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A Research on Web Parameter Tampering, Content Spoofing, and Cross User Defacement as the Top Three Web Application
The top three web application threats are web parameter tampering, content spoofing and cross user defacement. The rationale for this ranking is the extent to which user data is secure and the limitation of a website’s usability. Web parameter tampering is the manipulation of parameters in exchange between a server and clie...
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An Analysis of the Tea Round Website
While being very simple, the “Tea Round” website was able to advertise the Tea Round app very well. There is not much to the site on first look, but all of the little details added into the site make it very welcoming and fun to visit. Even though the site is only one page, I could tell that the designers put a good amount...
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A Critique of We Choose the Moon, an Interactive Website About the Apollo 11 Mission
The “We Choose the Moon” website was very interesting and educational in my perspective. It was very easy to navigate and the experience was widely the same over every browser except Firefox where I had to download Flash in order to view the site. There was just one major problem with the site, however. The site was complet...
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An Analysis oft the All Recipes Website
The All Recipes website does many good things, but website navigation is not one of them if one does not use the search bar. Trying to find recipes through the menu navigation could definitely be burdensome since the menus are divided into categories that are not clearly defined. Fortunately a pumpkin cheesecake recipe, the...
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Factors That Should Be Considered in Developing Outstanding Websites
When planning out the design of a new website, as a designer we have come to realize that there are many items of concern that need to be taken into consideration so that the web design results in the best results for searches, delivery of information, and visual perception. Some of the items that need to be considered tha...
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An Analysis of the Success of the Website
“One of my fundamental beliefs from my days as a community organizer is that real change comes from the bottom up,” Barack Obama said in a statement, “And there’s no more powerful tool for grass-roots organizing than the Internet (Stelter).”  For the 2008 Presidential Election, it can be argued that the Internet is for the...
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The Important Aspects in Designing a Good Website
In this new generation, technology is rampant and so is the necessity
to have a current website design. Rhode Island, while a small state, has
hundreds of website design companies with good credibility just a short
search away. Will a new web design really necessary to keep up with today's
world? A surplus of studies have b...
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A Research on the Importance of Data Loss Prevention in Organizations and Websites
Data loss prevention is vital and hence organizations and websites should ensure they have place adequate measure to curb data loss. The evolution of technology has made it possible for people to use internet to register and even share their information online. I have had trust issues which have made me concerned about the...
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The Pros and Cons of Open Source Code
Open source code is the backbone of many important applications and programs that exist today. Android, Linux, and Firefox are such examples of things that are open source. The fact that it’s code is free and readily available to the public makes the development of new and inventive software easier for everyone. However, th...
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The Advantages and Applications of Virtual Events
Virtual Events Virtual Events, broadly speaking, encompasses the use of virtual reality for professional tasks. Whether it’s for basic communications, private gatherings and executive meetings, or larger events such as industry conferences and trade shows, virtual reality can provide a fluid, capable platform for a revolut...
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A Personal Analysis of the Japanese Web Design
One of my favorite websites for information on Japan,, wrote an article about Japanese web design. From the majority of the websites they looked at they found a common aesthetic. “A lot of text, really packed in there, Smallish sized images, Columns, usually three of them, Poor use of white space / padding, (ofte...
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The Importance of Web Personalization
Web personalization is a process that involves the customization of
websites to fit the needs of a user or set of users, making use of the
knowledge gotten through the analysis of their navigational behavior. The
personalization process is enhanced by integrating data usage with content,
user profile data or structure. Furt...
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The Negative Attitudes and Obstacles That Prevent Wider Dissemination of Web 2.0 Services Within the Public Staff
Large-scale implementation of web-based services over the past two decades has seen growth not only in the number of connected devices, but also in the speed and reliability with which these devices communicate with one another. A similar shift during this period is often characterized by the transition from Web 1.0 to 2.0;...
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An Analysis of the Design of the Michigan University Website
The design of Michigan University website is an attractive site that is designed in a way that it enhances navigation from one location to another. The homepage emphasizes navigation bar which is located at the top of the page as well as the presidential democratic debate that the university is going to host where CNN will...
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An Analysis of the Website, a Reliable Source for Solving Medical Problems
The website of interest in my assignment is, which
can be found using the Google search engine. The main purpose for the site
is to give information on family health, that is, during pregnancy,
delivery, breastfeeding and other health matters involving the senior
citizens. In other words, it is a one stop s...
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The Ethics in the Design of a Commercial and Military Cockpit
Ethics during the design phases is a very crucial topic that gets discussed all the time. Ethics in design phase basically means the values and morals that an individual has when creating a product. The article “Manufacturing Gender in Commercial and Military Cockpit Design” is the perfect example that describes the ethic...
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The Low Quality of Japanese Web Design
Trisha Dring Professor Stefan Cieply Concepts & Methods of Visual Culture April 30, 2014  Why Does Japanese Web Design seems so backwards? Japan is known for being ahead in all things technology. Fast and crazy computers, new innovations, etc. If they are so far ahead then why do their web sites always look so backward...
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Wiki Pages a Set of Linked Web Pages Created Through the Incremental Development by a Group of Collaborating Users
Analysis of Wikis Wikis are seen throughout our current society as an auspicious upcoming technology that encourages everyday knowledge formation and distribution. A Wiki is a set of web pages that is formed and edited by any number of individuals (Wagner, 2004, p. 265). Using a manageable software, users are able to creat...
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Live Baltimore Website Analysis
Response Paper 3: Live Baltimore Website The LiveBaltimore website at first glance seems to be modern and well-designed, but for someone who has worked with easy website content creation tools, it appears that this website was either designed with WordPress or a cookie cutter design tool. While it looks attractive to t...
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Online Safety; the Responsibility of the User or Website Hosting the Content
Is being safe online the responsibility of the user or the responsibility of the Website hosting the content? It is clear that staying safe online is the responsibility of the user, not the website. This is for many reasons. It is largely that monitoring content is too complicated and expensive. It is also because people h...
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An Introduction to the Tech Advanced Studies: Graphic Design
Tech Advanced Studies: Contract When it comes to Graphic Design there are many different projects that use different aspects of this art. There are basic principles and elements of design as well as ways to incorporate it into web design, multimedia and so on. Graphic design is a very broad category that consists of hundre...
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