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An Annotated Bibliography on the Copyright and Patent Issues Between Apple and Samsung
Apple and Samsung- two big giants of the cellphone industry are not just brands anymore, they have become a status symbol for the members of the society. But, these big brands have to go way too far to secure and protect their technologies which they use. Since 2014, there have been issues between Apple and Samsung, where A...
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The PRISM Project of the National Security Agency Should Be Stopped
Every move you make, every email you send out, every phone-call you make is being recorded. By who? Your very own government. The National Security Agency should not be allowed to invade the privacy of the citizens of the United States through the PRISM project due to violations of the 4th amendment, and should not be reins...
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A Discussion on the Issue of Volkswagen Group of America's False Advertising Prices
Parties: Volkswagen Group of America, Federal Trade Commission Issues at stake: Volkswagen Group of America’s false advertising practices The verdict: a verdict has not been reached yet, as this case has not even seen a courtroom given how recent it is. The FTC is seeking monetary damages for the consumers affected by Vo...
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Vermont Government Signing Law to GMO Labeling
Vermont Government Signing Law to GMO Labeling Being the first country ever to sign the law to label GMOs on food is the biggest impact to the people. Right now, the Republicans are working on the bill that would forbid states from passing and enforcing laws requiring GMO labeling. While Congress is working on...
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An Examination of Deceptive Practices in Dell Using Different Ethical Theories
Deceptive trade practices and a spike in public interest regarding consumer protection have caused much attention to be focused on not only companies who engage in such behavior but it also shines a spotlight on the Federal Trade Commission as well. Even with its extensive abilities and rights of investigation, the FTC alon...
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Product Liability and Negligence in Companies
 Product Liability allows an injured party to prove guilt in a manufacturer without proving intent. Manufacturers must be held responsible for their products if they harm the public.  There are also laws protecting companies from injuries such as negligence and misuse.   Negligence is the failure to meet the standards of...
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The Issue of Antitrust Laws concerning Nonprofit Organizations in America
There is much debate surrounding the topic of antitrust laws with regard to nonprofit organizations. The Federal Trade Commission seeks to encourage competition in the American market in all aspects, as to make the environment economically optimal for consumers, and the country as a whole. Nonetheless, this is under the imp...
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The Scope and Limitations of the Veterans Law in the United States
Earlier today I attended the Veteran’s Law panel which included Judge Bradley W. Hennings, Professor Aniela K. Szymanski, Jane K. Nichols, and Jenny J. Tang. After attending the Veteran’s Law panel, I now grasped a field of law that I barely even knew existed before. Generally this made me realize how intricate and complex...
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An Overview of the American Law on Conflicts of Business Over the Internet
Question #1 Conduction of business over the internet has necessitated a review on the various laws that govern the operation of businesses. According to the American Law Institute's Restatement (Second) of Conflict of Laws 37 (1971),    "A state has power to exercise judicial jurisdiction over an individual who causes ef...
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A History of Ross-Simmons' Case Against Weyerhaeuser
In this antitrust case the respondent, Ross-Simmons, a sawmill company, sued Weyerhaeuser, an international forest products company, for driving them out of business. In the suit Weyerhaeuser is accused of bidding up the prices of saw logs to a price level that prevented Ross-Simmons from being able to be profitable. Weyerh...
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