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A History of the Murder of Hanna Graham and Jesse L. Matthew's Trial
The Murder of Hanna Graham Around 1:00 a.m. September 13, 2014, Hannah Graham was last seen by a surveillance camera leaving a restaurant and getting into the car of Jesse L. Matthew. Chief Longo of Chesterfield County announced Matthew was charged with abduction with intent to file on September 23 after searching his apar...
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An Analysis of the Whistleblower Case and William Mark Felt
Whistleblower Case – William Mark Felt Who is Mark Felt? Many people know William Mark Felt from the Watergate scandal that led to Richard Nixon’s resignation as president but here is some background information on Mark Felt. He was born in Idaho in 1913. After graduating high school in 1931 he then attended the Unive...
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An Analysis of the Complexity of the Legal Language
Analyse the complexity of legal language. Several linguistic issues have been encountered within the legal domain. The legal discourse used is often, or most of the time subjected to technicalities and specificities that are not understood by lay people. It becomes a paradoxical issue to consider that the law which is supp...
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The Different Causes of Wrongful Convictions
Causes of Wrongful Convictions What would you do if you are innocent and you got convicted and then you will rot in prison? In America lots of innocents got accused for a crime they did not do it. In the documentary, “Murder on Sunday Morning” directed by Jean-Xavier de Lestrade a lady got shot in a parking lot named Ann S...
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A Case Study on the Data Breachment in the Article About the Panama Papers
An article “About the Panama Papers” posted on the internet by, describes the case of data breachment involving several prominent figures from the world. The world’s most noted leaders, celebrities, and politicians hidden wealth has been revealed by the biggest leak that has ever happened, millions of docume...
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An Overview of the Effects of Solitary Confinement as a Harsh Punishment
Outline Thesis: Because solitary confinement is a harsh punishment that leads to detrimental health issues, it is important to understand the specific conditions inmates are forced to endure, and the mental and physical effects it can produce. Introduction Thesis Harry Genie Thomas Tumor Dopamine Schizophrenia O....
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The Question of the Violation of Fourth Amendment Rights in the Medlock v. Trustees of Indiana University Court Case
Medlock v. Trustees of Indiana University, 738 F.3d 867 (7th Cir. 2013) Facts: Zachary Medlock was a student at Indiana University Bloomington (IUB) living in university-provided housing. As a condition of living in University housing, Medlock agreed to several rules including allowing inspection of his room by student i...
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The Issue of Racially Biased Police and Legislation in Modern America
There are many people in this country who say we live in “post-racial America”. They believe that all people, regardless of race, are treated with the same amount of respect and have the same opportunities across the board. These people are wrong. In fact it is precisely these attitudes, the “pull your pants up and get a jo...
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Answering Question Regarding HIPAA Legislation
Question One Is the term privacy rule accurate in describing the HIPPA legislation? I believe that the term "privacy" rule is somewhat accurate in
describing the HIPPA legislation. There have been many mistakes that have
happen since the HIPPA era has started. All in all, the legislation sole
purpose is to prote...
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An Argument in Favor of Legalization as an Alternative to Prohibition of Drugs in the United States
Why Prohibition is Relevant Today Many Americans are aware of the failure of federal alcohol prohibition from 1919 to 1933; the crime rate skyrocketed and overdose deaths increased, despite efforts to reduce the sale of alcohol and the plethora of problems arising from its consumption. Yet, the failure of prohibition car...
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