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A Personal Account of Limiting the Use of Technology in Order to Approach the World Objectively
In the 24-hour period, I decided to change my state of mind. I decided to approach the world around me with greater objectivity. In order to do this, I decided to limit my use of technology. I also chose to pay more mind to the things which I immediately assume to be credible, which many people blindly follow. By doing this...
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A History of the iPhone
Product stretching is the concept that a business can tether both the lower and higher ends of any given market by creating products that satisfy either end. This mastery of spectrum creates an accessible product line to any and all customers, ensuring the accessibility of their products to people of all classes and incomes...
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A Discussion on the Technological Innovations Targeted at Young People to Help Understand the World's Past, Present, and Future
Much of the new technological innovations we have today are targeted at young people to help understand the world’s past, present, and future. The world needs more inventors and innovators. Which is why many liberal art schools focus on expanding a student’s knowledge and creativity. When doing this, it helps the students f...
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A Report on the Revolutionary Development of Virtual Assistants for Smartphones
Proactive services are when someone or something does something in anticipation of another’s needs. In this case, it’s a smartphone predicting what you’ll ask for and giving that information before you even ask for it. Said phone would notice what’s going on in your life and prompt itself to open the information that it a...
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The Use of Graphene as a Substitute to Create Communication Electronics
Project Rationale and Audience Communication devices must be affordable and accessible. However, modern-day electrical components are made of inefficient metals and some expensive components that make communication devices costly, impossible to recycle, and limited in the range of sound-detection [1]. In order to reduce...
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The Issue of the Threat of Technology Surpassing Human Interaction
I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. It will be then that the world will have permanent ensuing generations of idiots.In today’s society, Albert Einstein is commonly misconstrued as the origin of this quote, bringing light to the idea of the machines used to make people’s lives easier being the...
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The Need to Safeguard Private Information over the Internet
In the early 1900’s banks become very infamous for being robbed without much justice being served. Robbing banks was shown to have a high reward, and with such little security once could say, with little cost. As Bonnie and Clyde proved, with the right tools, and smart planning weak security can be costly. Today, one could...
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A Comparison of the Advantages and Disadvantages of VoiceThread and Skype
VoiceThread and Skype are excellent software to communicate between people all around the globe.Skype being the more well-known software in comparison to VoiceThread,people get more interested in software with better UI that’s why Skype has the edge. The advantages of VoiceThread are that users are about to present their p...
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The Invention and Significance of Samuel Morse's Telegraph
Telegraphs are Helpful The telegraph was important to humanity because it made communication between distant societies much easier. Without the telegraph, modern society would not have learned how to communicate throughout distance because they’d have no prior knowledge on how to do so. This invention created a huge cult...
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An Overview of Intelligent Design in the Textbook Of Pandas and People
Many textbooks today have unexciting names. A chemistry textbook is entitled Chemical Principles. A biology textbook is called The Fundamentals of Microbiology. However, a textbook named Of Pandas and People is unusual in two ways. The first is its creative name. The second is that it teaches a controversial idea called Int...
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