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An Analysis of the Morality of Using Chemical Weapons
As humanity’s understanding of Chemistry continues, so does a new type of weapon. This weapon has revolutionized the infrastructure in which warfare is conducted, and the extent to which just how far scientists, political leaders, and military leaders should go in managing the resources needed to make these weapons and dist...
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A Deeper Exploration of the Definition and Application of the Kantian Theory
In the Kantian Theory, “Duty” is the most important aspect having to do with moral decisions. Choices are made by not what is morally considered right or wrong, but by the fact that one has completed their duty. The consequences of the duty do not matter morally as long as the duty is completed, and the person has stuck wit...
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An Argument of Adjudicating Moral Action According to Sam Harris
Which of the two intellectuals do you think makes a better argument with respect to how we should adjudicate moral action?   Should we be kind and respectful? Should we treat people the way we want to be treated? All these questions are based on our morality and beliefs. At the same time, all these questions have a prefer...
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The Moral Concepts in Friedrich Nietzsche's On the Genealogy of Morals
The origins of individual’s moral concepts exist as a confusing subject, often receiving no explanation. Friedrich Nietzsche, a German philosopher passionate about writing religious and moral critiques, composed On the Genealogy of Morals to scrutinize and elucidate these perplexing moral concepts. Although the original tex...
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An Analysis of Our Personal Morality
Personal Morality We all understand the difference between good and evil. A “good” person is honest, kind, and humble, while a “bad” person is untrustworthy, selfish, and stuck-up. Everyone exists on the good-bad spectrum. But wherever our actions may place us, humans intrinsically gravitate towards good. This truth is so...
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The Journey to Find True Happiness
To put it simply, happiness is the ultimate goal for everything humans do. Feeling happy can result from a wide range of internal and external sources such as an enjoyable experience, the accomplishment of a goal, other internal feelings such as confidence or excitement, or receiving or owning something of value. The desire...
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The Basis of Moral Action Is Dependent on Moral Character
Virtue Ethics and Moral Character Virtue ethics suffer from the danger of relativism and too much consideration of an individual’s circumstances. By definition, virtue ethics is the focus on character and an interest in the individual’s life. A person who follows virtue ethics strives to live as the ideal virtuous person....
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The Different Level of Happiness
The Truth About Happiness What is it about happiness that makes people crave for it? Why are people so obsessed in attaining it? Have you ever asked yourself, “What is my happiness?” If you thought of someone, ask yourself again, “Do I really need someone in order to gain happiness?” What if that someone suddenly disappear...
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A Report on Arthur Schopenhauer's Philosophy of Pessimism
Arthur Schopenhauer is by no means an optimist; in fact, he is the philosopher of pessimism. Schopenhauer goes as far as to compare a human’s life to an ant’s, “here, as elsewhere, Nature proceeds with her usual economy; for just as the female ant, after fecundation, loses her wings, which are then superfluous, nay, actuall...
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The Goal of Happiness from Croesus to Jefferson and Locke
To suggest that happiness is the goal of life is wrong. Life has many goals; certainly, happiness is one of them. This is beyond dispute. Nevertheless, to say happiness is the goal of life is narrow-minded, but I digress. If happiness is a goal, it must be understood in precise terms, however, each individual has his defini...
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