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The Realist Perspective of Law in the Theory of Legal Reasoning
According to legal realists, Oliver Wendell Holmes and Jerome Frank, legal realism is the theory of legal reasoning or adjudication. Realists believe that judges bring their own personal interpretations to their decisions using perspectives on law, morality and economics (Lecture 3, Dimock, 2007). Law is seen as whatever th...
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The Life and Works of the Former Chief Justice of the United States, John Jay
Imagine this nation plagued with war; everywhere you walked or looked, there would be guts and limbs sprawled out all around the ground, with numerous skeletons dismembered too much to even resemble a human being. Then, just as you take the first step out of your underground shelter... SNAP! You step on a human skull and it...
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How The Whistleblower Protection Act and The False Claims Act Apply to Luke Sheldon Reporting His Employers' Illegal Disposal of Toxic Waste
Introduction Organizations face regulations with regard to the types of waste that they dispose of. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established guidelines concerning the way that companies can dispose of hazardous materials. In cases of small violations, the company or individual may be charged a fine. In cas...
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Law for Gun Rights Should Be Stricter
I have my associates degree in Criminal Justice and I am currently in school for my bachelors in Criminology. Many times we have talked about or discussed gun rights, and it is always in the current news around us today unfortunately for all the wrong reasons most of the time. I personally think the laws for gun rights shou...
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The Importance of the Amendments to the U.S. Constitution Composed in the Form of The Bill of Rights for the Protection of Civil Liberties Today
Bill of Rights Paper The Bill of Rights is composed of the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution. They were written by James Madison in order to better secure the public’s individual rights and limit governmental power over them. George Mason, founder of the Virginia Declaration of Rights, inspired the call for a b...
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The Freedom of Speech and the Freedom of Press Must Be Protected in the United States of America
Keeping America's Promises The United States of America is known for the freedom it offers its citizens, however, these freedoms are becoming majorly restricted. Among these freedoms is the freedom to express yourself, either through speech or press. The Bill of Rights is the document that gives the United States of Americ...
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The Creation, Structure, and Regulatory Requirements of The Sarbanes-Oxley Act in the United States of America
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act or Sox was created as an independent board to regulate public companies and monitor their audits. It was created out of necessity because the government felt that organizations were not independent enough from their auditors. “The legislation came into force in 2002 and introduced significant changes...
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The Key Factors and the Developmental Overview of the Tennessee Legislature
“Profitability is coming from productivity, efficiency, management, austerity, and the way to manage the business.” ~ Carlos Slim Overview The Tennessee legislature has attempted to pass bills in support of prescriptive authority and prescribing privileges for clinical psychologists in the past. From 2003 to 2008, t...
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A History of the Idea of Marijuana Legalization in the United States
A major topic that has come up recently that is considered a
heated debate is the proposal of the legalization of Marijuana. Marijuana
is a well-known drug with hundreds of different names. Yet one thing is for
sure, no matter what happens this year, the legalization of Marijuana and
the medical purposes will be brought up...
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The Prevention of Government Control through Special Interest Groups
Paper #3-Preventing Control by Special Interest Groups Since the 2010 United States Supreme Court ruling on the Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission case, which ruled that the first amendment prohibited the government from restricting independent political expenditures by a nonprofit corporation, political dona...
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A Discussion on Enemy Combatants and the Meaning of the Military Commissions Act
“Enemy Combatants” Many people question should those deemed “enemy combatants” be tried in military courts or civilian courts? With answering that question you would have to better understand both of their meanings and which situations best fits for them to handle. The dispute in public discourse over the meaning of the M...
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A Study of the Different Types of Police Officers
James Wilson is a famous scientist who was amongst the first to study and determine different styles of policing. In his studies, he came to the conclusion that there are three different styles of policing: Watchman, Legalistic, and Service. Depending on what jurisdiction one is in, the policing styles vary when consideri...
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The American Jury System Should Get Educated Individuals as Panels
The American jury system is a one of the cornerstone rights guaranteed by the United States to its citizens. With jury systems serving as a right to citizens, it can give the public and government many benefits such as public confidence, provide sample of public opinion to the government, and help apply common values to cou...
