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A Comparison of the Philosophies of Physicalism and Dualism
In J.P. Moreland’s article, A Contemporary Defense of Dualism, Moreland brings forth Physicalism versus Dualism; two popular worldviews in dispute with one another. Physicalism, a common view correlated to naturalism, argues that only matter exists. Anything beyond biology and our brains controlling our physical bodies is a...
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An Analysis of the Argument from Illusion in Meditations on First Philosophy, a Book by Rene Descartes
1: Argument from Illusion In Descartes’ First Meditation, he poses the Argument from Illusion. This argument is interesting because it is radical, and as such, many have debated the truth of it over time. The argument goes as follows: 1. My senses have deceived me from time to time. 2. It is prudent never to trust comple...
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A Report on Two Fallacies: The Ad Hominem Fallacy and the Appeal to Common Practice Fallacy
1. A fallacy that is pretty common around my age group (Junior in high school) is the Ad Hominem fallacy. It is pretty much when, during a debate/discussion/argument, one side attacks the other side's personality or appearance rather than attacking the topic at hand. At my high school, there are several people - not me - wh...
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