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The Use of Digital Evidence in the Case of the Murder of Kim Proctor, a Canadian Teenager
When it comes to crimes committed, digital or electronic evidence is becoming increasingly evident in convicting killers. Electronic evidence is defines as any information stored or sent in digital form that a party in a court case may use in a trial. This case in particular had a lot of evidence come from the online real...
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Islamization and the Impotence of Muslim Law in Bangladesh
Islamisation may refer to the perceived imposition of an Islamist social and political system on a society with an indigenously different social and political background. The Muslim Personal Law (Shariah) Application Act 1937 is the Act where the implementation and interpretation of Muslim laws are written. This act is appl...
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The Significance of the First Amendment in America
Change is an incredible feat, truly achieved by an incredible few. It
can be glorious, revolutionary, and subversive, as well as unequivocally
terrifying for those who have their dreams set on starting a revolution.
The greatest men in American history have revolted against a system that
had long been in place to fight for...
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A Discussion on the Framers' Intents When Writing the Constitution
One overriding notion can be derived from literature regarding the framers intent when writing the Constitution; this idea being that scholars do not come to a definitive conclusion regarding what the framers meant when they wrote the eighth amendment. Many, however, come to a general consensus about the origins of the word...
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An Overview of the Foreign Policy of Romania
Romania’s Foreign Policy Foreign policy has become one of the most important agendas for any country. A country’s position and effect on international relations depends on its foreign policy position and it determines how other countries interact with it. In a world that is governed and connected by mutual dependencies, fa...
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The Two Questions on the Controversial Topic of the Death Penalty in America
Paper Number 1 The topic of the Death Penalty in America is highly controversial, and often a commonly avoided subject. Criminals who commit crimes worthy enough to receive the death penalty as punishment are taboo in most societies. However, the topic does pose some interesting questions and has the ability to make you...
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A Case Study on the Informative Memo of Harry Markopolos
In the studied case, Markopolos used an informative memo to present his findings on the activities by Bernie Madoff. Markopolos conducted an extensive and elaborate investigation into the operations by Madoff, after realizing that he could not successfully replicate the investment practices of Madoff. After realizing that M...
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The Question of the Violation of the Establishment Clause in the Edwards, Governor of Louisiana, et al. v. Aquillard et al. Court Case
Edwards, Governor of Louisiana, et al. v. Aquillard et al. Facts: A Louisiana statute required the state's public schools to equally teach creationism and evolution. While the statute did not require a school to teach either creationism or evolution, it did require public schools to teach one theory if the other was taugh...
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The International Issue of Internet Crime
Internet crime is something that law enforcement agencies have been paying more attention to in recent years. Although Internet crime has existed since laws were created that regulated online activity, the issue is now much more widespread. The popularity of mobile phones, laptops, and tablets means that most people living...
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The Application of Race and Ethnic-Specific Law Enforcement Strategies
While most youth gangs are racially and ethnically homogenous,
applying race and ethnic-specific strategies by law enforcements would bear
both negative and positive effects. Since criminal gangs are formed from in
certain subcultures with peculiar needs and attitudes, which are portrayed
through criminal activity, specific...
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