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The Significant Role of Gender and Sexuality in Sexual Assault in America On the Show Law and Order; Special Victims Unit
Victims As Perpetrators As an adolescent in 2016, most of us watch shows on sex, drugs, crime, and love. A popular show on NBC is Law and Order; Special Victims Unit. In every episode, a new crime involving sexual assault, sexual violence, domestic violence, or murder is shown. In SVU, often the women are the victims,...
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A Comparison of the Nuremberg Trials and the United States Court System
In this paper, I will be talking about the World Court and the process surrounding one of their most famous cases, the Nuremberg Trials held by the Allied Forces for the prosecution of Nazi officials for Genocide and other charges during WWII and comparing and contrasting it with the United States Court system; primarily th...
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An Overview of the Legalization of Gay Marriage in Arizona
Legalization Of Gay Marriage In Arizona It’s not a choice. Marriage is marriage, no matter if you’re black, white, yellow, or even green with purple polka dots. According to the constitution, all men are created equal. In 1924 the society for human rights in Chicago became the country’s earliest known gay rights or...
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An Evaluation of the Justice Research and Statistic Association's Website
Evaluating Internet Websites Statistics and policies are one of the many vital components of the creating and reporting of criminal trends in America. These statistics are devised from crimes that happen all around the United States. Some of these crimes may have happened in neighborhoods around this area, while others may...
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Citizens Should Take Precaution in Safeguarding Personal and Sensitive Information
“It is quite likely that more conversations occur electronically than face to face.” (Landau 1) With the exponential rise in technology, specifically in electronic communication, this opinion closely resembles fact. Electronic conversations will no doubt increase in the future, as will electronic transactions and time spent...
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An Examination of the Surviving Racial Caste System
Obama's presence as the President of the United States is largely focused on the color of his skin. When he first ran, even the option of having a non-white president was seen as progress for America and its history of racism. His slogan of hope prevailed and citizens waited for the change to occur. Obama not only embodied...
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The Privacy Violation of the National Security Authority's PRISM Project
Have you ever wondered if the government has been spying on the American people? After the Edward Snowdens leaks it has been confirmed that the National Security Agency or NSA has in fact been spying on the American people through mass surveillance under a project named, “PRISM”. The NSA collects metadata from big tech comp...
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The US Government Should Not Be Allowed to Spy on Its Citizens
Should the federal government/ National Security Agency (NSA) be allowed to spy on the citizens of the United States through mass surveillance? There is a lot of controversy on the NSA, and what they do, and we wouldn’t have known the NSA was spying on the American people through the internet without the proclaimed whistleb...
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A Discussion on the Topic of Equality Versus Discretion
Equality versus Discretion Equality versus Discretion deals with the dilemma that all people should either be treated equally or should be treated based on their circumstances and situations. The principles of Equality mean that all people who commit the same crime should get the same consequence and the punishment shoul...
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The Flaws of the Economic Policy of Ronald Reagan
Former United States President Ronald Reagan’s “supply-side” economic policy is perhaps the largest con in American history. Reagan only used the idea to win the Oval Office and, once it was in effect, it did next to nothing for the average American while giving an irresponsibly large amount of power to a handful of compan...
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An Examination of the Proposal for the Legalization of Marijuana for Recreational Use by Adults
Should Marijuana Be Legalized? With the recent election season that has just gone by, this question has become more prevalent in society. In 2010 California became the first state to legalize marijuana only for medicinal use. In this election season, both Colorado and Washington state legalized marijuana for recreational u...
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Bill Clinton's Firefighter Investment and Response Enhancement Act
The Firefighter Investment and Response Enhancement Act H.R. 1168 (106th), from here on referred to as the FIRE Act, started as a relatively simple piece of legislation submitted by Rep. William J. Pascrell (D-NJ). Rep. Pascrell, a former mayor, had difficulty funding local fire services and sought to reform how firefighter...
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