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The Reasons Why the Execution of Socrates Was a Wise Decision
I am one of many men of Athens who voted for the execution of Socrates. I did not reach this verdict by flipping a coin. In fact, I have several reasons why I found that Socrates was indeed guilty of the crimes he was accused of by the prosecutor Meletus. These will include comments on Socrates’ arguments, his demeanor and...
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The Importance of the Soul in the Philosophy of Socrates
Socrates believes that the soul is far more important to the
philosopher than the body. Thus, burial of the body is of no concern to
him. This belief kindles a discussion which poses the question, why did
Socrates let himself be killed without a fight? Socrates discusses this
principle with his students, friends, and accuse...
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An Examination of the Direct Correlation Between Self-Knowledge and Self-Limitation and Socrates' Methods of Philosophy
“This man among you, mortals, is wisest who…understands that his wisdom is worthless.” –Socrates (p. 27, line 23b) Socrates was a radical. In B.C. Greece, his ideas of knowledge were not widely appreciated or liked. Telling other Grecians, especially Grecians who were thought to be wise men, that they knew nothing, was not...
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A Glimpse Into the Life of Socrates, The Enigmatic Greek Philosopher
Like with most ancient figures, Socrates is a man whose life is one part
mystery, one part historical and biographical spectacle. He was, in his
lifetime, a true enigma-a puzzle for the entire span of the Athens city-
state to solve. And like most ancient figures, we should not seek to avoid
separating Socrates...
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A Comparison of the Neoclassical Painting Death of Socrates by David and the Romantic Painting Odalisque by Delacroix
Midterm Neoclassical & Romantic artists have helped pave the way for modern art in more ways then that of which could be imagined. However throughout time, many people have noted a similarity between the two works of art. Over the course of this essay, I will look at David’s neoclassical painting, Death of Socrates (1787)...
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Three Parts of a Human Individual According to Socrates
The Three Parts of the Human Individual In Book IV of Plato’s Republic, Plato describes a discussion between Socrates and Glaucon on the stratification of the human individual and how it is analogous to the stratification of the city-state or polis. According to Plato’s Socrates, a city is composed of three types of citiz...
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Socrates' Idea of Communism in The Republic by Plato
Freedom is dangerous. It can foster greed, selfishness, and division in a city and ultimately lead to its downfall, which is why Socrates seeks to curb freedom in the Republic. He proposes a form of communism for the ideal republic, not in the Marxist sense butin the sense that its guardian class will share all women, child...
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Should Socrates Have Broken the Law and Left Prison?
Crito makes the case that it would be unjust for Socrates to remain in prison, but Socrates counters with the argument that it would be more unjust for him to escape. Which argument do you find more compelling? Should Socrates have broken the law by leaving the prison, or abide by an unjust legal system and stay, as he ulti...
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Socrates and Authority in the Apology and Crito
Socrates the Principled Rebel: Committing Versus Permitting Injustice Throughout the Apology, Socrates establishes his identity both as a critical defender of the truth against contradiction, and as a person who holds justice in high regard. In his declaration, “From me you will hear the whole truth … for I put my trust i...
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Socrates on the Real Meaning of True Happiness
At a time of great turmoil, civil war, and many other great evils
that afflicted Greece shortly after the devastating Peloponnesian War,
there seemed to be a great discontent in the hearts of many Greeks
concerning their present condition. Many began to look at the changing
world around them, and wonder if there even was a...
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