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The Safe Haven Infant Laws: A Better Alternative for Parents to Make the Right Decision
The birth of a baby can be an exciting, unique, and a special experience for many Mothers but this is not always true. Mother’s may face hardships that would make taking care of a baby difficult. Luckily, the Infant Safe Haven Laws are in place to protect babies. Currently, all 50 states have implemented this law. Each stat...
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Case Studies on Ethical and Legal Issues in Medicine
The case begins with a 72-year-of-age female that suffers from a cerebral hemorrhage which consequently caused severe brain damage and ventilator dependent. The patient was thus diagnosed to be in a permanent unconscious condition. A year prior to this incident, the patient and her husband had drawn up “living wills” with t...
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The Case for Pushing For Medicaid Expansion
The Case for Pushing For Medicaid Expansion When did playing politics come before the needs of the American people? While many political experts may argue that this is the nature of a system that is primarily incremental in adopting changes, the outright denial of proven facts and figures brings the American political syst...
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An Analysis of the Andrew Beckett AIDS Crisis
Philadelphia Video Andrew Beckett wrestled with the decision of whether to reveal, or not reveal his chronic illness of AIDS to his Philadelphia law firm. Ultimately, Beckett decides to conceal his illness from his firm and co-workers, although he only specifically lies about his condition once. Once the firm finds out abo...
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An Argument in Favor of Marijuana Legalization in the United States
How can something with no recorded fatalities be illegal? This is the current situation of marijuana. Marijuana refers to the dried leaves, flowers, and buds from the hemp plant, Cannabis Sativa. Marijuana can be smoked or orally ingested to affect the user. The plant contains an abundance of compounds, but the two primary...
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The Controversial Issues on the Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado and Washington
The prohibition of marijuana has made headlines recently regarding the official state-wide legalization in Colorado and Washington. This major change in policy has sparked debates regarding legalization and what its effects would be on the American people and society as a whole. If marijuana were legalized it would be tre...
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The City of McAllen's Restricted Laws and Requirements on Each Animal
Mcallen, Tx City Commission Assignment On February 2, 2016, a city commission was held discussing a variety of topics in the city of McAllen. One of the issues was the consideration of amending city’s vicious animals’ ordinance. Over the years, the city of McAllen has made the requirement for its people that live in the ci...
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A Report on Food Safety and Security Under Doha WTO Regulations
Date Food safety and Security under Doha WTO Regulations Food safety refers to the process of preparing, handling and storing
food in order to avoid illnesses that are associated with improper food
description. Therefore, various routines should be followed in order to
avoid the vari...
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An Introduction to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in the United States
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, of the 111th Congress, first sponsored by Representative Charles Rangel (D) of New Jersey, was aimed at reforming health care in the United States. The bill, signed into public law by President Obama on March 23rd, 2010, and which go...
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Federal Power Expanded in the Case of Mutual Pharmaceutical Versus Barlett
Federal Power Expanded Through Pharmaceuticals & Progressivism In the case of Mutual Pharmaceutical vs. Bartlett, the United States Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 count that federal law prohibits generic drug manufacturers from independently changing their drugs’ labels, in line with an earlier decision of PLIVA, Inc. v. Me...
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