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The Pros and Cons of Lowering the Drinking Age from 21 to 19
This is a debate that has been going on and on for years now. Whether the drinking age should stay at 21 or be lowered to 19. There are pros and cons to both sides but which one is a better side? In this case, lowering the drinking age isn’t such a bad idea. There are many conversations in today’s society that discuss wheth...
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A Discussion on Topic of the Rights and Liberties of Women in Saudi Arabia
The rights and liberties of women in Saudi Arabia are becoming one of the hot topics of the media when they talk about how Islam is oppressive to women. Women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to drive or do simple things like working or traveling without the permission of their husband or father. Essentially, many people s...
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The Factors That Determine One's Penalty in the Diverse Concept of Law
“The law” is a very subjective concept. As such, the same can be said for “a crime”. This depends primarily on the municipality of the offender’s location and the local definition of a crime. Moreover, what may be considered to be a crime in some places may simply be a civil violation in others. In some cases, neither of th...
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The Idea of Jury Nullification by Paul Butler
On Paul Butler and Jury Nullification It has already been concluded that even with laws that prohibit blocking certain races from participating in jury duty, there have been many attempts to bypass the system. Even now, where the laws are supposed to be much fairer in terms of who gets to serve, other factors, such as prop...
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An Account of Observations Made While Attending Court Proceedings at the Rochester Hall of Justice
Criminal Justice Paper For my paper I chose to attend court at the Rochester Hall of Justice. I observed court proceedings in family court, city court, and felony court. I went to the Rochester Hall of Justice on Wednesday, September 28th from 9:15am to 12:15pm. From 9:15am to 10:15am I observed the Rochester City Court wi...
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An Analysis of the Cases of Rodney King and the New York Blackout
Rodney King's case & New York blackout essay There are many incidents that occurred in the United States, which
led to disastrous consequences. The Rodney King's case and the New York
blackout in 1977 are two incidents that have had catastrophic consequences.
There are also many things everyone can learn from readin...
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A Case Study of the Bradwell v. Illinois Court Case and the Decision of the Illinois Supreme Court to Deny Myra Bradwell's Rights to Practice Law
In Bradwell v. Illinois, the United States Supreme Court upheld the decision of the Illinois Supreme Court and denied Myra Bradwell of her right to practice law based entirely on the reason that she was a woman. In 1869, prior to the court case, Bradwell passed the Illinois law exam and was fully qualified to be admitted to...
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Laws Should Be Placed to Penalize Those Who Discriminate
Transgender Bathrooms As society continues to progress and evolve, certain people have learned to be more accepting, while others have chosen to remain stagnant within their community and be close minded. Those in the LGBTQ community have always been judged and discriminated against, however, transgender peo...
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An Overview of KinderGUARD and How It Works in Protecting Infants from Abduction
Introduction What should be one of the happiest and most joyous times in a couples life can quickly turn into one of panic and terror when their newborn infant is abducted while still in the hospital. Many are unaware of the alarming statistics for infant abductions that take place in a healthcare facility and often time’...
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Judicial Activism vs. Judicial Restraint in the United States
As we rely on our judicial system more and more to protect the rights of the citizens in the United States we must review the concepts of judicial restraint versus that of judicial activism. The concept of judicial restraint encourages the judges to almost “police” themselves when utilizing their judicial powers. Under t...
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The Controversy of the Legal Drinking Age
The Controversy of the Legal Drinking Age There has been a remarkable amount of controversy surrounding the legal drinking age throughout the history of the United States. For a few years in the 1920’s, alcohol was completely illegal. When that was repealed, the legal drinking age has been changing between 18 and 21. Ther...
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Imagining the Future: How Civil Rights Look Like in 2114
Gay Rights and Racial Rights in 2014 were not as great as they should’ve been. People were marching around with banners and having campaigns, but it was a long time before things actually started happening. Though most racial issues were settled, gay rights was a relatively new category, only about 50 years old. States all...
