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The Decline of the Lakota Language
Lakota Language One of the defining features of a person’s culture is its language. It not only differentiates you from other groups, but it also instills your people with a sense of unity. However what happens when your native language has declined to such a point where the majority of your people can’t even speak it anym...
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Deaf Children Should Learn the American Sign Language before the Age of Four
When a child is born in the United States, their hearing is tested before they may be discharged from the hospital. If the child is found to be hearing, they are sent home but if they are found deaf, they are immediately referred to an audiologist. The parents of a deaf child are given options to either make the child heari...
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An Overview of the Complex Language of Lamba
Lamba is the language of Zambia, Lusaka, and The Democratic Republic of Congo. It has about 210000 native speakers. It is a Bantu language form the Niger-Congo language family. The following data is from the Lamba language where there are several rules that affect the morphology of the data. PAST PASSIVE NEUTER APPLIED REC...
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The Study of the English Language throughout History
The English language has been used over centuries to communicate ideas, thoughts, traditions and distinguished concepts and creations, which has lead to the shaping of the culture that runs over much of the western society today. Over the years there have been several major shifts in the way that we communicate, pronunciati...
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How the Evolution of the English Language Shapes the English Culture
What does a study of the development of English reveal about the nature of culture? What is the conclusion for the future? Introduction: The English language has slowly evolved from the Anglo Saxon times. Though the two languages have been separated by six centuries, the Old English language has played a large role i...
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The Language of Catalonia in the Book Double Talk: Bilingualism and the Politics of Ethnicity in Catalonia by Kathryn Woolard
The book Double Talk: Bilingualism and the Politics of Ethnicity in Catalonia by Kathryn Woolard is an excellent book and a study of the language of Catalonia, a small autonomous country in Northeast Spain. Catalan is a very unique native and minority language, which when analyzed in its cultural environment exposes many po...
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Learning About the Saudi Arabian Lifestyle From a Student From the English as a Second Language Program
Many undergraduates go through their entire college career without having the opportunity to speak with students from different parts of the world. After spending some time with a student from the English as a Second Language (ESL) program, I’ve come to realize how little I know about cultural differences in other countries...
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The Neutering of the English Language in the Article In Defense of Gender by Cyra McFadden
 "In Defense of Gender" by Cyra McFadden is a humorous, sarcastic article on the neutering of the English language. The main point of this article is that in writing in a gender-neutral fashion will not encourage readers to read one’s work. Furthermore, communicating in such a way does not do "much to encourage friendly rel...
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The Influence of My Teacher in Learning the English Language Proficiently
Describe how your English language teacher contributed your performance in English. Teachers have always act as a guide for students. In this essay, the contribution of my English language. It should be noted that her cognitive approach aimed to teach learners how to be conscious to the reading and writing processes of Eng...
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A Personal Essay on the Impact of the English Language
Speaking English I do agree with Lederer statement. With all the different nationalities in the U.S. we hear a lot of different dialects. People speak English in a very different way. Some people might think someone is pronouncing tomato wrong if they are from up North, considering a person is from down South. In this p...
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An Overview of the Chinese Writing System
Chinese Throughout Asia The Chinese writing system is one of the oldest written languages in the world. Its basic use involves a character that symbolically represents each morpheme or idea. Throughout the course of history, the Chinese writing system, called Hanzi (漢字), was spread throughout Asia and specifically to two o...
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An Analysis of the African American Vernacular English (AAVE) as a Variation of English
Yuh ain’t Talkin’ Right: The Impact of Black English on Social Narratives The English language is a fluid substance that is continually changing and being adapted to fit the needs of those that use it. Because language is forever evolving, there emerges alternate forms, or variations, so that it is able to fit the needs o...
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A Study on Korean Language
Korean Phonology Korean is the official language of both North Korea and South Korea, and is also widely spoken in Koreatowns in countries around the world, such as China, Japan, Canada, and the United States.  There are about 78 million speakers of Korean around the globe.  Korean is considered to be a language isolate, w...
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The Pursuance of Studying the German Language
The study of music and German are very complementary, as demonstrated by the long history of their interconnectedness through the ages. From the early voyages of explorer-composer Oswald von Wolkenstein to the groundbreaking electronic works of Karlheinz Stockhausen, the German tradition of classical music has had the great...
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The History of Roman Influence on the English Language
English today carries a large vocabulary of latinate origin, but, surprisingly, almost none of that lexis originates from the direct connection of the Roman occupation of England. Instead, this vocabulary stems from the Christianization of England in ~600 AD, and the scientific inquiry of the 17th to 18th centuries. But how...
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Geographical and Immigration Factors' Contribution to the Regional Varieties of English
There are a number of factors contributing to the regional varieties of English. 2 such factors would be geographical and immigration. The influence of physical geographical boundaries is a contributing factor to regional varieties of English. The variation develops because of the lack of communication between communities...
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The Importance of the English Language Throughout History
Episode 1 – “An English Speaking World” So many facets of the modern world are conducted in English; e.g., airline communication, news, movies, technology, etc. Contrary to public belief, there’s really no such thing as a “correct” English dialect; though, if you speak with a non-standard dialect in the English school syst...
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The Concept of Visual Language in The Enchanting Music of Sign Language by Christine Sun Kim
In “The Enchanting Music of Sign Language,” Christine Sun Kim explores the world of deafness, the American Sign Language, and the connection between sound, visual and movement. In this TED talk, she examines the concept of visual language and engages her audience to facilitate their understanding of a deaf person’s perspec...
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The Cliches in English Language
The English Language is chalk full of clichés, while there is a strong stigma behind them one has to admit that there are numerous very deep truths reinforcing them. One such cliché states that people must learn form mistakes of other individuals in order to succeed. The simple truth of the matter is that properly doing som...
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Translating Chinese Into English and the Role of a Computer
The idea behind strong AI is that a programmed computer can be said to have a mind in the sense that it properly “understands” and has cognitive states. Despite the clear difference in physical composition between computers and humans, the computer can be said to have a mental state not very different from our own, accordin...
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The History of the Korean Language
Ramsey Chapter 2 Reading The Korean language han’gul was created by the fourth monarch, Sejong. This is documented in vol. 102 of The Annals of King Sejong. Han’gul was created between the end of 1443 and the beginning of 1444, or at least was implemented at that time. This also marked the beginning of the alphabetic p...
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The Importance of the English Language
The English language-Is it that important? To begin with, the English language is a very big language. There are nearly 70 sovereign states and non-sovereign entities that has English as an official language. A lot of these states are either former territories of the British Empire, or that people around the world moves to...
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A Study on the Varied English Language in the United Kingdom
The English Language in the United Kingdom is rich with many accents and dialects influenced by historical, geographical and socio-economic aspects. However, many regional dialects face the danger of dying out due to increased use of modern Standardized English. This development can be attributed to geographical diffusion...
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A Study on Globalization, Language and Opportunities
Fluency in the language of our resident country is something that many of us, likely, take for granted, with many of us relying on one language alone. How would we cope if this were no longer an option? If we were suddenly in a new country and were required to learn a new language in order to survive? I myself cannot begin...
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An Analysis of English and Sign Language in "A Man Without Words"
Language is defined as being a shared symbol system that people use to communicate with each other. People communicate ideas and feelings to one another using a language. English is a type of language and I suppose one could call English Sign Language an extension of English. This type of sign language is exactly the sam...
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