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The Emergence and Identification of Linguistic Creativity
Linguistic creativity is far from being restricted to literary authors
and other linguistically skilled individuals. Previously, Swann informed us
that creativity is the ¨way people use literary-like features¨ and although
our routine language may not appear poetic, precise, or intentional, it
often contains the same...
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An Observation and Study of Two Bilingual Girls
I observed at the Canalino Preschool between the forty five minute
period of 11:15-12:00 PM. I observed Yanelli and Valerie, two bilingual 4
year-old girls during outdoor free play. I primarily focused on Yanelli
and noticed that she's of a more flexible/open temperament and Valerie was
of a more shy/slow-to-warm nature....
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Understanding the Basics of Beatboxing from a Linguistic Perspective
Boots and cats. Now, say it out loud, boots and cats. Say it again. One more time… Now, if you haven’t already, remove yourself to a place where people won’t be giving you strange looks for the next couple of minutes—this could be an office, an aisle in the Periodicals, on top of a mountain (preferred), etc. This time, try...
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