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The Benefits of Legalizing Drug Use in Society
Throughout many generations that are a part of many cultures, it has been in our nature to self medicate. A flower called the “Blue Lotus,” similar to a weaker version of the modern-day MDMA was brewed into tea by the Egyptians and was used to make them more, talkative, comfortable and aroused. As early as 3400 BC, Sumerian...
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The Influence of Media and Pretrial Publicity on the Justice System, Courts and Crime
Pretrial publicity is concern because newspaper, television and internet coverage of a case may lead prospective jurors into forming an opinion on the guilt or innocence of the accused before the trial even begins. To deal with pretrial publicity, court systems can take one of two strategies: proactive mechanisms and reacti...
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The Issues in the Idea of Legal Rationality
Social theorist and contemporary of Durkheim, Max Weber saw the theory of societal development organized orderly, with the ideas of power, authority, and rationality. The idea of legal rationality revolves around the idea of legitimacy of laws, or the concept that all rules have a logical end-game. This theory differs from...
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An Analysis of the Different Forms of Contracts
Contracts can vary widely in the realm of construction and are decided
upon based on the owner's desire or intent for the project. A contract can
be defined as a list of promises or manifestations of intent to do
something with legal requirements. According to Dr. Swim, a contract is a
"legal agreement of the parties to do...
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Defining Justice Based on Law and God
What is Justice? With “Justice this,” and “justice that,” it’s hard to give a true definition in this tiny word that seems to have so many broad meanings. So, what does it actually mean? Better yet, what does it mean to you? Justice can be defined with other people’s words such as the dictionary, what its defined as in l...
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A Report on the LaFleur Supreme Court Case on the Maternity Rule of The Cleveland Board of Education
The Cleveland Board of Education had a rule that states, "A pregnant school teacher is required to take unpaid maternity leave five months before the expected childbirth, with leave application to be made at least two weeks before her departure." The board stated that these cutoff dates were necessary to maintain continuity...
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An Argument Against Judges in America's Civil Justice System
The term tort, while commonly used by those knowledgeable about the workings of the civil justice system, may not be well understood by Americans who are unfamiliar with civil justice. Tort, by definition, is a legal term which describes a wrongful act which results in an injury, whether the act is intentional or accidental...
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The Violation of Privacy by The United States of America
There is a huge conspiracy with the right of privacy and the government officials. Recently, there have been a lot of issues with government and officials interfering with the personal lives of many United States citizens. A law was passed giving the government the consent to record all private conversations. Over billion...
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The Supreme Court Cases That the Civil Rights Movement Influenced the Most
With the onset of the 20th century, came the threshold of the civil rights movements across the United States. Considered to be the most prominent movement in the nation, the civil rights movement has undoubtedly shaped and influenced American culture, on both local and national levels. From a national perspective, the Sup...
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All the Reasons Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized for Medical Purposes
Legalization of Medical Marijuana Good morning ladies and gentleman of the Indiana General Assembly, my name is Caleigh Branigan and today I am presenting to you a proposed bill regarding the legalization of medical marijuana. Medical marijuana is the use of regulated marijuana intake, through smoking, ingestion, or the...
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A Report on the Valuable Laws in the State of Connecticut
Valuable Laws in Connecticut Effective laws are the simple difference between a well-maintained, functioning society and a chaotic atmosphere of rebellion. The state of Connecticut is known for its valuable laws that improve the standard of living for residents of this state. Their disorderly conduct laws, good samaritan l...
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A Short Review of the Case of Samuel Bronston versus the United States
Bronston v. United States is a prominent case in the history of high
profile supreme court perjury cases as it is responsible for the Federal
Perjury statute. The Federal Perjury statute states that responses to
questions made under oath that relayed truthful information but were
intended to mislead or evade the examiner co...
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A Research on the Problem of Students' Rights in the United States
Research Paper: Students’ Rights. A “right” is a moral or legal entitlement to have or obtain something or to act in a certain way. When students are put in front of rights, what does that mean? Students’ rights end up meaning the rights such as civil, constitutions, contractual and consumer rights that allow and regulate...
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