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An Assessment of the Side of the Argument of Mencken on the Topic of Death Penalty
The Validity of the Death Penalty The death penalty serves as the most severe legal punishment for the unjust, shown to be too severe for others to approve. Thus, it has triggered controversy between different populations, advocating for either of two distinct positions. Mencken in The Penalty of Death utilizes a more logi...
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There Is No Justice in the Use of Capital Punishment
Some say revenge is sweet but giving somebody the death penalty for
killing someone else is bitter. It makes no sense to execute an individual
that murdered another person. Capital punishment does not solve anything,
nor does it fix the problem. We as humans should not dictate who leaves
this world being that the gift of li...
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An Analysis of the Case of William "Sam" Wardlow versus the State of Illinois
Illinois v. Wardlow The flight-or-flight response is a psychological reaction that happens when one senses an impending attack, harm, or in this case, being caught guilty of possessing an illegal fire-arm. At around 12:15 p.m on September 9, 1995, in a neighborhood known for narcotics and other illegal activity, Officer No...
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Punishment and Retribution by Imprisonment Should Be Replaced by Rehabilitation
Justice System based on imprisonment – Punishment and Retribution should be gradually replaced by Rehabilitation because it is dehumanizing, expensive to run and inefficient. Introduction The question on how to treat offenders has been on for long and is as old as the offences themselves. Some have propounded the idea of...
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Does Jury Rely Too Much On Eyewitnesses?
The witness will look across the room and cordially point to the person standing beside the defense lawyer and confidently state, “That’s him!” Moments like this have a vital way of swaying jurors who do make decisions on the fate of many people daily in criminal cases. So, the question looms; how reliable are the eye witne...
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Capital Punishment is the Ultimate Denial of Human Rights
The death penalty has been used throughout history to punish people from a variety of offenses. Today it is still used in all states excluding thirteen. It is the harshest of punishment used against the worst criminals. This topic starts many arguments in today’s society. There are very many reasons why the death penalty sh...
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A Discussion on the Issue of the Growth of the Number of Incarcerated Individuals
Currently in the United States there are 2.4 million Americans incarcerated, leaving more than 1 out of every 100 American adults behind bars (Klein). This number of incarcerated individuals has nearly quadrupled since 1980. While the prison industrial complex has exploded in size, the recidivism rates of prisoners has also...
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Justin E. H. Smith's Argument on the Arbitrary Nature of the “Turkey Pardon” of Death-Row Prisoners
Justin E. H. Smith’s last sentence in his op-ed piece in the New York Times is: “This is also why capital punishment fits so well as part of the system of justice of absolutist states, but cannot, and never will, have an uncontested place in a democracy.” But are democratic states not included in Max Webber’s definition of...
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Death Penalty Should Be Abolished and Life in Prison Without Parole Should Be the Harshest Form of Punishment
The death penalty is a controversy that has been fought for many years but no side has been correct enough for a permanent solution (Tischler, 1). I believe that the death penalty should be abolished and life in prison without parole should be the harshest form of capital punishment. I think that the death penalty should be...
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The Case of Murder of Larry Harris
In the early morning hours of Sunday, August 3, 1997, 37 year-old petty thief Larry Harris broke into George O’s Place, a local Aurora tavern, through a window. In the act of doing so, Harris made contact with an electrified metal rod, sending 220 volts of pure electricity through his body, resulting in a quick yet painful...
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