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The Concept of Standardized Civilian Drone That Will Not Trespass the Privacy of Others
Abstract The purpose of this thesis proposal is to generate ideas on how civilian drone use can be further implemented as a standard while respecting the privacy of others. Specifically, this research proposal is going to expand on the concept of drone delivery, a practice which companies such as Amazon and various pizza c...
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Radar Detectors Should Not Be Used by Law Enforcement
One of the first things I was taught in driving school was to be cautious about my surroundings. That meant paying attention to the signs, the pedestrians, and the other vehicles. If that means turning your cell phone off, or even the radio, then so be it. My mother gave me what might be the best driving advice, “You might...
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The Issues of Transferring the Crime Scene to the Courtroom with the Use of Virtual Witnessing
This Essay will critically assess how problematic it is to transfer the crime scene to the courtroom using virtual witnessing. Forensic scientists are faced with challenges of cross-examination where deconstruction occurs because evidence gets pulled apart and anything unusual gets criticized in the courtroom. Scientists ca...
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Significance of Transmission and Classification of Fiber Evidence in Conducting an Investigation
Fiber evidence can be an essential part of conducting an investigation. The reason being that if fibers are left behind on an object or victim at the scene of the crime, connecting the suspect to the victim becomes undeniable. While fibers might not always prove that the suspect committed the crime, it can help prove their...
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A Personal Business Plan for a Career in Forensic Pathology, a Medical Discipline
Forensic Pathology Business Plan Executive Summary Throughout my life, I’ve always had an interest in medicine and science, and therefore, I have a profound interest in becoming a forensic pathologist. I’m uniquely qualified for this position because of my hard work, and determination. Most importantly, my analytical and...
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An Analysis of Crime through the Neo Classical Theory
Crime is believed to be caused by certain key factors that fall under social learning. The social learning theory includes three different environmental factors that are proven to influence crime to include: personal belief, social modeling, and differential reinforcement. Incorporated into many crimes thought process is w...
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Releasing the Information From an iPhone is a Matter of Invasion of Privacy Around the World, and It Should Not Be Breached
My eye was caught by an interesting headline reported by CNN today. “Grieving father pleads with Apple to unlock his dead son's iPhone”, just another case of someone wanting to be granted access to an iPhone. Clearly it is undeniably sad that this man lost his son, but Apple or any other tech giant can not be brought to com...
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The Future of Business Law and What the Students Will Have to Know to Be Successful
Anticipate what business law may look like 20 years from now and give your opinion on what you believe students will need to know in order to be successful in the field. Provide a rationale for your response. Business law entails all the laws that govern the processes needed to start, buy, sell or manage a particular busin...
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How Is DNA Used to Identify a Crime Suspect
How is DNA used to identify a Crime Suspect
DNA is a extremely powerful tool that can be used not only to identify a
suspect in a crime, but also can be used to identify more innocuous
activities such as those if someone was present in a certain area and left
something as simple as a hair fiber behind and thus...
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A Discussion on the Issue of Internet Piracy
Internet piracy – or, more accurately, using the Internet to illegally share or receive copyrighted products – is the biggest problem the media industry has ever faced, according to representatives of the media industry. Though there are two kinds of copyright infringement piracy – piracy for personal, non-profit use, and p...
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How Can Volkswagen Recover From the Cheating Troubles It Had Due to the Installation of Illegal Software?
“Dieselgate”: Volkswagen’s Cheating Troubles Recently, it was discovered that German-headquartered automotive giant Volkswagen installed illegal software on millions of its diesel vehicles that allowed the cars’ emissions to register far lower on tests than they actually are. The scandal has made headlines worldwide...
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An Outline of the Information Technology Specialist Job Title within the Department of Homeland Security
Abstract This paper is an outline of the Information Technology Specialist job title within the Department of Homeland Security. It covers the description of the job and the duties to be fulfilled, the educational and experience requirements that are needed, as well as the selection process for the job. It also covers why...
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An Analysis of the Main Components of the Gathering of Evidence During the Forensic Investigation of a Mobile Phone
Abstract This paper discusses the main components from which evidentiary data is collected during a forensic investigation of a mobile phone. It covers the main types of memory configurations on smartphones, as well as removable media that may be used during an investigation. Also discussed briefly is alternative considera...
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Understanding the Copyright Law Under the Context of Fair Use
Abstract This paper discusses copyright law, mainly within the context of fair use. The primary elements that decide what is protected under fair use is covered, citing relation to the case AV. Ex. Rel. Vanderhye v. iParadims, LLC. The effect of the transformative nature of a new work, in addition to the importance of mark...
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An Analysis of the Johnson v. Arden Case in the Context of the Immunity Provisions Under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA)
Abstract This paper serves as a general analysis to the case Johnson v. Arden in the context of the immunity provisions granted under section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA). Other topics to be covered include what constitutes section 230 being invoked, and when it may or may not apply to website owners and ope...
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An Analysis of the Four Methods Used in Glass Evidence Analysis
Abstract Glass is a major source of information in forensic evidence analysis.
Thought this is true, use of glass has been used wrongly for this purpose
for a long time. The use of glass requires that the collector collects a
good amount of glass that can be used for analysis. When collecting glass
evidence, the colle...
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The Use of the DNA Databases in Forensic Science
DNA, short for deoxyribonucleic acid is used in criminal
investigation to directly identify any person(s) whom may have committed a
crime. DNA itself is over 99% accurate, and is gaining ground in the
United States, as it should be as evidence, which in turn results in it
being more often being used to free, or convict cri...
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Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act - the Threats to America's Cyber Security and the Changes That Should be Made in a Legislation
Introduction In recent years, there have been countless threats to our nation’s cyber security. To deter any further threats, the nation has passed the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act. This legislation essentially allows every piece of information stored in Internet communication lines to be shared between f...
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The Use of the Scientific Method in the Forensic Science
Introduction The scientific method is the method used by scientists as an investigation technique. This is used by many researchers to investigate the natural and physical phenomena in this world we live in. When the scientist is in the process of creating a theory, however human errors are going to corrupt the end result...
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An Argument Against Body Cameras
Within the past decades there has been a lot controversy over the power of law enforcement in this country. Due to recent incidents, there has been much debate over whether or not body cameras should be installed on police officers to monitor them. I don’t think that they should be put in place for mainly for ethical and ec...
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The New Technology in Law Enforcement
Police technology is always a necessity for police officers. With all the advancing equipment and technology now days it is hard pressed to find an officer that doesn’t have some sort of technology that he uses. There are weapons, computers in police cars, video cameras, etc. that police use. There are many different compan...
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