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The Use of the Pythagorean Expectation Formula to Calculate a Baseball Team's End of Season Win-Loss Percentage
Moneyball The Pythagorean expectation formula, invented by Bill James, estimates how many games a baseball team should have won based on the number of runs they scored and allowed (Miller). This calculates the team’s end of season win-loss percentage. The actual equation takes the observed average number of runs scored per...
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The Different Components of the Chaos Theory
Chaos Theory Chaos Theory is a mix between science and math. It is a study of surprises, nonlinear equations and the unpredictable. Chaos Theory is all about the unexpected, what cannot be predicted or controlled. I chose this topic because I want to go into classical mythology for my career so when I saw a math topic that...
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An Explanation of the Reasons Why I Like Math
Like about math Many people who write numbers or work on math problems would either
hate math or they would like it. There are people who work with well with
numbers and can explain how they got to a certain answer and some who
cannot work with algorithms. Math is really important because you have to
be able to use i...
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A Lab Experiment to Learn About the Various Methods to Calculate the Vectors and Apply Them
Objective: The objective of this lab is to learn about the various methods to calculate the vectors and then apply them. Similar to the definition in lecture, we learnt in lab that vectors have both magnitude and direction. In this lab experiment, we learnt how to use Pythagorean Theorem, the parallelogram method, and the...
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The Early Life of Blaise Pascal
My name is Blaise Pascal and I was born on the nineteenth of June 1623, in Clermont-Ferrand, France. In my childhood I was taught by my beloved father, Etienne Pascal. My father was known as a local judge and member of the "Noblesse de Robe". My father was very interested in science which sparked my passion for studying and...
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An Experiment Testing the Mathematics of Vector Addition Using a Force Table
Objective In Lab #6, we tested the mathematics of Vector Addition. We did so by using a force table in which we hung weights on strings positioned at various places on a circle and figured out what weights we needed to use in order to keep the ring in which all the strings were connected to in the center of the circle. On...
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Obtaining Meaningful Infnite Sums of Divergent Series
The sum in question is the sum of all the positive integers = 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ..... Let’s call this sum S, just for fun. At first glance, this series is divergent, so it appears to simply tend towards ∞. There are a few ways to prove there is a different result of this sum. I will start with the most...
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An Essay Assessing Indeterminate Forms of Expression
Assessing Indeterminate Forms In order to assess an expression such as ∞ • 0, one must first understand that this expression independently in the absence of context is utterly meaningless. This is because, as you know, infinity is not a number, and for that matter, neither is zero in this instance, so the mathematical mea...
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An Analysis of the Truth Using Mathematics
What is True? As everyone knows, it is sometimes important to tell the truth. It is more of a saying than what the reality should be. Truth has always been the great concern of humanity. However, there has not been any definite answer to it. The question is remain a matter of heated debate even nowadays. As a result, the m...
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Quadratic Functions a Mathematic Phenomena
Quadratic Functions Quadratic functions are mathematic phenomena that are observed frequently in everyday life. Used in everything from finding maximum profits to sports, quadratic functions are intricate shapes known as parabolas that appear both artificially and naturally. Seen in suspension wires on bridges, shooting ra...
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The Mathematics and Mechanics Behind Quantum Models
The mathematics and mechanics behind quantum models have been proved to accurately represent the same solutions described by classical models. Wave-particle physics has been a very important topic of discussion since the early 20th century as its existence has inspired many new and interesting theories within this field to...
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