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The Different Types of Ambiguous Sound in the English Language
There are several types of ambiguous phonemes/sounds that we as speakers of English have trouble categorizing, some that appear on a phonemic level and some that are based on the out loud utterance they are used for. A common example of phonemic ambiguity is categorizing a sound between /ba/ and /pa/. In English these two s...
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Linguistics and Metaphors in the Book Metaphors We Live By by George Lakoff and Mark Johnson
The book Metaphors We Live By by George Lakoff and Mark Johnson introduces a concept of linguistics, metaphor, and explains and demonstrates just how big of a part it plays in language as well as how much our language and culture is shaped by its use. A conceptual metaphor is using an idea to describe another one, which is...
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The Connections Between Sex and Language in the Book Language and Sexuality by Deborah Cameron and Don Kulick
The book Language and Sexuality by Deborah Cameron and Don Kulick analyzes the connections between sex and language. From there they also take a look at sexual identity and language, determining whether there is a homosexual or heterosexual form of language. It is a unique description and lesson about sexual orientation, se...
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Man-Made Languages in the Book In the Land of Invented Languages
The book In the Land of Invented Languages, Arika Okrent tells the story of many different and generally unheard of man-made languages. While, arguably, all languages are man-made, the languages in specific that she is talking about are languages that have a definitive inventor and were consciously made for a distinct purpo...
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The Emergence and Identification of Linguistic Creativity
Linguistic creativity is far from being restricted to literary authors
and other linguistically skilled individuals. Previously, Swann informed us
that creativity is the ¨way people use literary-like features¨ and although
our routine language may not appear poetic, precise, or intentional, it
often contains the same...
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A Summary and Evaluation of Ronald Carter's Reading Common Language: Corpus, Creativity, and Cognition
Creativity is best described as the ¨way people use literary-like features¨
and is generally accepted to be abundant in intellectual literature.
(Swann, 2006, p.12) Although there is some truth in this statement, it is
important to note that creativity is not limited and can also be seen in
the communication...
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An Observation and Study of Two Bilingual Girls
I observed at the Canalino Preschool between the forty five minute
period of 11:15-12:00 PM. I observed Yanelli and Valerie, two bilingual 4
year-old girls during outdoor free play. I primarily focused on Yanelli
and noticed that she's of a more flexible/open temperament and Valerie was
of a more shy/slow-to-warm nature....
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A Study of the Endangered Languages in the World and the Solutions to Preserve Them
There are thousands of languages in the world, each one adding to our linguistic diversity. However, many of the languages are in danger of extinction. These languages belong to indigenous people who, in recent decades, have been transitioning towards more mainstream, metropolitan languages. Linguists have the responsibi...
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Understanding the Basics of Beatboxing from a Linguistic Perspective
Boots and cats. Now, say it out loud, boots and cats. Say it again. One more time… Now, if you haven’t already, remove yourself to a place where people won’t be giving you strange looks for the next couple of minutes—this could be an office, an aisle in the Periodicals, on top of a mountain (preferred), etc. This time, try...
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