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An Excercise to Help a Student to Understand Geometry Better
Practicum Report During the interview session that I had with the student I worked with, I was able to gather that she did not remember much of what she learned the year before in fourth grade. For example, when I asked her if she knew what perimeter and area were, she could not remember. However, when I asked her if she k...
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A Math Presentation on Angles
Math Presentation Write-Up The most common suggestion that I got from my feedback sheets was to ask students about where they have seen angles before I go into having them model the angles. That would be a good course of action that I will definitely take should I teach this lesson again. That portion of the lesson would...
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An Overview of Fractals
Fractals The history of fractals traces a path from chiefly theoretical studies
to modern applications in computer graphics, with several notable people
contributing canonical fractal forms along the way. According to Pickover,
the mathematics behind fractals began to take shape in the 17th century
when the mathematic...
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The Different Types of Centers in Geometry
Geometry Centers Essay There are four different types of centers. The centroid, the
circumcenter, the orthocenter, and the incenter. The centroid of a triangle is constructed by taking any triangle and
connecting the midpoint of each side of the triangle to the opposite
vertex. The line segment created by conn...
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The Characteristics and Uses of Conic Sections, a Type of Geometric Curve
Conic Sections: A conic section is a geometric curve formed by cutting a cone. The intersection between a plane and a circular cone forms four different types of curves: a circle, ellipse, parabola, or a hyperbola. Conic Sections were first discovered in 200 BC when Apollonius of Perga named and studied their properties....
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The Use of Technology in Teaching Geometry
Information technology has changed numerous aspects of the world we
live. Communication, transportation, learning, and working have undergone a
radical transformation in the past few decades. Similarly, the field of
education has seen enormous change due to the use of technology in the
learning processes. Currently, student...
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Mathematical Contributions of Blaise Pascal
Blaise Pascal Over many years there have been hundreds of math geniuses. All of these geniuses have contributed to mathematics in their own way. In 1623, Blaise Pascal was born in the town of Clermont France. Blaise devoted his life to religion and mathematics. Blaise Pascal’s father was a tax receiver. His father...
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An Introduction to the History of the Euclidean Tools
Unsolved Problems Over time there have been multiple problems in the field of mathematics that have gone unsolved or have been deemed impossible to solve. Certain problems have constraints like using only Euclidean tools and others are just supremely difficult and no one has yet to come with a solution. The question that...
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An Introduction to the History of Pythagoras of Samos
Pythagorean Brotherhood Pythagoras of Samos is the founder of a religion called Pyhagoreanism where he developed the Pythagorean brotherhood (Pythagoras). It is known that Pythagoras made traveled a lot during his life, but he eventually settled down in Croton, Italy (Pythagoras). Throughout his life Pythagoras made disco...
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