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The Challenge of IT Department Working Together with the Financial Department
The main issue that this article addresses is that in many corporations, there is segregation amongst management accountants and the IT personnel. “According to the report, more than half of the 202 U.S.-based corporate controllers surveyed said silos still exist between finance and IT” (Carlozo, 2016). While, their dutie...
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The Perils of Online Internet Tracking
The internet is the largest genre of communication in the world by far, boasting its access to around 3.5 billion people (Internet World Stats, “World Internet Users”). It hosts some of the most sizable discourse communities in the world, such as Facebook and Twitter. Without a doubt, the internet is the most widespread gen...
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How Technology Has Changed the Way Affairs Are Conducted
Introduction Technology has revolutionized the way we as humans conduct our affairs. Technological tools are the latest in the line of tools along man’s evolutionary line. Just like there was the Stone Age, we are now living in what one can only term as the age of technologies or the internet age. Without a doubt, today’s...
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A Proposal for a Research of Information and Computer Security Implemented by Retailers in the United States
This proposal is to research information and computer security implemented by retailers in the United States. This research needs to be performed due to the recent outbreak of data breaches. There have been a number of huge data leaks of consumers’ personal information, sometimes enough for hackers to commit identity theft...
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An Annotated Bibliography on the Effects of Technology on Children
Bavelier, Daphne, C. Shawn Green, and Matthew WG Dye. "Children, wired: for better and for worse." Neuron, (2010). This article is about whether technology have positive or negative effects on children and also how it shapes them cognitively. He explains that the exposure of specific content on children will lead to futur...
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On My Experience in Radio Broadcasting
I am not cut out for live radio. While I do enjoy listening to it, it
is not something I am good at. For my radio shifts I had to script out all
of my work, word by word because I am so bad at coming up with stuff on the
spot. I also am poor at discussing appropriate content fit for radio. If
this country were perhaps free...
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The Use of Near Field Communication (NFC) in Business
Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology can potentially change the way many businesses and government organizations operate in a major way. Many people only associate NFC technology with mobile payment systems like Apple Pay and Google Wallet, but it can be (and is) utilized in many other ways. While public adoption of N...
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Teachers Should Not Be Allowed to Monitor a Student's Social Networking Account
Privacy online is a serious issue for all users. More and more people are on the internet, creating profiles, and communicating with one another. Facebook alone has more than a billion active users, Twitter has 500 million, Tumblr has 170 million (Smith). Many of these people are young and still in school. This raises the q...
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The Effects of the Technology in Communication to Shy Individuals, the Identity of a Person, and the Meaning of a Message
We all use it, this scientific knowledge to improve the way we do things. Even if we hate the idea of it, it is pushed upon us more and more everyday, changing our lives forever. Technology has made its grand entrance into our society and it is not planning on making an exit anytime soon. Technology has affected many aspect...
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The Use of Cost-Reducing Technology in New York City
New York City has been experiencing a slow, but constant decline in manufacturing in the city. This has cost many people in the area to lose jobs throughout the city and Brooklyn is the only part of the city to actually add jobs in manufacturing. To counteract this loss of manufacturing in the city, New York officials and p...
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