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A Personal Interpretation of the Process of Internal Dialogue
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American spends about a third of their life asleep. During this time, our minds do an incredible job convincing us that we are in situations that, no matter how bizarre, seem real while asleep. Upon waking, our perception of these stories changes as we realize the irr...
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A Comparison of Modular and Interactive Psycholinguistics
Psycholinguistics: The Language Module Debate One of the most fervent ongoing debates in the field of psycholinguistics today is one regarding two approaches to the subject, modular versus interactive. These two theories offer contrasting views on how human language developed, and on the implications for studying langua...
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An Analysis of the Relation of Language to Brain Functions
When it comes to psycholinguistics, we always come to face a difficult question: How is it so natural that anything linguistic is produced from nonlinguistic mental states in our brain? This is actually in the same vein as the question that kept haunting cognitive scientists for decades: How does a physical object we call a...
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