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The Influence of My Teacher in Learning the English Language Proficiently
Describe how your English language teacher contributed your performance in English. Teachers have always act as a guide for students. In this essay, the contribution of my English language. It should be noted that her cognitive approach aimed to teach learners how to be conscious to the reading and writing processes of Eng...
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The Need of Foreign Language Education at the Elementary Level
Foreign Language Education at the Elementary Level Foreign language education in schools is becoming increasingly more common nationwide as school districts become more aware of the benefits of learning a second language. This increase also comes with the question as to when you should begin teaching these languages. As of...
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The Important Relations of Language and Culture
The topic which I chose to write about is Language and Culture Identity. We live in a society filled with people who have different ethnic backgrounds, beliefs, and life experiences. These components help to influence our personal traits and the ways that we think and act. When interacting with others it is key to be able t...
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A Personal Essay on the Impact of the English Language
Speaking English I do agree with Lederer statement. With all the different nationalities in the U.S. we hear a lot of different dialects. People speak English in a very different way. Some people might think someone is pronouncing tomato wrong if they are from up North, considering a person is from down South. In this p...
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A Comparison of the Theory of Territory in Japan and America
Introduction This article analyses nature of information in human language terms of “territory”. Let’s look at word territory of information. The territory of someone is where that person has control and influence. In our article territory of information is where that information has influence or control. Theory of terri...
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An Analysis of the African American Vernacular English (AAVE) as a Variation of English
Yuh ain’t Talkin’ Right: The Impact of Black English on Social Narratives The English language is a fluid substance that is continually changing and being adapted to fit the needs of those that use it. Because language is forever evolving, there emerges alternate forms, or variations, so that it is able to fit the needs o...
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The Negative Effects of William Bentinck's Attempts to Eradicate Sati and Make English the Official Language in India
Imperialism often brings two incompatible nations together. The instances of the British Raj and the American colonies were very similar; both situations pitted two irreconcilable peoples together, and both resulted in war. While salutary neglect allowed the colonists to run free, mostly unchecked by English intervention, t...
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An Understanding of How Internal Languages Work
“I have a "voice" in my head, but it is not sound-based. I am a visual being, so in my head, I either see ASL [American Sign Language] signs, or pictures, or sometimes printed words.” This response is not an anomaly in the deaf community when it comes to describing the inner-voice that most people face on a daily basis. How...
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A Study of the Endangered Languages in the World and the Solutions to Preserve Them
There are thousands of languages in the world, each one adding to our linguistic diversity. However, many of the languages are in danger of extinction. These languages belong to indigenous people who, in recent decades, have been transitioning towards more mainstream, metropolitan languages. Linguists have the responsibi...
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Defining Language, the Complex System of Communication
Defining Language Language is the basic venue of human communication. Having evolved from a series of grunts and hand signals, what we now know as “language” is an extremely complex system of communication. Language is a concept out of which we as human formulate our ideas and thoughts concerning how we view the world. Sc...
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