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The Influence of Supreme Court Trials in the Changes in the United States Through the McCulloch v Maryland and Gibbons v. Ogden Cases
Supreme Court trials are a classic means of change in the United States, in that court proceedings have greatly influenced our system of government. Cases include Marbury v. Madison, which established judicial review; Dred Scott v. Stanford, an infamous case concerning slaves being defined as one’s personal “property;” McCu...
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The Inefficiencies of the Articles of Confederation in Assisting the Unites States in Forming an Effective Government
Articles of the Confederation In the starting of the United States of America, the legislature decided to create a document, outlining the government. This document was called the Articles of Confederation and it explained what the government could and could not do. It was the first formal basis of the American governmen...
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A Debate on the Legalization of Marijuana for Medical and Recreational Purposes
The Legalization of Marijuana A prominent debate in our nation is the issue of the legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. After the recent legalization of the drug for recreational use in parts of Washington State and the entire state of Colorado, the debate has come back to the forefront of the m...
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The National Security Agency Should Stop Spying on American Citizens
Should the federal government through the National Security Agency (NSA) be allowed to spy on the citizens of the United States by mass surveillance? There is a lot of controversy over the matter whether or not it is legal or illegal, and if it violates the fourth amendment. The online mass surveillance project itself was i...
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Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized For Medical and Recreational Purposes
Sweet Leaf: The Plight for Marijuana’s Legalization Marijuana is a hot topic in today’s world, with everyone having some sort of opinion on the legality status of the plant. Unlike most of today's issues however, pot has been hot for quite sometime, with millennia of being smoked by humans under its belt. While the time ma...
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The Role of The Necessary and Proper Clause
The Constitutional Convention met in 1787 and drafted a constitution for the newly formed United States of America. The Committee of Detail took into consideration the Convention’s decisions on the national legislative authority and they detailed what those powers should be. In addition, the Necessary and Proper Clause nee...
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The Differences Between the Bill of Rights and the Amendments
This paper is to focus on the differences between the Bill of Rights and the Amendments. Yes, they do go hand in hand and are similar to each other, but one deals with the British impact to America and the other focuses on rights, liberties, and legal protections for those who have struggled with equality. The first ten a...
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Marijuana Should Be Legalized in the United States
To some, that may be a familiar phrase. To those who are - as our
society defines it, innocent - this is marijuana. Otherwise known as
reefer, pot, weed, grass, ganja, herb or Mary Jane. Side effects may
include hunger, paranoia, extreme happiness, giggles, euphoria and
lethargy. The legalization of marijuana is a debate th...
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An Analysis of the Tax Revenue on Cigarettes in Virginia
In the 1700’s, Adam Smith wrote that rum, sugar, and tobacco were luxury goods well-purposed for taxation. In modern-day Virginia, the cigarette excise tax has remained unchanged for roughly a decade, and is one of the lowest across the United States. We find that raising the excise tax on cigarettes in Virginia from $.30...
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A Memorable Experience of Observing a Driving Under Influence Case at the Marietta State Court
Preconceived ideas of the observation: I will be attending a DUI case at 1:30 PM on december 1st. This is the anticipated opening day of the court case that is expected to last a few days. I have heard many stories of DUI cases before, and countless times I have been properly advised to never drive under the influence. A g...
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