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An Exploration on the Life of a Multilingual Person
This essay uses a narrative of an informer’s multilingual experience during her time spent in education and in her day to day life. It will discuss teaching strategies and theories such as language acquisition, code mixing, switching and language proficiency, by looking at a number of sociolinguistic perspectives and taking...
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The Origin and Meaning of the Word Honest
Etemology of the Word: Honest The word honest had been used in English throughout the centuries but has come to mean different things as times changed. Honest originally comes from the Latin word honestus which means honourable, respectable, decent, fine, or handsome. It is also derived from the French word honnete which...
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The Changes in the Linguistic Usage of the Word Weird in the English Language
Weird An abundance of meanings and origins of society's commonly used words
are unknown to the majority of individuals. Currently, the word 'weird'
refers to something or someone odd or unusual. Strangely, it once indicated
the destiny or fate of a person or thing. The drastic connotative
transition occurred due to th...
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A Comparison of the Theory of Territory in Japan and America
Introduction This article analyses nature of information in human language terms of “territory”. Let’s look at word territory of information. The territory of someone is where that person has control and influence. In our article territory of information is where that information has influence or control. Theory of terri...
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The Linguistic Fluctuations Inside Various States of the United States
I chose a survey pool of five Californians, four Oregonians, two Washingtonians and two Coloradans. The groups of two are from their respective capitals while the five Californians represent the bay area and the Oregonians are half from Eugene with the other two coming from Portland and Medford. All participants range from...
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A Comparison of the Two Latino Varieties of English in the Article by Professor Robert Bayley
Reflection #3 After reading the assigned articles, I found many of them to be interesting. Particularly, I found the article by Professor Robert Bayley regarding Latino varieties of English to be the most interesting. I specifically found the comparison of the basic features of the two kinds of Latino English verities,...
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