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A Study on the Relational Model Approach to Data Management
The relational model is an approach to data management where the
language and structure complies with the first order predicate logic
(, 2016). The model describes the database as
collection of predicates over a defined set of predicate variables with the
constraints on possible and combination of valu...
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The Importance of Cloud Based Database Systems in Accomplishing New Performance Requirements in Data Storage
Introduction The emergence of big data has led to the rise of a whole new set of performance requirements in data storage which the relational database systems have proven ineffective to handle. Currently, organizations need storage systems that are simple to use, performance optimized, scalable and can avail open APIs for...
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A Review of the Methods of Digital Forensic Companies: ProDiscover, OSForensics, AccessData FTK, and Guidance Software Encase
Digital Forensic Companies Retrieving digital evidence is a vital process in the investigation of computer crimes. Digital evidence can be used to prosecute many types of crime, not specifically e-crime. Evidence stored on any electronic device can be transmitted in binary form and be used during court. With civilian, comm...
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A Reflection on a Video about the Process of Data Mining
Data Mining Reflection After watching this video and learning about data mining, the average citizen may question whether the process is ethical and legal. Though data mining may seem like it gets too close for comfort, I see it no differently than a psychologist doing research for a study of human behavior. As the video e...
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The Benefits and Important Information Offered by Google
Google; The Third Eye Although many people may think that Google contains an overwhelming amount of information, Google offers various views on important information that is broadening the world’s knowledge and perspective everyday. Through the internet, people can access everything; books, games, movies, research papers...
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The Importance and Use of Surveillance Technology in Airports
However, despite our worries of getting from one place to another as quickly and hassle-free as possible, there is a greater issue at hand here.  “Walking through an airport nowadays is like strolling through a showcase of modern security technologies. Security personnel, canine units, access control, surveillance cameras a...
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The Disadvantages and Advantages of Using Bitcoin
This research report is about the most popular digital currency in the world, Bitcoin, and how it relates to crime. Part of this report details how Bitcoin works in detail. Both user and behind the scenes perspectives will be analyzed. An explanation of how Bitcoin denominations, the different types of Bitcoin wallets, and...
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On the Art of Researching and Looking for the Best Sources of Information
The importance of research cannot be overstated. From high school to the highest level of education and even into most careers, individuals are charged with the task of finding information to solve some of the biggest problems in the work place. Whether it be for just the managers in the work place, or for peers across the...
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A Proposal to Help Expedite the eDiscovery Process Using the Hypotehtical AnticapateDiscovery Product
Abstract While there are many companies that offer eDiscovery software and services, one type of product that seems to be lacking is the automatic collection and processing of electronically stored information before it is needed. The hypothetical AnticipateDiscovery product proposed in this paper aims to help expedite the...
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The Definition and Use of the Big Data
Big Data is the term that is used to describe large and complex data sets that couldn’t normally be analyzed and used by normal means. Some problems that people that are working with big data face are analyzing the data, organization of the data, searching, sharing, and also manipulation of the data. But probably the most i...
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A Summary of Two Data Mining Techniques
This document will summarize two types of data mining techniques:
artificial neural networks and decision tree analysis. What will be
discussed is exactly what data mining is and its relevance. Also, an
overview of how both artificial neural networks and decision tree analysis
have been used will be presented. In additio...
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Data Mining Is an Invasion of Privacy and Should be Regulated
Data Mining Data mining has become a common topic of conversation as of late because of the actions’ popularity among companies. According to Merriam-Webster, data mining is defined as “the practice of searching through large amounts of computerized data to find useful patterns or trends.”(Data mining) Every time a person...
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