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The Question of the Violation of the Establishment Clause in the Edwards, Governor of Louisiana, et al. v. Aquillard et al. Court Case
Edwards, Governor of Louisiana, et al. v. Aquillard et al. Facts: A Louisiana statute required the state's public schools to equally teach creationism and evolution. While the statute did not require a school to teach either creationism or evolution, it did require public schools to teach one theory if the other was taugh...
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The International Issue of Internet Crime
Internet crime is something that law enforcement agencies have been paying more attention to in recent years. Although Internet crime has existed since laws were created that regulated online activity, the issue is now much more widespread. The popularity of mobile phones, laptops, and tablets means that most people living...
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The Application of Race and Ethnic-Specific Law Enforcement Strategies
While most youth gangs are racially and ethnically homogenous,
applying race and ethnic-specific strategies by law enforcements would bear
both negative and positive effects. Since criminal gangs are formed from in
certain subcultures with peculiar needs and attitudes, which are portrayed
through criminal activity, specific...
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An Overview of the Past and Present Foreign Policy in the United States of America
Francis Fukuyama describes the end of history as "an unabashed
victory of economic and political liberalism," a goal which was central to
United States foreign policy from 1989 to the present. In fact, the methods
by which each president in this time frame pursued Fukuyama's end of
history have defined both their success an...
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An Analysis of Unjust and Just Laws in America in the Letter from Birmingham Jail by Martin Luther King Jr
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., one of the numerous notable influential speakers wrote a life changing letter after being imprisoned by the police for peacefully marching in protest for African American civil rights. When being placed in the local jail Dr. King received a letter from clergymen questioning his aspirations and ti...
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An Analysis of the United States Foreign Policy: Isolationist or Internationalist?
In addressing foreign affairs in the aftermath of World War I, historians can debate whether the United States’ foreign policy favored an isolationist or internationalist approach. While President Wilson lobbied lawmakers to embrace membership in the League of Nations and submit to international authorities, many prominent...
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Plato's Views on Justice, Forms, Aesthetics, Proto-Fascist State and Laws
Fishbowl Discussions 16 Points: Justice Plato gives a solid and plausible response on the use of justice by starting off with a difficult proposition: that it is better to be just and thought unjust than to be unjust and thought just. Plato uses injustice to show how it divides people away from each other, since no one...
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The Importance of Relative Tolerance
Relativity in World Powers There are many necessities needed to become a hyperpower, but Amy Chua says that the most important is tolerance. Certain countries have became world powers without tolerance, but Amy Chua argues that tolerance is the main contributor to a quick rise and a deadly fall for countries. Starting from...
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A History of the Cuban Embargo
The Cuban Embargo is a complicated history that began in the Eisenhower era and it continues today. However, when Presidents Barack Obama and Raul Castro announced that, they would reopen their embassies in Washington and Havana; this meant that the Embargo would end soon. The problem is that the power of the Embargo now re...
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Equal Justice Under Law is Impossible
Justice for all is an impossibility The notion of equal justice under law is one of the foundations of our Western society, and a principle found in Article 7 of the Universal Declaration of Human rights. But the problem with the idea of equal justice, especially under the rule of law, is that it is simply not possible....
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