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A Response on Jean Paul Sartre, an Existentialist Philosopher
Jean Paul Sartre is known for his works in the field of Existentialism. Existentialism is the idea that human existence precedes essence. This slogan basically means that humans, through their own consciousness, create their own values. What he uses to enforce this idea he uses to support this idea is the fact that at the v...
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The Concept of Groupthink and the Pursuit of Knowledge
In this day and age, people have oftentimes believed that knowledge can only be achieved through a group effort. People who believe this tend to find that if one person were to think independently, they would only produce ideas that work with their preexisting ideas, and did not consider all possible viewpoints in a subject...
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An Analysis of Parker Palmer's Views on Competition, Knowing and Seeking Truth
Competition: something that has plagued the world of seeking truth and knowledge by leaving us to strive for the top spot, neglecting the true value in seeking truth. It splits the knower from the known and takes away the meaning and value of what learning and seeking the truth of this world ought to be. It sends us to th...
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The Basis Proof of the Existence of Altruism
The existence of altruistic or selfless people has been a hotly debated topic throughout human history. From ancient Greek philosophers to modern psychologist, people have asked the so called Altruism Question in which they have wondered if it is even possible for a person to be motivated by anything other than self-interes...
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A Discussion on the Existence of Ultimate Truth
Why Not Untruth? “There are no eternal facts, as there are no absolute truths.” A well-spoken verse from Frederick Nietzsche and the overall basis of this paper, does absolute truth exist and what in us seeks out truth? When trying to really understand the idea behind truth, I continue to ask myself why so many philosopher...
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A Critique of Jean-Paul Sartre's Philosophy on Existence
Sartre Essay Sartre claims that “existence precedes essence” and that “subjectivity must be the starting point” (p. 13). In my opinion, what Sartre means by this is that, first we are born into this reality, and then we gradually fulfill ourselves and become what we are destined to be. We begin our entire lives as unreal...
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An Overview of Knowledge and Its Relevance in Our Lives
Before I dive into this paper I want to talk a little bit about knowledge and what it really means to acquire such and art. There are in fact three types of knowledge or stages should I say. There is Declarative Knowledge which is just factual knowledge or the art of just wanting to inform others about something. Then th...
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Understanding the Concept of Pre-Reflective Self-Consciousness in Animals
Consciousness is one of the most prominent scientific questions. There are conflicting views about what consciousness is and what it is like. There have also been opposing views regarding the consciousness of animals and how it relates to that of humans. Some believe that animals are not conscious while others assert that a...
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What Is Reality?
Journal 2: What is Reality? Reality. What an intriguing subject. It was interesting to talk about the five features of reality: reflexivity, coherence, permeability, fragility, and internationality (Mehan 383). I have never really given much thought to the idea of reality. I have always assumed that it just simply existed...
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The Seven General Worldviews
Worldview Questions One could say that, today, there are as many different ways of seeing the world as people who see it. Everyone has their own opinions, beliefs and preferences, and interprets the world around them in different ways. However, despite all the individuality, people usually choose to identify themselves w...
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