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The Controversy of the Legal Drinking Age
The Controversy of the Legal Drinking Age There has been a remarkable amount of controversy surrounding the legal drinking age throughout the history of the United States. For a few years in the 1920’s, alcohol was completely illegal. When that was repealed, the legal drinking age has been changing between 18 and 21. Ther...
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Imagining the Future: How Civil Rights Look Like in 2114
Gay Rights and Racial Rights in 2014 were not as great as they should’ve been. People were marching around with banners and having campaigns, but it was a long time before things actually started happening. Though most racial issues were settled, gay rights was a relatively new category, only about 50 years old. States all...
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The Benefits of Legalizing Drug Use in Society
Throughout many generations that are a part of many cultures, it has been in our nature to self medicate. A flower called the “Blue Lotus,” similar to a weaker version of the modern-day MDMA was brewed into tea by the Egyptians and was used to make them more, talkative, comfortable and aroused. As early as 3400 BC, Sumerian...
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The Influence of Media and Pretrial Publicity on the Justice System, Courts and Crime
Pretrial publicity is concern because newspaper, television and internet coverage of a case may lead prospective jurors into forming an opinion on the guilt or innocence of the accused before the trial even begins. To deal with pretrial publicity, court systems can take one of two strategies: proactive mechanisms and reacti...
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The Issues in the Idea of Legal Rationality
Social theorist and contemporary of Durkheim, Max Weber saw the theory of societal development organized orderly, with the ideas of power, authority, and rationality. The idea of legal rationality revolves around the idea of legitimacy of laws, or the concept that all rules have a logical end-game. This theory differs from...
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An Analysis of the Different Forms of Contracts
Contracts can vary widely in the realm of construction and are decided
upon based on the owner's desire or intent for the project. A contract can
be defined as a list of promises or manifestations of intent to do
something with legal requirements. According to Dr. Swim, a contract is a
"legal agreement of the parties to do...
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Defining Justice Based on Law and God
What is Justice? With “Justice this,” and “justice that,” it’s hard to give a true definition in this tiny word that seems to have so many broad meanings. So, what does it actually mean? Better yet, what does it mean to you? Justice can be defined with other people’s words such as the dictionary, what its defined as in l...
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A Report on the LaFleur Supreme Court Case on the Maternity Rule of The Cleveland Board of Education
The Cleveland Board of Education had a rule that states, "A pregnant school teacher is required to take unpaid maternity leave five months before the expected childbirth, with leave application to be made at least two weeks before her departure." The board stated that these cutoff dates were necessary to maintain continuity...
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An Argument Against Judges in America's Civil Justice System
The term tort, while commonly used by those knowledgeable about the workings of the civil justice system, may not be well understood by Americans who are unfamiliar with civil justice. Tort, by definition, is a legal term which describes a wrongful act which results in an injury, whether the act is intentional or accidental...
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The Violation of Privacy by The United States of America
There is a huge conspiracy with the right of privacy and the government officials. Recently, there have been a lot of issues with government and officials interfering with the personal lives of many United States citizens. A law was passed giving the government the consent to record all private conversations. Over billion...
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