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The Survival of Language Depends How Often Its Spoken
Approximately 7,000 languages exist in the world today. Scientists
estimate that by the year 2100, only 200 languages will remain. Languages
can go extinct for a variety of reasons. In the modern world, lesser known
languages are often overtaken by more dominant languages. Other languages
are spoken by such few people, they...
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The Widespread Impact of the Spanish Inquisition on Various Types of Vernacular
Throughout a large portion of the sixteenth-century, censorship and the eradication of several kinds of vernacular, extending through European countries and parts of North America, was a tactic that soon arose for religious purposes and was used by the Spanish Inquisition. According to Martin Austin Nesvig, it is widely mis...
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The Negative Effects of William Bentinck's Attempts to Eradicate Sati and Make English the Official Language in India
Imperialism often brings two incompatible nations together. The instances of the British Raj and the American colonies were very similar; both situations pitted two irreconcilable peoples together, and both resulted in war. While salutary neglect allowed the colonists to run free, mostly unchecked by English intervention, t...
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English Usage and Grammar Among Youth
There is a certain idea that a few authors who are also either English teachers or writers think, which is proper English is becoming a lost art. Students are being brought up and taught in school to learn English and some of them do not learn it very easily, or simply write in their own style that doesn’t follow the rules...
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An Introduction to the Ways That Chancery Contribute to the Standardising of the English Language in the Middle Ages
In what ways does the Chancery contribute to the standardising of the English language in the Middle Ages? During the Middle Ages, more precisely, in 1066, the Normans conquered England and brought a major change in the history of English language. The Chancery, being a judiciary agency, was established in Westmin...
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