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Linguistic Terrorism in Gloria Anzaldua's How to Tame a Wild Tongue and Amy Tan's Mother Tongue
Linguistic terrorism is becoming common practice, and its main victims are the individual who is not natives of a given region. For them to comfortably enjoy the resources offered in the new home that they are now living in, practices that they have lived with and are not common to the place they now stay are neglected. Thi...
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The Effects of Text Slang on the Grammar of the Youths
We live in a very technologically advanced world these days. Which includes these amazing inventions we call cell phones. We can do many things with these devices, and one controversial thing is texting. Many are debating the effects of text slag is having on the youths grammar. There are two different articles that bring u...
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The Way Language is Affected by Social Groups
Discuss the idea that language is affected by social groups: A social group is a division of a society based on social and economic status. Examples of social classes include the working class, middle class and upper class, however there are argued to be seven different social classes to separate society. There are ma...
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The Way We Speak and What We Say That Are Open to Myriad Interpretations
Talking Down It’s doubtful that any of us ever consciously delineated what language we consider to be of a higher social standing and what language we expect to hear from those of lower social standing. No one has ever had to take a class to determine what their impression of someone using a certain slang should be. It’s s...
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