jersey bombings, one small restaurant in Elizabeth, New Jersey has been barraged with more than just an angry customer writing about how their chicken was undercooked. First American Fried Chicken has been the subject...
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Is Online Dating a Killer or a Cultivator?
Relationships, Intimacy, Monogamy: Is Online Dating a Killer or a Cultivator? Technology. It has successfully woven its way into almost every aspect of life in America. This has brought about controversy in many aspects of daily life begging the question of whether technology’s excessive use hurts or helps society. One of...
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The Influence of Technology on the Decrease in Intelligence in America
With all the new technology coming out there is hardly any need to read in print anymore. With electronic books and online summaries, reading in print has become nearly obsolete. Daily newscasts and shorter versions of news stories online have also made buying and reading newspapers a waste of time and money for most people...
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Unplugging From Certain Aspects of Technology Rather Than Removing It Completely From Our Routines in the Article by Alexandra Samuel
Technology: The Consumption of Society Technology undeniably plays a major role in the lives of consumers today, and to stray from the use of it would be more of a hindrance than a social statement. The figurative act of ‘unplugging’ consists of getting rid of the electronics and electronic forums that completely envelope...
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The Societal and Ethical Issues That Uber Is Facing Today
Technology has taken over the lives of Americans. Though there is a large amount of benefits due to modern advances in technology, many disadvantages have taken precedence in recent news headlines. Uber for example is being questioned lately because people are unsure if it is ethical to hold Uber responsible for the illegal...
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The Rapid Takeover of Digital Communication Today
Over the past few decades, computers and digital technology have become much more popular. In the early days of the Internet, only a small group of people used it as a communication tool. The modern world is much different. Many people of all ages in the United States regularly use things like laptops or smartphones in orde...
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